Tensei Reijou wa Shomin no Aji ni Uete Iru Chapter 227

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Until the dinner, I was led with Miria and others to room neighboring to mine, and we were relaxedly drinking tea.

In the meanwhile, the luggage is apparently being promptly carried in and arranged in my room.
I don’t have that many things, so they will be surely done before long.

The really necessary and precious things are in my Inventory.
Things like ingredients and kitchen utensils…

The clothes during my stay have already been prepared and the large walk-in-closet I saw when I peeked inside the room was crammed with clothes and accessories. Eh, I won’t need that much, right…? Is what I thought, but wearing the same clothes to parties and tea ceremonies would be a disgrace to a Ducal House. It’s like that, so it’s apparently the minimum.
I, Is that so…?


Although my room was designed with calm colors, the furniture was decorated with lovely flowers, which showed the feminine taste.
After I enter the academy, I will also spend the weekends in this mansion, so it has all been replaced with new things.

Eh… clothes aside, it’s such a waste…
Since I will use it only on weekends, wouldn’t it be fine to just use the original things…? Is what I thought, but that would be a remark not suitable for a young lady, so I swallowed my words.

「Thank you. It’s a very wonderful room」

When I said so, the room maid replied「I will convey your words to the Head Maid」very delightfully.

I’m glad. It’s a room they have prepared for me with great efforts, so if I said it was wasteful, I would feel too sorry for everyone who worked hard to prepare it.

I wonder if my sense of nobility is insufficient because of my past life’s memories…
However, I must not lose this sense.

By the way, Kurogane’s and Mashiro’s room was prepared right next to mine.

Except for a few trusted servants, we are supposed to keep the two’s identities as Sacred Beast secret from the servants so it doesn’t leak outside.
… I think that might be a bit impossible though.

I thought there was no need to prepare a separate room for Kurogane who acts as my personal bodyguard and Mashiro who acts as my Chamberlain-type guard.
Those two are by my side all the time anyway.
A private room for the two seems unnecessary.
Rather, your room should be joined with ours! Otousama complained, so I got rejected. Well, of course.
Until they are revealed as Sacred Beasts, sharing a room with men would be impossible after all…
Well, they will definitely warp into my room during the night so there’s really no need for their private room, but for the convenience’s sake.

It’s not impossible that another family’s spy is working here as a servant, so the maids in charge of Kurogane’s and Mashiro’s and my room were carefully selected from the selection of the most loyal servants. Among them, the Maid-san who replied cheerfully a little while ago is apparently the Head Maid’s daughter.
She and her mother are among the ones who were carefully selected and know of my circumstances.
If that’s the case, that makes me a little more relieved?

Tensei Reijou wa Shomin no Aji ni Uete Iru Chapter 227

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