Tensei Reijou wa Shomin no Aji ni Uete Iru Chapter 256

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「Happy New Year」
「May the blessings be upon you」

Happy New Year.
It’s Cristea.
There’s no greeting like「Akemas.h.i.+te Omedetou」in this world, but I somehow ended up speaking out my mind…

This world has a formal greeting that goes,「I’m truly happy that you have you have entered the New Year safely. Congratulations. I pray that blessings are upon you on this celebration day」. In short, it means「I’m glad you spent the year in good health! I will pray something good happens to you!」, but because it’s tedious, people usually exchange simplified greetings.

And also, this day, the entire nation simultaneously aged. In other words, it’s the「How old are you?」thing. With this, I have become ten years old. Of course, everyone has their individual birthdays, but that’s only celebrating growing up in good health at home with a slightly more extravagant meal. Fundamentally, the grand celebrations are on the New Year’s.
I felt really disappointed when I learned there are no celebratory cakes in this world that doesn’t celebrate Christmas.

Returning to the topic.
On the night equal to the New Year’s Eve in my past life, I have served New Year’s Eve Soba and New Year’s Eve Udon.
Buckwheat flour generally does exist, but our house doesn’t usually use it, so there was none in the kitchen… I have reflected deeply that I should have confirmed and ordered it first. Head Chef too「To not have any ready for the new dishes of good fortune, what a disgrace…!」said regretfully… yeah, judging from his state, he will soon obtain the buckwheat flour without a doubt…

With s.h.i.+n in the charge of noodles, I had him make them thinner than usual in order to enjoy the New Year’s noodles more.

I was hesitating over the toppings, but I went with shrimps and Kakiage.
The shrimps were picked back in the brooklet in the fief and stored in the Inventory after boiling them in water that was changed a few times.

Since living beings can’t be stored in the Inventory, it’s necessary for the shrimps to be in a good condition, so I had to quickly process and boil them. In truth, I was actually going to fry them into Kakiage there…

I was poor at making Kakiage in my past life, but I somehow managed to do it!
… Just kidding. s.h.i.+n made it… a pipsqueak like me would have to work on a stand which would be dangerous, so I had no choice but to leave it to him… gununu.

I taught s.h.i.+n the gist of it and was supervising him from a slight distance, but~ so irritating. A few he made at the beginning were in pieces… they crumbled, but s.h.i.+n caught on after a few more times and efficiently fried them…

The New Year’s Eve Udon with Kakiage was popular. I want to teach s.h.i.+n about buckwheat noodles so we can eat the proper Soba the Next Year.

And, Ozouni was served for the New Year’s breakfast.
My ingredients were limited, so it was a simple, clear Ozouni. Adorned with a little of turnip and carrots. The preferences of Omochi are divided whether they are grilled or not, but I tried grilling them lightly.

「This is… delicious. Simple, but good. The thing in it, Mochi… was it? This looks like it can fill you up」

Umu, Otousama ate while nodding… it seems he’s thinking whether it could be used as provisions… sticky rice is expensive over here, so it will be impossible and I won’t let you, okay?

「This springy texture is nice. But, it made me feel full immediately」

Right~ But Okaasama, you will have a difficult time later if you overeat, so I think that should be all for you…

「Making the vegetables in the shape of flowers, that’s incredible. It’s suitable for the New Year’s celebration」

Oniisama, thank you very much.
I have no molding ability, but cutting shapes is my specialty… it’s a secret that the shapes of s.h.i.+n and Head Chef who learned by watching are prettier. Ah, that’s probably Head Chef’s work, isn’t it…

We started the new year in such way.

By the way, the custom of giving Otos.h.i.+dama doesn’t exist here… regrets.

Tensei Reijou wa Shomin no Aji ni Uete Iru Chapter 256

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