Tensei Reijou wa Shomin no Aji ni Uete Iru Chapter 334

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Because of my exchange with Otousama, I have completely forgotten Siren-kun’s existence. Awawa, sorry about that.

「So, sorry. I have kept you waiting even though I wanted your help」
「It’s fine~ You want fish, right?」

Well, of course! I came for that reason.

「Yes. This time, I would like you to herd the fish up to the shallows, may I leave it to you?」
「Cristea!? Are you really planning on getting them yourself?」

Otousama was shocked. Even though I have explained the herd fis.h.i.+ng to him, is he still doubting me?

「I’m fine with herding them, but… how are you going to get them on sh.o.r.e? The sea is still cold, so you won’t be entering it, right?」

Indeed. It was cold the last time, but it was still a pa.s.sable temperature.
However, I would freeze the moment I entered this time, so warping the surroundings to the sh.o.r.e without entering the water would be difficult. Besides, Otousama aside, Tirie-san and Galvano Ojisama are in the gallery, so it’s not like I can use the warping magic myself.
There, I thought. How about we make a fish tank in a shallow place and herd the fish there?
After that, we just have to somehow carry it up the sh.o.r.e……

『Hey, Kurogane, Mas.h.i.+ro. How do you think we should get fish from shallows on the sh.o.r.e?』

Because Mas.h.i.+ro has the achievement of catching numerous Sharken that were going upstream, I inquired via telepathy as I was thinking whether he didn’t have any good idea. Kurogane also has many experiences, so he might have some kind of a proposal too.

『N~ freeze to bring them?』

I see. I might be able to put them in my inventory if I freeze them. But, wouldn’t it be too troublesome to unfreeze them later?

『Fumu, if it was me, I would make a tornado with wind magic to blow them away』

Hou, hou. If it was something like a waterspout, it might heave the fish up. But, why do I feel like it would cause a great disaster were even the smallest thing go wrong…?

『Err, both seem like they would need a delicate operation, would you be able to do it? I will make an enclosure to herd the fish in』
『Un, I will try~』
『Things are to be tried, let’s do it』

Alright, now that’s decided, let’s make an enclosure and herd the fish in.

「Umm, Siren-san. I will make an enclosure now, so could you herd the fish into it?」
「Sure~! But, how are you going to make an enclosure?」
「I will make a wall with earth magic」

After I put my hands on the ground, I imagined my magical power gradually raising a wall in the sea.
Wall…… enclosure. Not just a wall, a narrow s.p.a.ce in the shoal angled with the image of the letter V, and a gap in the smallest place that will close immediately after the fish are herded in.

Gogogogogo…… zaba!

Something like a wall gradually rose in the sea, something like a fish tank was completed.

「Siren-san, can you herd the fish through that gap?」
「Whoa… that’s incredible. Can you return this back to normal later?」
「Of course. I will remove the wall once we are done, so please feel at ease」

As expected, changing the terrain might affect the ecosystem and it might become troublesome were the locals to discover it.

「Got it~ then, wait here!」

After seeing Siren-kun jump into the sea, I made a rack for drying fish with earth magic and made tea and fireplace to combat the cold.

「Fuu… something like this?」

Once the water boiled and I took a cover and cus.h.i.+ons to sit down, I noticed Otousama and others who were staring at me dumbfounded.

「You… just what…」

… Did I perhaps do something wrong again…?

Tensei Reijou wa Shomin no Aji ni Uete Iru Chapter 334

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