Tensei Reijou wa Shomin no Aji ni Uete Iru Chapter 73

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I’m worried about Byakko-sama’s movements, but it’s time for me to go to the kitchen to prepare the lunch. I’m going to be only an overseer this time, though.

Today’s lunch is omurice.
It’s a taste that you will enjoy as soon as you cut into the fluffy, oozing omelet placed on top of chicken and rice.

However, it would be difficult to make a fluffy-oozing omurice one by one for everyone and the eggs would harden before everyone’s portion is done. I have inventory, but that might not be so for others. Besides, my shoulders and arms would turn thick from the continuous swinging of the iron fry pan which is unacceptable for a Duke’s daughter.

Having such thoughts, I called the entire chef unit some time ago and presented them with Galvano Ojisama’s special made iron frying pan.

「Alright? Please use these frying pans exclusively for making an omelet. You mustn’t use them to cook something else. When was.h.i.+ng them, make sure not to leave a single scratch on them. Get familiar with using oil in this omelet exclusive use frying pan and “raise” them. If you do that, they will surely bring you fortune」

After saying such, I taught them how to tend to them. All of the chefs listened seriously and they started making omelets using those frying pans since that day.

A plenty of eggs are used to make luxurious omelets. Mix gently, so they don’t turn too crispy. Adding mayonnaise will increase the softness.
Plenty of b.u.t.ter, a strong flame. Pour in the egg mixture, stir it with long chopsticks, once it’s half-cooked, fold both sides of the egg to the center. It will take the right form after shaking with the pan for a bit. Finis.h.i.+ng it in a short time is the trick.

Your body will learn the process by repet.i.tion, so all of the chefs are able to make it. They have been training with the special frying pans and carefully maintaining them.

Men love fussing about “exclusive use” things, don’t they… they love maintaining tools too…
I was quite negligent in my past life, so I was good with anything as long as it was Teflon-made. I wanted to make delicious food simply.
Iron frying pans are heavy and they will quickly become rusty without proper maintenance…

That’s right, although it’s not the same as everyone else’s, I also train with my exclusive use, small frying pan. To the extent that my arms won’t become burly…
I mean, unlike my past life, I can’t get the convenient and useful things. You have to put effort into making delicious food.

The finished omelets are placed on top of chicken and rice and quickly stored in my inventory. Almost all were completed at the same time, but I stored them in the inventory after telling the head chef that completing the omurice before the customers would be a good performance.
… Let’s introduce a mobile magic cooking stove.

I decided to let them choose the sauces from ketchup and demi-glace.

Now then, let’s eat!

Tensei Reijou wa Shomin no Aji ni Uete Iru Chapter 73

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