Tensei Reijou wa Shomin no Aji ni Uete Iru Chapter 81

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After finishing eating the curry, I served the dessert for everybody.

「This is… ice? You did well preparing something like that in this hot weather」

Even the bowl is cold. Was it done deliberately so it wouldn’t melt so easily? She paid attention to details, didn’t she…

「I made it by cooling it with magic and storing it in the inventory, so… it’s as cold as it was when made」
「Right, you were a holder of inventory. That is an unusual ability to have at your age」

To be able to practically apply water magic and manipulate it into ice magic in addition to being able to use inventory at mere nine years of age… the teachers might make a fuss during her enrollment.

I try the thing called ice cream while thinking such.
Mu… delicious. The hotness I felt until now is withdrawing as if it didn’t exist to begin with… the sweetness is also just right.
… Fumu, this green-colored one is matcha and the white one is vanyra? With honey? Hou? Let’s try it. Seconds… there’s none? It is not good to eat too much cold food?
… She’s considerate of my body… I understand. Let me eat it again some other time.

The next morning, Miss Cristea served breakfast she has made herself as well. It was called a sandwich, a bread with many ingredients interposed in between.
The first thing I was surprised about was the bread. It was as soft as the finest soft bed when I picked it up in my hands. This bread is good. The recipe would sell well.
The ingredients between the slices of bread were also good.
The affinity of eggs and mayonnaise was extraordinary. The vegetables and ham were also good. I was shocked that the tomatoes were deliciously sweet.
Moreover, this teriyaki thing was a deliciousness I haven’t eaten before. I want to eat that again.

After the meal, Norman, Miss Cristea and I decided to have a conversation while enjoying a tea. I wasn’t able to talk with Miss Cristea as much as I wanted after all.

The baked sweets we eat together with the tea were also apparently made by Miss Cristea. The fruit mixed in, the crunchy texture and the fragrance, all were wonderful.


N? Miss Cristea, what’s the matter? I thought she was making a long face since a while ago and now, she suddenly… I see, she has risen early in order to prepare the breakfast, and she’s exhausted… sorry, we made you do something unreasonable. Rest slowly… ah, I wasn’t able to talk with her again…

「… Prince Ray, please stop trying to make a pass on Cristea, alright? It’s your one-sided crush at best after all. Cristea will marry a faithful and broad-minded person, so she’s out of Your Highness’ reach, you know?」
「Oy, I…」
「Have you forgotten our first meeting?」
「… That was, umm, youthful indiscretion…」
「You are still only thirteen, though… anyhow, I won’t allow you making pass at Cristea even if you are a prince」

… For now, Norman is the biggest obstacle, huh… what an enormous obstacle… moreover, there’s Duke Ellisfeed as the vanguard, this road is quite rigged with obstacles.

「Well, I’m aware that in Your Highness’ case, you would be able to get only a lady that is after the royal power with your constant slips of tongue」

Norman said while scornfully laughing at me. Guh… I can’t say anything because it was right on the mark.
However, I have something to say. You dastardly siscon…!

Tensei Reijou wa Shomin no Aji ni Uete Iru Chapter 81

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