Tensei Reijou wa Shomin no Aji ni Uete Iru Chapter 83

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It’s the repulsive food eating lady, Cristea.

… Yes, I have assumed a defiant attitude, alright?
Because His Highness the Crown Prince has certified me as repulsive food eating lady, I shan’t be modest anymore. I decided to eat what I want to eat. Hmph!

I mean, haven’t all dishes during His Highness’ stay been made from Yahatul ingredients?
In our house, I’m the rulebook! We are eating what I want to eat! I will walk the path of the repulsive food eating lady!

While giving in to despair, I scraped bread that I froze with ice magic on the grater and heated them on the frying pan. Like this, the breadcrumbs are complete.
I finished cutting orc meat to moderately thick slices and striked them with meat mallet to tenderize them.
I seasoned the meat with salt and pepper, dusted it in wheat flour, submerged it in eggs and covered with breadcrumbs. I put the lard from the orc meat on the flame and prepared cooking oil. I fried it on medium flame for a while and cooked both sides after increasing the temperature. Thus, the tonk… not, orcatsu is completed!

I fried more than usual and stored it in the inventory for the present. I plan to make pork-cutlet sandwich or katsudon with the stock. Sei and others will definitely like this… I don’t know when I can let them eat it, but I will make sure to have it ready at any time.

Now then, I need to shred a mountain of cabbage for the tonk… orcatsu, don’t I! That being the case, I nothing but earnestly chopchopchopchopchopchopchoped the cabbage. I was told later「You look ghastly…」by Shin.

「… Fuu, this should be enough」

Finishing shreding a mountain of cabbage large enough for seconds, Ohh~ I heard applauding from behind.
… Everyone, don’t just watch and help me out!;

It seems that the chefs went to excercise on their cutting boards after seeing my chopping. Everyone’s skills seems good, so I will have them help me next time.
Since they can already make the sandwich perfectly, I told them that I will sample katsudon with everyone after making it, so everyone became full of motivation. Yup, yup, having fun while working is a good thing.

The reason I cooked alone until now was for stress-relief. Making breadcrumbs, tenderizing meat, shredding cabbage, I felt refreshed when I finished.
Being able to reduce your stress and eat delicious food, cooking is wonderful!

Now then, all that’s left was tonk… orcatsu’s sauce, then I prepared lemon-ish, orage-ish fruits on the side, and finished it by making miso soup. Okaasama showed signs of eating nukadzuke, so I will take out a little.

There’s still time until afternoon tea, so how about I go to the garden to pick some wild grass?
Miria is… not here. It’s within the plot, I will be fine alone. Other maids don’t know my temper as well as Miria does, so it would be awkward to take them along.

Having come with excuse, Cristea stealthily slipped out of the kitchen.

Tensei Reijou wa Shomin no Aji ni Uete Iru Chapter 83

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