Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN) Chapter 244

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Tensei Slime

Chapter 244/251 Decisive Battle at the Summit Part 5

And well, that is how I have also been working hard.

I am sure you all understand now that I was by no means slacking off.

Velda was surprised by my entrance.

That is natural, I guess.

After all, I appeared here using the 'Instant Teleportation' I got just a while ago.

Right as I acquired it, Ciel implemented it into 'Void G.o.d Azathoth'.

It seems like Mai couldn't go anywhere except the places she had been to once but that's just the limit for humans. It can't be helped as most of their perception of s.p.a.ce is through vision.

However, I added surveillance magic into it and can grasp a ton of s.p.a.ce information easily. In other words, this means that I can instantly teleport to anywhere I can perceive.

Even now, I was able to grasp the situation through Diablo and Veldorsan's eyes. That was also the reason why I was so easily able to come.

Seeing Velda be on guard because of my appearance, I put on a daring smile.

I provoked him.

With this, he will probably be even more cautious of me. My plan is to proceed with my preparations to stop Velda in that gap.

Before Velda could do anything, I suppressed the energy and absorbed it all.

Fortunately, my energy wasn't still recovered and so 'Void s.p.a.ce' kept being filled. And Ciel-san was diligently converting that into energy I can use.

Thanks to that, my energy, which was running low, got replenished and now I can take on Velda easily.

You never know what might prove to be fortunate.

By the way, after coming to this place, I found out why my energy wasn't filling up.

The criminal behind it is probably Veldorsan.

I think he rampaged around after creating a clone.

He can now replenish his energy using the 'Soul Corridor' with me so there's no mistaking it.

That's what I thought but…

When I confirmed it with Ciel, a surprising reply came back.

[That's true. I am also sending a bit to Diablo and Benimaru. And more energy was exhausted in evolving Velgrynd's ability than I had expected.]

She replied in a carefree way as if to say 'what about it?'.

She said it so casually that I am at loss on how to reply to that.

Now, listen here, you are using my energy of your own accord, you know……

But, even though I want to complain, I was helped quite a bit by the low amount of energy as a result.

I had tons of things to say but I decided not to.

Or rather, is it possible that……

Was this situation also inside Ciel's scope of hypothesis or something?

No, no, no, no, surely not. That's surely me overthinking it.

Like, right?

There's no way she can see that far off into the future and also predict what kind of actions Velda will take.

[I confirmed that the energy of the angels were returning to the celestial world after they were defeated.]

Yep, I know that.

[It was clear that the most efficient way of using all that energy gathering up in the celestial world was to make it go wild. As such, as a means to that situation, I maintained the state of 'low energy' on purpose.]

No, you make it sound really easy but…… if you were a bit off in your readings, wouldn't it have turned out to be a really big problem?

Besides, Velda might have absorbed all the energy and gotten super strong or something.

I couldn't have possibly fought that Velda when I was out of gas and what was your plan if my energy didn't recover properly?

[Getting super strong or 'something' is impossible. If he could get strong so easily, he wouldn't have had so much trouble. Well, either way, if he did get super strong, it wouldn't have been a problem still. I can't think of my master losing just because of having less energy and even in that case, by forcibly retrieving Veldora and Velgrynd, it was possible to replenish 60% of the energy in an instant. As such, there is no problem whatsoever.]

Ah, is that so.

You declared that getting super strong would be impossible but what about me?

Am I perhaps an exception?

…… I feel like you're overestimating me too much, Ciel-san.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN) Chapter 244

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