Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN) Chapter 249

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Tensei Slime

Chapter 256/Final Chapter - Reincarnated into-

A year had pa.s.sed after the fight with Yuuki.

A lot happened after that.

No, really.

So much that it's a pain to remember it all.

I broadcasted that I defeated Velda to the whole world.

With the help of optics magic which uses observation magic, I projected myself into the skies of all the countries.

And then, declared under my name that a universal crisis had just pa.s.sed.

The world was filled with joy and slowly the unprecedented disorder came to an end.

And needless to say, it was the people of Tempest who helped bring it to an end.

Anyway, the world has finally regained its previous stability.

A while after defeating Yuuki, I released Veldora.

And then, that guy went on saying stuff like,

"Kuahh—, that was a good sleep. It seems like it's my turn at last!"

Even considering that he was isolated from the physical world while in the 'Imaginary s.p.a.ce', it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that he wasn't reading the atmosphere at all.

And the price for that was quite high.

And so him being punished by his elder sisters couldn't be helped.

However, his elder sisters-Velzado and Velgrynd's interest soon went towards Velgaia, the new true dragon, who was riding on Milim's shoulder.

Although it can be said that he was saved thanks to that, it is also true that that was also the 'cause behind his sisters leaving him'-which he definitely deserved.

"Ggnuuu… that Gaia……"

And so, it was my job to console Veldora, who was feeling jealous of his brother (?). Just between us, that was extremely bothersome.

Well, when all's said and done, Veldora is still the same as ever.

Our relations.h.i.+p of him causing problem somewhere and me doing something about it will probably continue here on after as well.

I kinda felt pleasant thinking that but it will be a secret from Veldora.

I mean, obviously, right?

If I were to say that out loud, I can picture him getting carried away clear as day.

As our relation won't change, not now or later, I don't even need to say it out loud.

Speaking of his elder sisters, one of them-Velgrynd, has already set out on a journey.

She probably went to search for Rudra's reincarnate.

"Rimuru, you do have some idea about it, right?"

"Eh?! N-no. I don't know?"

She did ask me once out of the blue before leaving but I ignored it splendidly.

I definitely did not stutter because I was scared of what she did to Veldora.

It's just that I got a bit nervous since a very impactful, beautiful lady's face was very close to mine, yes.

……… No, really.

Well, actually, I do have someone questionable in mind.

But, if I were to speak of his name here, it would feel like I yielded to Velgrynd here.

Besides, I would also feel bad about selling him out.

I think he deserves to experience some peace now that we have regained stability after so long.

……… However, despite my concerns for him, it seems he was quite easily found by Velgrynd.

My condolences. I hope he is blessed with good fortune in his path.

—After that, stories of a hero with a talking sword in hand, accompanied by a dragon and demon spread throughout the world; but that's none of my concern.

Velzado returned to the Northern Continent together with Guy.

Seems like she will build up a paradise for demons there in the extreme cold where no human can interfere.

Their castle was completely destroyed but she said they will reproduce it with Guy's abilities.

Moreover, it seems like he acquired the Ultimate Skill: Abyss G.o.d Nodens by using the experience of the final fight.

And this ability even adopted Gaia's All Creation Manifestation, truly an all-purpose ability.

Seems like he attempted the upgrade while trying to deal with Rudra's rampaging energy.

Although he seemed a bit dissatisfied because he couldn't test the ability he went so far to acquire as I appeared right on time.

It also didn't seem like he had any intention of hiding it since he came telling me about it himself.

"I don't plan on fighting with you. I am the type who doesn't take fights they can't win."

Was what he said at that time.

I don't know if that is his true feelings or not but I don't want to fight with Guy either, so that's fine with me.

At the very least, I felt like Guy as he is now could have fought Yuuki on an even field.

Well, I won't lose to him as I am now but I don't fancy getting hurt due to being prideful like that.

There's no reason nor meaning in fighting him, so it's best if we can get along.

Although I do say that, Guy and I fought a few times after that but I shall talk about that at a later opportunity.

The celestial world was decided to be Milim's territory.

With Gaia's All Creation Manifestation, we recreated the parts of the castle and the gate.

The residents of Milim's previous demon lord territory were migrating successively.

The harpies led by Frey and the Lycanthropes.

And the celestial demons[1], who are now obeying Dino.

These celestial demons are a new race born from incarnated angels transforming — does that make sense?

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN) Chapter 249

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