Terror Paradise Thriller Paradise Chapter 110

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Feng Bujue said, "You can call me... uh, Mister F."

"d.a.m.n it..." Tachibana cursed then stormed to Feng Bujue. It looked like he was about to hit him. With his appearance, it was possible!

Doctor Watanabe was trying to stop him while talking to Feng Bujue. "Mr. F, do you know where Officer Yamada’s body is?"

"No. I don’t know who Yamada is, but I could guess what had happened," said Feng Bujue.

"So then… Mr. F, does Hirata know about your existence?" asked Watanabe.

"Before… Perhaps he didn't know about my existence, but now… I’m not sure." Feng Bujue answered, "I just have a vague memory of Hirata’s committed crime. So, I have something I want to ask you, Doctor Watanabe."

 "Doctor! This brat has just made up a name and his f*cking ident.i.ty disorder to cheat us!" intervened Tachibana.

 "Screening the authenticity of those symptoms is my job. Keibu, please believe me and let me finish my job," said Watanabe.

"Sh*t!" Watanabe stepped out of Feng Bujue’s sight again and stood in a corner behind his back. Soon, the sound of him litting up his cigarette arose.

Watanabe sighed and talked to Feng Bujue, "What do you want to ask me?"

"Yeah... I have just watched some video, is it true?" Feng Bujue asked.

"Yes," answered Watanabe.

"Why would I have to watch the video?"

Watanabe scrutinized Feng Bujue’s eyes. After he had arranged his words, he answered, "You… No, right after Hirata-kun got arrested, he appeared to have a very serious illusionary disorder. He insisted that he didn’t kill anybody." He paused for a while then continued, "He told the police that he had only killed a demon."

"So you are testing to see if Hirata’s mentality is abnormal or not, right?" asked Feng Bujue.


"What kind of movie I’ve just watched?"

"The police have provided a.s.sistance to replay some related scenes," answered Watanabe.

"Didn’t you reverse the time order while showing it to me?" asked Feng Bujue.

Watanabe was surprised. "Yes. It would be easier to wake you up…"

He hadn’t finished, yet Feng Bujue interrupted him, "Can you show me the video once again in the right time order?"

Watanabe and Tachibana exchanged looks. Since the other was still angry, he didn’t want to talk and just nodded slightly. 

Watanabe came to the table, did something, and the movie projector started to work again.

"Doctor, would you please remove those tapes? I want to blink," said Feng Bujue.

"Okay." Watanabe agreed readily. Actually, he didn’t want to do that, but the previous Hirata always yelled and screamed whenever he saw the images playing on the wall and then closed his eyes tightly. Afterwards, Tachibana-Keibu had arranged such setup.

Feng Bujue had some ideas in his brain, but he needed more clues to prove his reasoning.

The projector started to play again. It was still the black-and-white images. There wasn’t any sound device next to the projector. Besides the strange noise from the projector, there was nothing else. Indeed, they didn’t need sound.

 The contents of the recordings were simple, and the length was actually short as they had just replayed some critical points in order to help Hirata Shuichi, who was in his insanity period, restore his memory. Actors and actresses in the movie were all people from the Police Department, and the cameraman was Doctor Watanabe.

The first recording was the time when Hirata was working in his office. The first image depicted his desk; next, it was a staircase where a man and a woman were hugging each other intimately; the last image took place in the toilet, where two males were talking to each other while smoking.

"This part came from Hirata’s two colleagues’ oral depositions," Watanabe explained, "they said that Hirata had overheard their conversation in the toilet and perhaps it resulted to his murderous intentions."

Feng Bujue nodded while concentrating on observing everything.

 The second recording, which was also the most crucial one, started to play.

The screen had shown the entire Yokan House before the camera s.h.i.+fted to the house’s address—No. 4-5 Rokubancho. A small garden stood in front of the Yokan House. The second image was the interior of the house, including a s.p.a.cious empty lobby and the staircase leading to the second floor. The third image was the room wherein Feng Bujue had encountered the monster. The plot of the third image included an officer playing Hirata while holding a fake pistol. He pushed open the door while another female officer playing Haruko was lying on the bed. Another officer played the department director. When he saw the man with the gun, he stood up from the bed in fear, saying something while crossing the bed to approach the man, attempting to s.n.a.t.c.h the gun from him. Then the officer who played Hirata fired the gun and killed him.

"This recording replays the procedure of the case, but no one had witnessed it…" Watanabe turned and threw a glance at Feng Bujue, "and Hirata-kun’s oral depositions can’t be accepted. Thus, we could only base on investigating the crime scene to guess what had happened."

"By the way, what is the name of the dead?" Feng Bujue asked.

"f.u.kui s.h.i.+nichiro." The husky voice of Tachibana-Keibu came from behind. "A manager in your company."

The recording had quickly come to the third recording. In this part, the one who was playing Hirata was asking some pa.s.sengers on the street.

 "You can see how Hirata asked her the way to 3-chrome. At first, he was calm, but then he was terrified. I a.s.sumed that Hirata-Kun’s mentality was on the edge of being broken at that time. He had forgotten his address and started to have illusions," Watanabe said.

The screen switched to another room. Hirata came in and closed the door. Next, an officer came and knocked his door.

At this moment, Watanabe spoke up again, "At that night, an old woman next door heard Hirata screaming, so she paid him a visit. Turned out that Hirata answered her that he had never screamed." He paused, "But at that time, the old woman could see a strange shadow from the slit of the door. She then immediately called the police."

"After the police had arrived, they found Haruko’s dead body hung on the crossbeam while Hirata was calmly sitting at the coffee table and drinking tea. Police also found Yamada’s missing pistol in the house."

The video ended here. The room then sank into a short while of silence.

It was Tachibana–Keibu standing behind who broke the deadlock. "So, Mr. F, are you satisfied now? Spit out Yamada’s whereabouts and admit your crime." He said impatiently, "Or… are you going to pretend that you lost your mind again and address yourself as Mister A, Mister B or something?"

Feng Bujue ignored him and sunk down in his own thoughts. After almost five minutes had pa.s.sed, he spoke up again. "What is the date today?"

Terror Paradise Thriller Paradise Chapter 110

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