The Aloof Prince Pampers His Wild First Rate Consort Chapter 51

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Everyone heard Mu Yunjin's words and together they looked towards Chu Li and Chu Qingyuan, wanting some sort of verification from the two people. Chu Qingyuan saw many gazes, and she immediately nodded.

"This princess can guarantee that it is true, this princess and Yunjin jiejie went to the little old man to get this case record, Sixth Elder Brother gave his consent."

"Sixth brother, isn't it so?"

Chu Qingyuan looked towards Chu Li to ask.


Chu Li indifferently gave a sound of approval. After Chu Li and Chu Qingyuan confirmed Mu Yunjin's statement, the inside the interrogation room became deathly still. Everyone probingly looked towards Su Biqing and Mu Lingzhu.

Su Biqing and Mu Lingzhu are now deathly pale, their throat dry. They were suddenly unable to retort. Mu Xiang, who was listening to Chen Pu's case record, felt disappointed and shocked. Little by little he felt dizzy, he casted sidelong glances towards the person he shared a pillow with for many years and looked at the daughter he is most proud of. He really cannot believe, that the person he trusted and loved, in a split second crumbled his heart.

Su Biqing did not speak for a long time, after a bit, her expression dark as she found herself being questioned together with Mu Lingzhu, she felt a little panicked. Whatever happens, this matter should not implicate Zhu'er.


At this point, the door opened and several elderly people came inside.

 "These people are b.u.t.terfly Flower City's medicinal shop's business owners and doctors. They all claim that an old woman bought ingredients for the Hundred Immortal Loss poison. I wonder if the woman is in this place?"

Chen Pu asked. When the old men heard, they immediately looked around. Aunt Li saw these people, and she trembled like a leaf, she drooped her head low, hoping that this people will not discover her.

"It's her!"

After looking around, the old men pointed towards Aunt Li. Su Biqing closed her eyes, unwilling to look at this scene. The people testified against Aunt Li, she immediately knelt down in fear, as she incessantly kowtowed towards Chen Pu. 

"Old slave is accused wrongly ah! Accused wrongly ah!"

"So many people testified against you, why are you still accused wrongly?"

Qin Tai fei coldly snorted, as she waved her hand.

"This wicked slave, drag her down and beat her to death with a rod!"

Several Imperial Guards came forward to drag Aunt Li out.

"No, This slave is accused wrongly."

Aunt Li heard the "beat to death" words, she struggled incessantly. Soon after, she knelt and took hold of Su Biqing's skirt.

"Fu ren, Fu ren, save this slave! This slave has been loyal and devoted to you. Help this slave ah!"

Su Biqing grabbed Aunt Li, her heart filled with gloom, but many people are looking. Therefore, she pushed away Aunt Li.

"This muddled thing, you have the impertinence to burden me with this issue, this is preposterous! It's a pity dying is not enough!"

"Fu ren...."

Aunt Li's eyes opened wide, she can't believe that Su Biqing is throwing her away.

"Drag her away!"

Su Biqing pointed to the two guards. Hearing this, Aunt Li immediately went mad. She got up and reached out her hand to hold firmly Su Biqing's neck. 

"Su Biqing I was loyal and devoted to you, I served you  for twenty years and treated you as if my own daughter. In spite of everything you still turned your back on me and turned hostile."


Su Biqing screamed, Aunt Li clutched her neck, but surprisingly no one stepped forward to stop it. In a flash, Aunt Li released Su Biqing's neck and faced Chen Pu and kneeled. 

"Chen daren, this slave will tell everything, all of it is according to Big Madam's instructions!"

"She told this slave to purchase Hundred Immortal Loss Poison to kill Third Miss Mu to prevent her from marrying the Sixth Prince."

"Also, last night's death of the Second Young Master, It was Fu ren who bribed the murderer and s.h.i.+ft the blame towards the Third Miss Mu, it is to eliminate Third Miss. Du San's appearance here is not a coincidence, it was all planned by Fu ren!"

Aunt Li pointed towards the trembling middle aged man who testified. Du San saw the situation has changed, he immediately kowtowed towards Chen Pu and s.h.i.+vered uncontrollably as he talked.

"Aunt Li really did give me money from Fu ren to only frame the Third Miss."

Su Biqing's complexion turned whiter, she thought that today she could finally eliminate Mu Yunjin without a hitch. But she did not expect the whole situation will reverse. When Wei Hanqiao heard Aunt Li's words, she immediately took out her hairpin and pierced it in Su Biqing's shoulder, blood splattered everywhere as she wailed.

"Su Biqing you poisonous snake! Good and bad, Yiyang called you Eldest Mother. How can you do this to him?"

"I am going to kill you today! I will avenge my son!"

Wei Hanqiao raised the hairpin and ready to drive it in. Seeing the scene go out of control, the guards immediately dragged Wei Hanqiao away, not letting her come close anymore. Seeing this drama, Mu Yunjin looked towards Mu Xiang.

"Father, actually, the day you drove Second Mother out, Mother already knows that the porcelain bottle contains powder of Sunflower Fishtail, but she used it in order to let you drive Second Mother and Second Brother out of the fu."


"Xiang Fu ren, do you have anything else to say?"

Chen Pu sighed, he looked towards Su Biqing's distressed expression then as if recalling something he looked towards Mu Lingzhu.

"Fourth Miss Mu, you summoned Cao Pan to enter the City, what is your argument about that?"

Mu Lingzhu stared blankly, her eyes flashed in fear but  she was unable to say anything. Su Biqing saw this situation, she completely resigned herself to die. She heavily faced Chen Pu and kneeled down and spoke in a clear voice.

"This woman, Su Biqing plead guilty!"

"I instructed Aunt Li to buy Hundred Immortal Loss poison, I summoned Cao Pan using Zhu'er's name, and pertaining to the rumors about Yiyang and Yunjin, I bribed Yiyang to spread the rumor."

"Last night, I paid to kill Yiyang and s.h.i.+ft the blame to Yunjin!"

"All these crimes are done by me."

When Mu Lingzhu heard Su Biqing admit guilt, two streaks of tears fell from her eyes. After everything is said and done, she knows that she can only rely on herself now. 

Mu Yunjin felt carefree with not a half of sympathy. She already warned Su Biqing and gave her a chance. But she obstinately deceives her innate sense of right and wrong. She only reaped what she sowed.

"Oh my! One should really not judge by appearance. This person is the gentle and imposing Xiang Fu ren but she actually offended heaven and reason and done a completely crazy and ridiculous thing."

"Moreover, doing so many things, even trying to kill her own daughter. Both the palm and the back hand are made of flesh; how can she be ruthless!"

Qin Tai fei said in a displeased tone, she looked at Mu Yunjin and she felt even more affection towards her. This unfortunate child, luckily the heavens help the worthy, if not then she would have died a long time ago in the hands of Su Biqing.

"Xiang Ye, how should we handle this matter?"

Chen Pu paused to look towards Mu Xiang. 

Mu Xiang heavily sighed, he frowned, his eyes that was filled with the vestige of time, is now filled with disappointment and pain.

"Chen da ren, implement the punishment according to Xi Yuan Country's laws!"

Chen Pu nodded, he slapped the board and in a loud voice he announced.

"Su biqing is a criminal woman who violated several laws. She is guilty of murder that cannot be forgiven. Tomorrow at Wu s.h.i.+ (11 am to 1 pm) in the City's streets she will receive the punishment of being cut in half!"

When Su Biqing heard her sentence, her feet gave way, she was stunned paralyzed and her eyes dimmed. She lost! In the end she still lost to Mu Yunjin! Su Biqing sneered, she looked at Mu Yunjin and coldly opened her mouth.

"Little s.l.u.t! Don't be too happy, I will be waiting for you in h.e.l.l!"

"Hahahaha! I will be waiting for you......"


Walking out of the interrogation room, Mu Yunjin looked around, the weather is good, she slowly smiled weakly. Mu Yunhan who is walking beside her, shoot her a glance and saw her suppressing a smile.

"Little girl, it seems that you don't need older brother's protection."

Mu Yunjin turned her face towards Mu Yunhan and with complex gaze she asked.

"Bjg Brother, do you blame me?"

After all, Su Biqing is Mu Yunhan's mother.

Mu Yunhan shook his head.

"Mother's evil crimes that fills the heavens will continue to grow if she remains alive. Only death can be her biggest atonement and escape."

"Big Brother's way of thinking is really different from other people."

Mu Yunjin smiled. Just as they walked to the final section of the flight of steps on the way out. Chu Qingyuan's voice sounded from behind them.

"Yunjin Jiejie wait for me....."

Mu Yunjin stopped walking and glanced back to see on top of the steps are Chu Qingyuan and Chu Li walking slowly towards her. When the two people stood in front of her, Mu Yunjin smiled at them.

"Many thanks to the Sixth Prince and Ninth Princess for today's matter."


Chu Li faintly answered as he coldly swept his gaze away from Mu Yunjin's body. Chu Qingyuan saw this and covered her mouth to laugh.

"Yunjin jiejie, inside the interrogation room, Sixth brother is in a hurry to help you fearing that you would have a mishap!"

"Qingyuan, don't talk nonsense."

Chu Li glanced towards Chu Qingyuan with displeasure. Chu Qingyuan covered her mouth to laugh and ran away. At the side, Mu Yunhan looked at Chu Li with mixed feelings, as if investigating, before giving a light chuckle, he did not speak.

"Sixth Prince, I am tired today, I will go back first to rest."

Confused by the atmosphere, Mu Yunjin smiled towards Chu Li and then turned to leave.

Mu Yunhan followed Mu Yinjin closely as they returned to Xiang fu.


Inside the carriage, Mu Yunjin leaned at the side, a little exhausted, she ma.s.saged her temples. Mu Yunhan smiled towards Mu Yunjin.

"At first I was anxious that when you marry the Sixth Prince, you might suffer. But now, it seems that Chu Li is not an inhuman after all."

Mu Yunjin raised an eyebrow.

"Where did you see him interact as a human?"

"Among the other princes, the Sixth Prince, Chu Li is naturally indifferent. But today, in front of so many people, he helped a woman and lied. Tell me, is it not being a human?"


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