The Amber Sword Volume 3 Chapter 89

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TL: Lately I’ve been reading Ryuuou no Os.h.i.+goto! My gosh, this series is so fking awesome. Lolicon The humor is awesome.

Chapter 89 – The gathering storm (3)

“Young man, you ought to know that people are quite capable of deceit,” Fleetwood said.

Makarov and Count Barre agreed when they heard this remark. The years of battles they had against other n.o.bles had made them realize anything was possible when people were involved. The princess did not agree or disagree with her expression and merely watched the youth intently with her eyes.

“Grandmaster Fleetwood, Ser Brendel specifically came back to aid me in when it was a life-and-death situation. I can hardly believe a morally upright person would be capable of such deceit. But most importantly, it was his oath that convinced me—”

The naivety on the youthful face disappeared as he locked eyes with each man in the room.

“The fact that the legendary Lionheart recognizes him is proof that his rebuke of us was right.”

“What?” Gryphine blurted.

Fleetwood had briefly mentioned about seeing the Divine Resonance during their journey to her, but Eke somehow seemed to hint that it happened because of the mysterious youth. Her eyes turned to her teacher curiously and the latter knew that the incident between Brendel and them could not be kept under wraps any longer.

This secret was originally meant to be kept from the princess because it was an embarra.s.sing encounter. Fleetwood did not expect Eke to spill it out, and the questioning gaze from the princess meant that she wanted an answer and would find out one way or another.

The grandmaster wizard nodded to Makarov who sighed at the thought of explaining how he was censured by a youth no older than twenty. He detailed the entire encounter to Gryphine.

“Your Highness, this isn’t something that we intentionally tried to hide,” Makarov added.

Gryphine nodded and said generously: “Different circ.u.mstances with different viewpoints can easily lead to conflict. It’s understandable to avoid reporting certain things. This was taught to me by Fleetwood—”

Fleetwood immediately bowed his head. Gryphine was actually grumbling to him for keeping this a secret. He felt alarmed and relieved at the same time; alarmed at his superior doubting him, and relieved that she was merely hinting her displeasure to him.

This was ultimately a sign of their familiarity with each other.

Makarov and Count Barre exchanged looks. They were also relieved as Gryphine showed that she would not pursue this matter.

As subordinates of Duke Lantonrand, they were supposed to work for the Royal Faction since their superior chose to stand with them. Hiding things from the princess could cause rifts and they needed to avoid this at all cost, especially at such a critical juncture.

“I am curious. What exactly were the words Brendel said that caused a Divine Resonance?”

“He asked if we still remember the Ancestral King’s beliefs.” Makarov’s voice trembled a little.

The truth was that he was shaken by Brendel’s words.

[The youth said our defeat is fated even if we took the Golden Apple. The change that we can get from it wouldn’t lead us to victory against Madara, and to hear him deny our blood and tears for the past decade is truly infuriating — yet I’m unable to refute his words.]

“That is—” Gryphine suddenly recalled a certain story from Oberbeck.

A Highland Knight led a group of near defenseless refugees and cut through a path at Madara’s undead armies. It sounded like it came out from a fairy tale that could only happen during the era of the Ancestral King, where the fiery blood of the n.o.ble knights had not cooled yet.

The most exhilarating aspect of this story was that it happened in this era where she was born.

This was why she could not help but keep the knight of this story in her mind.

“Do you still remember his exact words?” Gryphine said subconsciously.

“I—” Makarov’s mind started to blank out.

He recalled the youth’s burning eyes of righteous anger, as well as that moment where Scarlett suddenly appeared. Count Barre detected the odd change in him and instead answered:

“Let me do it.”

“You have my grat.i.tude, Count Barre.” Gryphine nodded slightly.

Count Barre’s expression became slightly solemn:

“His exact words were: ‘I recall a story. During the Aouine's brightest era, the Knights of Aouine would carry their horns and swallowtail flags. With their blades pointed forth, they would blow their horns and charge forth—‘”

Makarov suddenly sighed and he took over: “The golden emblems from Corvado, Grinoires, and Arreck were woven onto the swallowtail flags. The n.o.bles in that era held on their oaths— Do you still remember that oath?”

Gryphine suddenly closed her eyelids a little, her hands clasping in front of her and repeated about the oath in her mind that she knew well.

[I swear upon this sword and stay true to this oath!]

“I swear upon this sword and stay true to this oath! I will lead my citizens away from wars and killings, to distance ourselves from the empire’s n.o.bles’ arrogance and greed; I will never repeat the mistakes of the empire’s b.l.o.o.d.y history. I will ensure that the n.o.bles will be faithful to the Knights’ code of being fair and disciplined, brave and unflinching, generous and benevolent. I will enforce this oath to the end of my life!”

When the final word was said, Gryphine’s heart was full of overwhelming emotions.

She could almost picture the youth saying the words clearly and loudly. Her heart pounded. She thought no one would understand what she truly desired to achieve in her life. She hid her emotions behind a mask and constantly did things that were against her beliefs to deal with the situation before her.

Yet when someone appeared with the same beliefs as her and was achieving it in spite of the obstacles…… Her mask shattered a little and she could not help but become stunned.

But what she did not know that she had another self in another world.

In a game called The Amber Sword, Aouine was like a boat traveling through a dark stormy sea, and Princess Gryphine had constantly worked to sail through it with her unshakeable will.

The dream was like a moth to a flame.

The G.o.ddess of War, countless people within Aouine, and the gamers within the kingdom, gathering together in order to fulfill the Regent Princess’s dream.

The dream where she could fulfill the Ancestral King’s promise to protect the kingdom and its citizens, where the knights would vanquish the darkness and led everyone to warmth and safety.

In the end, that dream was extinguished.

However, the Gryphine of this world opened her eyes as if she woke up from a world that was filled with darkness. Her fatigue was suddenly gone. Even though the dark clouds to the north were gathering and it seemed like a storm was about to descend, she felt like she suddenly found something that would lead her to her destination.

“That young man’s words are right, but only when dreams can be achieved in reality could they be called practical. The difficulty of achieving them is not reduced just because we have the willpower to do so.”

Gryphine paused for a moment.

“He has sent us an invitation into his world. What exactly is his aim by sending us this letter? Please, feel free to express your thoughts—“

The Amber Sword Volume 3 Chapter 89

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