The Anarchic Consort Chapter 173

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Chapter 173: Wei Wei Shocked People!

She's not the only one who didn't believe it, even Murong Chang Feng's att.i.tude was one which doubted all of this.

However, Helian Wei Wei didn't cower at all after she heard her say this.

She straightforwardly loosened her collar and spoke with a faintly smiling expression. "Since we've agreed on the conditions, then let's start."

Having said this, she then bound her long hair and picked up the armament components before her eyes. Actually, her current expression was especially conscientious. Her pair of pupils as dark as the night were as calm as the sea, as if only she stood here. A slight smile could bring a cool breeze.

Things have already progressed to this stage, so the teacher declared loudly. "The second part of the armament's duel starts now, will the three judges light the incense!"


Once the sounds of his words dropped, Helian Wei Wei immediately moved her hands.

Her speed was so fast that everybody didn't have a chance to react!

So much so that even their eyes didn't have a chance to look at the movements on this side!

Yet Wei Wei already started, this was still the first time that she personally a.s.sembled armaments in front all of the students.

The side of her face, her thick eyelashes hung down slightly, those slender white fingers didn't seem like they were a.s.sembling armaments, and instead seemed like a musician strumming the lute. Each of those fingers were used fully by her at a suitable position, pretty and agile as they changed direction. The components in her hands also followed her movements, and flowed fluently like a calligraphy painting.

Besides 'clang clang' sounds, everybody basically watched, but couldn't tell how her fingers moved.

The only thing they could feel was that this was a dazzlingly beautiful image!

Those natural movements like moving clouds and flowing water, wasn't anxious nor impatient, as if those armaments components were merely toys picked up by her in pa.s.sing.


While Murong Chang Feng had just started to a.s.semble.

Wei Wei had already used her first set of plans to finish her first armament.

Her thin lips indifferently curved upwards. Her appearance, contrasted with the full body white robe, actually made people unable to take their eyes off her.


The second armament! The palm of Wei Wei's hand turned over and a silver whip was shaped.

Murong Chang Feng was located closest to Wei Wei, and also knew the most about those armaments which originally should've been scattered. How in her hands, they became an armament.

His eyes couldn't stop themselves from constricting and dilating, while the components in his hands crashed and everything fell upon the ground!

If one was to say that when Baili Jia Jue triumphed over his opponent, the area was dead silent.

Then right now, these people were unable to take their eyes off of her, along with those rhythmic noises, they couldn't help but swallow their saliva.

Wasn't this too quick?

How could she be so fast!

Only Master Tu Tian, even as he felt she was breathtaking, he still showed a tinge of regret.

This Helian Wei Wei was indeed fast, however, she's still not as fast as that girl he'd seen previously at Phoenix Tower.

He thought someone who could draw up so many designs would be even more outstanding that that girl, but apparently, she's not at that level……


The third armament!

Logically speaking, when a.s.sembling armaments, the more towards the end, the more difficult it became. After all, the designs also followed this order of simple to complicated.

However, this point seemed to be nonexistent where Wei Wei was concerned.

On the contrary, her eyes s.h.i.+ned brighter and brighter like water, as resplendent as the stars!

As Murong Chang Feng studied his opponent's refined facial features, his heart surprisingly seemed as if it was stirred fiercely by something, both aching and numbing.

"Lord!" Seeing this scene the girl offstage stiffly bit her thin lips. "Hurry and pick up your things!"

Lord Murong had never used this kind of gaze to look at any other person. It's the expression of being captivated by another person. d.a.m.n it, she deserved to die!

Murong Chang Feng's senses finally returned to him as he stooped to pick up those components and quickly finished the first armament. However, no matter what, he had no way of maintaining his focus.

Everyone was stunned.


The fourth armament!

Wei Wei casually rubbed her neck.

Loud voices.

The crowd broke into an uproar!

"The fourth one, she really already finished four of them!"

"That can't be, Lord Murong only just finished one!"

"How's the time? What's most important is the time!"

In a flash, everybody's gaze moved to rest on the incense which will soon go out. A never before present intense nervousness engulfed their entire bodies!

There's only a little bit of the incense left!

The young girl clenched her fists tightly, as her eyes fixedly stared at the incense stick in the distance, with the kind of expression that wished the wind could blow stronger and quickly put out the incense!

Sitting by her side, Helian Jiao Er extended her left hand and placed it on the back of her hand, maliciousness seeping from the sound of her voice. "Don't worry, that girl won't be able to win. She's only finished four armaments and already used about four fifths of the time. She simply won't be able to finish the remaining three!"

Just as Helian Jiao Er was saying this, a 'bang' was heard!

The fifth armament was single-handedly placed by Wei Wei on the tabletop, as her eyes looked up, apparently also looking at the length of the incense.

"There are still two left! Only two left, and she'll win!"

"There's not enough time, look at that incense!"

People in the world knew that Young Master Wu Shuang was someone who made armaments at high speeds. No matter how capable this Helian Wei Wei was, she couldn't possibly be faster than Young Master Wu Shuang, right?

What's more, there's not enough time left. If she forced these components to come together, and didn't follow the designs she'd previously created, then she'd also lose!

But what everyone didn't antic.i.p.ate was that, in the next second, Wei Wei actually raised her hand, and removed something from her wrist?

It's the weights band they'd seen previously!

The heck, what kind of joke was this!

How many weights bands was she actually wearing!


Someone finally noticed that Wei Wei changed hands. "Look, she started to rely on her left-hand, her right hand's now a.s.sisting! Her speed seems to be twice as fast as before!"

"Don't tell me…she basically wasn't going all out previously? This, isn't this too terrifying!"

It was indeed terrifying. As a master at White Academy, Yun Xiu couldn't be sure if even he could accomplish this level. Even if the armament a.s.sembly was only at a junior level, and didn't require any difficult back and forth fiddling, however, even for him, four would be the limit. In the past, he'd always thought that Murong Chang Feng was a genius. Besides Young Master Wu Shuang from the Armaments a.s.sembly, no one else's achievements in armaments could surpa.s.s his. After all, at such a very young age, there were not many in the younger generation who could keep up with him.

Yet, from what he's seen of today's duel, watching Wei Wei's a.s.sembly techniques, he actually experienced what it was meant by a genius among geniuses!

How could there be such an awesome girl, and this girl surprisingly even had always been considered by them to be a good-for-nothing tras.h.!.+

"The seventh, she's making the seventh armament!"

Indescribably, the entire arena became a world of stillness. After Wei Wei displayed the sixth armament, everyone couldn't help but hold their breaths.

Master Bai also couldn't sit still anymore and suddenly stood up from his wood chair as his eyes turned to take a look at the incense stick, the corners of his mouth curved up to smile. "She can't win, because there's already no more ti……"

Master Bai hadn't finished saying that word, when he heard a clear 'bang' sound, resounding through the entire arena, as if it's echoing, for a very long time without subsiding!

The Anarchic Consort Chapter 173

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