The Black Card Chapter 113 - Eavesdropped By Zhang Meimei

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Chapter 113 - Eavesdropped by Zhang Meimei 

Translator: Lav

Editor: Levs

It was awkward. Sun Yiyi’s mother saw the conversation and even replied to him. But luckily, she didn’t seem to be angry, but rather comforted. 

Shi Lei thought for a while and replied: Aunty, I grew up with Yiyi and you watched me grow up. I wouldn’t have done anything if I didn’t have the ability to do so, but now that I’ve earned some money, please don’t bother about it. 

On the other side, in the rental house which was renovated from a garage, Sun Yiyi panicked and complained at her mother: “Mum, don’t do this. How can you use my phone to reply to Shitou ge?! He was just joking……” 

Sun Yiyi’s mother smiled and took her time to explain: “I watched Shitou grow up. You guys were very close to each other and do you think I can’t tell what you are thinking? You are too shy and too embarrassed to ask. As your mother, I’ll help you with it. I’ll ask him and we’ll know whether he’s joking or not.” 

“Mum, no!” Sun Yiyi panicked even more. It was embarrassing to ask a boy whether he liked her or not as a girl, even if her mother asked for her, she still felt to embarrassed. What worried her more was like she never really understood what Shi Lei felt towards her. He seemed to like her, but he also treated her like his little sister. If Shi Lei only saw her as his sister, then Sun Yiyi would rather just stay like this. 

Sun Yiyi’s mother ignored her and sent a message: Then tell Aunty, do you like Yiyi? 

Shi Lei read the message and thought that she was turning into his mother-in-law. Whether it was a joke or not, he had heard this a lot of times ever since childhood. 

He had already embarrassed himself earlier. If Sun Yiyi’s mother wanted to be his mother-in-law, then Shi Lei would just admit it. Shi Lei replied: Of course I like her. Except she’s still young and not even in university yet. If you aren’t against it, I planned to tell her after she starts university. 

Sun Yiyi’s mother saw the message and was relieved. She deleted the conversation without caring about Sun Yiyi yelling on the side and attempting to grab her phone back. 

Then, she sent another message to Shi Lei: Aunty didn’t make a mistake. You are a mature child. Yiyi’s too shy, please look after her. I will delete these messages after I send it, don’t tell her what I said. 

After she sent the message, she deleted everything. After Shi Lei finishing reading them, he also deleted and didn’t send another reply. 

After a while, Sun Yiyi sent another text: Shitou ge, what did my Mum say? 

Shi Lei played dumb: Aunty didn’t say anything. Weren’t you the one who was messaging me? 

Sun Yiyi asked again: My Mum was using my phone to talk to you. What did you guys talk about? 

Shi Lei continued to play dumb: You haven’t replied for a while. I just teased and you ignored me. I thought you were embarrassed or angry at me! Yiyi, are you angry? 

The other side was silent for a second but quickly messaged again: Then what’s the last message you sent me? 

Shi Lei thought briefly and sent a screenshot of the conversation. Of course, all Sun Yiyi could see was the conversation after everything was deleted. There was only their conversation and her mother’s words to Shi Lei were all deleted. 

Obviously Sun Yiyi didn’t believe him but she couldn’t ask more. She said: Nevermind, I’m going to bed. Shitou ge, you should also sleep. You stayed up till now and you must be tired. Good night. 

Shi Lei smiled a replied: Good night. 

He put down his phone, showered and went to bed. 

It was already noon when Shi Lei woke up. Shi Lei didn’t forget to tutor Zhang Liangliang, or more accurately, accompany her when she was doing her homework. He sent a message to Zhang Liangliang and she expressed her excitement in looking forward to his arrival and hoped for him to go earlier.  

As Shi Lei didn’t have much to do, he grabbed some food downstairs and caught a taxi to Zhang Liangliang’s place. 

It was unexpected that when Shi Lei arrived at Zhang Liangliang’s place, Zhang Meimei was still home. She simply nodded: “You are here already? You are early.” 

Shi Lei also smiled and said: “I asked er’jie and she told me to come over early. Aren’t you going to work today?” 

“I don’t have anything on during the day. I just have a business dinner night.” Zhang Meimei didn’t seem to have the desire to converse with Shi Lei. She pushed her glasses back onto her nose bridge and walked back to her room. 

Zhang Liangliang was making faces at Shi Lei in joy. She was only this happy when she saw Shi Lei everyday. 

She dragged Shi Lei into the room and began to talk non-stop. She asked what Shi Lei did during the week and why he didn’t contact her. 

Shi Lei said helplessly: “I don’t really have a reason to contact you. Plus, you have school and you don’t finish class till late. You didn’t complain this week so I thought that your Mum ate dinner with you this week. Isn’t that nice?” 

Zhang Liangliang pouted and said: “Whenever you post something in Moments, I always like and comment. But you? You never even liked any of my posts. Dashu, did you block me?” With that, Zhang Liangliang grabbed Shi Lei’s phone and wanted to check. 

Shi Lei wasn’t bothered to argue with her and said: “I’m not as bored as you. You are a brat, and those posts mean nothing so there’s no reason for me to like them. Alright, hurry up and do your homework. Did you get a lot this week? Aren’t you doing your half yearly next week?” 

“I finished my exams already! I’m waiting for the marks to come out next week! You don’t even care about me!” Zhang Liangliang pouted as she was upset. Shi Lei then remembered that she indeed mentioned it to him and he even agreed to something like giving her a present if she scored the average of 85 marks for all of her subjects. 

“Oh, you finished it. How was it? Can you reach the average of 85 marks?”

Zhang Liangliang replied proudly: “Mhm, just wait and you’ll have to get me a present!” 

Shi Lei shrugged and said: “It has to be within my ability though……” As he spoke, he heard a slight crack from the door. Shi Lei’s heart skipped a beat and thought that perhaps Zhang Meimei was eavesdropping them. 

He pondered and thought that it was reasonable. He seemed to be too close to Zhang Liangliang. She was only 15 or 16 years old, if he was her parent, he would be worried too. 

“Ok, stop talking, hurry up and do your homework, I’m going to get a glass of water.” Shi Lei stood up and spoke extra loudly on purpose for Zhang Meimei to hear. 

“I have drinks here.” Zhang Liangliang said brightly. 

“Carbonated drinks are bad for your health. I don’t drink it and you shouldn’t drink that much either.” Shi Lei didn’t mind her and intentionally stepped on the floor harder towards the door. 

Zhang Liangliang thought Shi Lei was acting odd and rubbed her nose: “Dashu, you are really odd today.” 

“Huh?! How can I be weirder than the you I met for the first time? You just had to copy those people and dress like a punk. Isn’t it much better now than what you were before? Hurry up and do your homework.” 

Shi Lei pulled the door open and walked out. He saw Zhang Meimei sitting on the couch whilst drinking from a glass. Except, it was a shame that there was no water in the glass. 

The Black Card Chapter 113 - Eavesdropped By Zhang Meimei

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