The Black Card Chapter 182 - Waist-Length Hair Is Also A Contract

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Chapter 182 - Waist-Length Hair is Also a Contract 

Translator: Lav

Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

Because Song Miaomiao had emphasized that Shi Lei bought her first kiss with 50 yuan, after she left, Shi Lei couldn’t wait to go to a self-service bank and ask the Scepter what level consumption applied to his purchase of a top-tier beauty’s first kiss. 

Last time, because he kissed Wei Xingyue and saw her naked back, he got a chance to draw a prize. He bought her first kiss with a meal of skewers and a view of her naked back with a chain of Xingyue Puti. Although putting it in such a way didn’t respect her, to the Black Card, it was just a type of consumption. This time, Shi Lei only used 50 yuan to buy Song Miaomiao’s first kiss. If it was real, wouldn’t he at least be able to get more than half a chance to draw a prize? Well, actually, he even touched Song Miaomiao’s breasts, so together, it should be at least one chance. 

And now, for every chance Shi Lei received, it would automatically be doubled! 

Shi Lei fist-pumped excitedly. He waited until the last person in the bank walked out, then immediately inserted the Black Card into the ATM and entered the password. 

He knew that before he ejected the Black Card, no one would be able to walk into this self-service bank and interrupt him. 

When the Scepter appeared, Shi Lei was already near-bursting with impatience. “Is what Song Miaomiao said real? Was her first kiss really with me?” 

“Yes,” the Scepter answered mechanically, “from you humans’ perspective, that was indeed the first time Song Miaomiao made contact with a man in such a way, which can be judged as her first kiss.” 

So it really was her first kiss? Then was she really a virgin? Before, Shi Lei had only believed what she’d said emotionally. After the Black Card and the Scepter confirmed it, he knew that it had to be real. 

Nevertheless, he was still really surprised. After all, when Shi Lei first met her, she had acted like an old driver(1) and looked like a damned ladyboy. 

He composed himself. “Then if I got her first kiss for 50 yuan, would that count as a high-tier consumption?” 

The Scepter seemed to be unwilling to answer, but still did so solemnly. “The level two employee got the first kiss of the top-tier beauty, Song Miaomiao. After a series of determinations, it has been concluded that since you only spent 50 yuan, it indeed counts as a great deal.” 

Shi Lei was about to ask why it didn’t count as a five-star consumption when he suddenly realized that there was something wrong with the Scepter’s word choice. It seemed like the 50 yuan didn’t only buy Song Miaomiao’s first kiss, but included a “series of determinations.” What did that mean?  

“The series of determinations, what does it mean?” Shi Lei felt that he could look forward to something new from this deal. 

“That’s the course of events between the two of you, from enemies to friends and so on.” the Scepter replied vaguely.

“I can’t buy that, can I? You said kissing, touching her chest, or even having s.e.x can sort of count as a consumption. But friends…don’t tell me every single friend I make can be counted as a consumption. Then you owe me so many great deals!” Shi Lei didn’t believe the Scepter’s vague words. 

It paused, then finally said, “Song Miaomiao never had any friends since childhood. Her grandfather loved her and spoiled her, which made her arrogant and rebellious and even turned her into someone she doesn’t want to be. You helped Song Miaomiao return to the normal woman she is, gaining her appreciation. Her promise of growing her hair out to her waist…” 

Shi Lei was shocked. “Wait, wait. Promise?” he quickly asked. “Are you saying that when her hair reaches her waist, I have to sleep with her?” 

“That’s a contract. Although it’s only spoken, it has the same effects as Sun Yiyi’s agreement to sell herself to you.” 

Shi Lei was dumbfounded. I have to sleep with someone again? I’m not a duck! Holy sh*t, are you some sort of black technology or a procurer? Why do you care about such things? Sun Yiyi is fine; I treat her as my future girlfriend. But what’s up with Song Miaomiao? And this hair-length contract seems to be more serious than the agreement with Sun Yiyi. It has feelings involved, which means that it can’t be solved simply by having s.e.x. There would be some sort of development after that. Will the Black Card force me to marry Song Miaomiao? We’re not on the same level! Even if my social status and wealth can compare to hers, what about Sun Yiyi? 

As a man, he could occasionally take risks and be a playboy, or even kiss or have s.e.x. Shi Lei was not a Puritan, but it was impossible for him to abandon Sun Yiyi. 

“First, tell me what level of consumption this is.” 


“So that’s also two chances? Now that I have a double, it’ll be four chances?” 

The Scepter was rather gloomy. “Yes, four times altogether.” 

“Don’t tell me that I get two right now, and I have to sleep with her before I can use the other two!” 

“That’s not the case.” Shi Lei was relieved by the Scepter’s words.

He was just about to think that it wasn’t too bad since he at least exchanged it for four chances when the Scepter dumped a bucket of cold water on him. “You can’t do it now. You have to wait until this consumption period ends and the next one begins. But the remaining chances can indeed only be used when the employee completes the contract.” 

“Wait, the ‘remaining chances’? How many? Tell me clearly.” Shi Lei knew that when talking to the Scepter, he had to be clear on every single detail. 

The Scepter could only explain when it noticed that Shi Lei had seen through it. “The loophole that allows the employee to have his chances doubled only lasts until the day in which he completes the agreement with Sun Yiyi. If the contract with Song Miaomiao is completed before the completion of the agreement with Sun Yiyi, then it can be doubled. If it’s later than that, the chances won’t be doubled.” 

“That’s barely a year! It’s impossible for Song Miaomiao’s hair to grow from a buzz cut to waist-length, right?” Shi Lei was gloomy. It looked like he could only receive three chances from this five-star consumption. The time needed for her hair to grow to waist-length would be at least five years. Shi Lei, who didn’t want to sleep with Song Miaomiao at all, was now troubled because of this. 

The Scepter gave Shi Lei another surprise. “That might not be a case. The hair doesn’t necessarily have to be naturally grown…” it said.

Holy sh*t! Hair extensions! How could Shi Lei forget about that sort black technology? 

If it really was a contract, then its completion could be imminent because Song Miaomiao only needed a day’s time to extend her hair to waist-length. If that was the case, then Shi Lei had to do it with her. Otherwise, he would violate the contract and be punished. 

That would really be forcing him to have s.e.x!  

Shi Lei couldn’t comprehend the Black Card anymore. Why did he feel like it was turning into a pervert at a level that even Song Miaomiao couldn’t compare to? 

After a moment of consideration, Shi Lei asked again, “If—and I’m saying if—Song Miaomiao uses some sort of trick to make her hair waist-length in a short period of time, then according to the contract, I must sleep with her or else I will be punished, right?” 

1. Old driver: someone who has very profound knowledge in an area, usually has a s.e.xual connotation

The Black Card Chapter 182 - Waist-Length Hair Is Also A Contract

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