The Black Card Chapter 238 - Women Understand Each Other Better

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Chapter 238 - Women Understand Each Other Better

Translator: Lav

Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

At a time like this, s.h.i.+ Lei had hoped to hear Wei Xingyue say it instead of Sun Yiyi.

A couple is here in a small enclosed s.p.a.ce like this! Aren’t you being a little too bright as a more than fifty kilogram giant being? Why can’t we drink another time? Or maybe you can go find someone else. Even if you don’t have many friends, you should have a few drinking buddies! If you are that desperate, then you have a younger sister! Ask her to drink with you!

But Wei Xingyue didn’t see herself as an outsider and made s.h.i.+ Lei and Sun Yiyi seem like the people who should leave. She was half-lying on the couch with her legs crossed and shaking them lazily.

You’re not a horse, so stop shaking your legs!

s.h.i.+ Lei really wanted to ask Wei Xingyue whether they could drink tomorrow. However, he was scared that it would make him look guilty if he asked, since Sun Yiyi could get the wrong idea.

Left without a choice, s.h.i.+ Lei stood up and looked at Sun Yiyi. “Never mind, I’ll go with you. A certain someone likes to take possession of other people’s houses.”

s.h.i.+ Lei stole a glance toward Wei Xingyue, but she seemed unconcerned. He didn’t have a choice but to drag Sun Yiyi downstairs.

“Brother s.h.i.+tou, I think I’ll go home after getting the wine with you,” Sun Yiyi said as they were in the elevator. “I think my mom’s still waiting for me at home. You should go and drink with Sister Wei.”

What she offered was indeed a solution to the problem, since Sun Yiyi couldn’t really hold her liquor anyway. But no matter how much of an idiot he was, at least he knew that there was no way he’d agree. At least, not so quickly.

“You just give auntie a call. She won’t be worried if you are here with me.”

“Okay,” Sun Yiyi agreed sweetly, but when the elevator arrived at the first floor, she spoke again. “But I can’t really drink and it would be boring to just watch you two. I think that it would also be inconvenient for you guys to chat when I’m there.”

“It’s fine. We usually just talk about random stuff. It’s nothing serious.” s.h.i.+ Lei didn’t feel guilty saying this at all, since they really never talked about anything serious, but telling Sun Yiyi just how unserious their conversations could be was inconvenient.

Sun Yiyi nodded again and followed s.h.i.+ Lei out of the elevator.

When he saw the two of them walking out, the guard nodded specifically toward s.h.i.+ Lei. s.h.i.+ Lei rolled his eyes and knew that this guard was definitely getting the wrong idea. He was probably thinking that this brat definitely had some skills to be able to handle the chaos and still leave one behind.

s.h.i.+ Lei specifically bought four wine and a wine opener. He intentionally picked the most expensive ones in the shop, since he knew that it would definitely count toward the total.

Sun Yiyi seemed to finally make up her mind when they left the shop. She smiled at s.h.i.+ Lei and said, “Brother s.h.i.+tou, I still think I should go back. Don’t worry about me. You should go drink with Sister Wei. I think she’s good person, but I’m worried that mom will worry about me.”

s.h.i.+ Lei hesitated for a while. “Are you really not questioning anything?” he asked seriously when he saw her bright eyes. “Are you sure you want to go back?”

She nodded eagerly and smiled. s.h.i.+ Lei ruffled her hair. “Alright,” he said softly. “I don’t know until how late that crazy woman will drink, and you shouldn’t go to sleep that late anyway. I’ll walk you out. But you must promise me not to overthink and get the wrong idea. I really have nothing serious going on with her.”

“I won’t. I believe you.” s.h.i.+ Lei held Sun Yiyi’s hand and walked her to the bus stop. He took a glance at the bus schedule and said, “There’s only one bus left and you need to walk a long way after you get off. I think you should catch a taxi back instead.”

Sun Yiyi didn’t oppose, so s.h.i.+ Lei caught a taxi, shoved the money to the driver, and urged her a few more times to go home quickly and be safe. After watching the taxi drive out of sight, he turned around and headed back to his apartment.

Sun Yiyi sat in the taxi with her head tilted to one side. She didn’t completely believe that there was really nothing going on between s.h.i.+ Lei and Wei Xingyue. Even if there was nothing right now, the fact that they could drink at his apartment at such a late hour and that Wei Xingyue could use a his bathroom to shower said a lot.

The reason she decided to leave was because she could see that s.h.i.+ Lei was very nervous around her. In her naive heart, she was satisfied as long as s.h.i.+ Lei treated her nicely.

“I’m only Brother s.h.i.+tou’s little maid right now, so I can’t mind his business. I’ll wait until I’m back at university to confirm our relations.h.i.+p. Then I won’t let other women drink with him. Especially this late! Mhm!” The little girl clenched her fist and encouraged herself.

s.h.i.+ Lei knocked on his door and almost had a breakdown when he saw that Wei Xingyue had changed into the bathrobe again.

“Didn’t you say that the bathrobe stinks? Why are you wearing it again” s.h.i.+ Lei hadn’t felt good at all when he saw Sun Yiyi’s doubting expression. He felt somewhat guilty, since he and Wei Xingyue did indeed have some instances in which they had crossed the line.

Unconcerned, Wei Xingyue crawled back onto the couch and stretched out her long, soft legs. She fixed the bottom of the bathrobe. “Why else?” she asked lazily. “Did you want me to say that I have slept here before and hugged you while we slept, so I consider this as half my house? Of course I’ll do whatever makes me feel comfortable at home. Although it stinks a little, I can wear it after I spray some perfume on it.”

s.h.i.+ Lei was speechless.

“Alright, lil’man, stop looking so angry. That little girl is quite naive and won’t be mad at you. Hurry up and open the wine. We’ve wasted so much time already!”

s.h.i.+ Lei wanted to fume at her words, but he could only open the wine and pa.s.s a gla.s.s over. “But I only went down to get the and the opener with Yiyi. How did you dare change back into the bathrobe?”

Wei Xingyue beamed as she took it and touched with him. “I’m a woman. I understand women better than you. I also went through that naive stage, so there’s no way I can’t see it. Since she left, she definitely won’t come back again.”

“Why not?”

“Empty the gla.s.s and I’ll tell you!” Wei Xingyue’s eyes were s.h.i.+ning so brightly that the lights in the room seemed to lose their glow. She had a trace of cunning in her eyes, as if she was up to no good.

s.h.i.+ Lei could only chug down the gla.s.s. “Fine, I did it. Tell me.”

“She’s just a small girl and would be somewhat intimidated by an exceptionally beautiful woman like me.”

s.h.i.+ Lei made a vomiting gesture. Wei Xingyue sure was shameless. At the same time, he couldn’t deny it because what she said was true.

Wei Xingyue didn’t care about s.h.i.+ Lei’s att.i.tude and continued. “She probably felt like she would lose competing against me, so she decided to keep me out of sight, out of mind. I don’t know what excuse she used to comfort herself, but I do know that when I made myself clear that I’m not leaving, she definitely wouldn’t follow you back. Perhaps what she thought was that if I was going to take you away from her, she didn’t want to be here witnessing it herself. Avoiding reality is human instinct.”

“But we really don’t have anything going on and nothing will happen between us, right?”

“Really? Do you want something to happen?” Wei Xingyue’s tongued swept past her plump lips alluringly.

s.h.i.+ Lei was immediately embarra.s.sed and quickly waved his hands. “Let’s drink,” he said, changing the subject.

After saying that, he took a big gulp, only to choke on it. Wei Xingyue laughed loudly at that. She seemed extra enchanting in the reflection of the wine.

The Black Card Chapter 238 - Women Understand Each Other Better

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