The Black Card Chapter 358

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Chapter 358 - s.h.i.+ Zhongping's Doubts

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s.h.i.+ Lei's mother also changed into the coat, looking at herself in front of the mirror. Although she really liked it, she was taken aback by the price of over 20,000 yuan.

However, when she heard s.h.i.+ Zhongping's words, she was unhappy. "What do you mean by you didn't imagine you would be able to enjoy benefits brought by our son? My son looks like someone who's going to be successful in the future. Even if he has only found a job, do you think that he shouldn't buy clothes for us, not to mention that he has quite a lot of money now?"

s.h.i.+ Zhongping quickly begged for forgiveness. "Alright alright alright. You are right. It's my fault. Our son is filial and has always thought of his mother whether he has money or not. It's getting late. Hurry and cook. Don't starve our precious son."

s.h.i.+ Lei's mother heard that and rushed. "I almost forgot that I'm still cooking the soup on the stove."

She quickly took off the coat and carefully folded it. Unwilling to let it go, she touched the surface of the coat and muttered to herself, "20,000 yuan for this. Where did he earn the money from?"

s.h.i.+ Zhongping also took off his suit, pa.s.sed it to s.h.i.+ Lei, and picked up the other bag.

"Yo, this has to be 100 yuan a pack, right?"

"Just smoke it whenever you like. It's much cheaper than your clothes."

s.h.i.+ Zhongping didn't overthink. He picked a pack and opened a small box. He took one out and sniffed it.

"Let's go for a walk downstairs. I can smoke one of the cigarettes my son bought for me."

s.h.i.+ Lei supported his father and called out to his mother who was busy in the kitchen. "Mom, I'm going down for a walk with Dad. We'll be back in twenty minutes."

"As long as you come back within half an hour. The food will be ready by then."

After s.h.i.+ Lei and s.h.i.+ Zhongping went downstairs, s.h.i.+ Zhongping immediately lit the cigarette and smiled as he smoked. "To be honest, I don't think it's any better than those that cost around 10 to 20 yuan."

s.h.i.+ Lei scratched his head. "I don't smoke and I don't know anything, so I picked the most expensive one."

"Haha, my son knows how to be filial. That's a great thing. A great thing."

s.h.i.+ Lei smiled in silence and supported his father carefully. s.h.i.+ Zhongping took two steps forward and spoke again. "Son, tell me the truth. What's your situation like in Wudong right now?"

s.h.i.+ Lei had antic.i.p.ated this. He had already thought of a complete excuse and had been thinking about the details on the way back.

"I made an app like the ones on mobile phones and someone liked it. That person wanted to invest in me at first, but I'm a student who hasn't graduated from university yet and I don't have experience if I want to create a business. I also don't have a basic team to work with. So I thought I'd sell that app. They eventually gave me an evaluation and paid me ninety percent. The remaining ten percent became the shares of the company he was going to make. I got shares because they need me to provide a lot of things for the later stages of the app, mainly the design path and the market. They don't need me for the technical part because they don't care about what little skill I have. So I hold ten percent of the company's shares."

s.h.i.+ Zhongping frowned and took two long drags on the cigarette. "Son, don't lie to your dad. Although I'm that educated and have worked as a laborer all my life, how can there be something as good as this? Perhaps it's possible to buy your app, but how can ten percent turn directly into company shares?"

"The person who bought my app is a friend. We met in Wudong by chance. He's a fuerdai, but not one of those casual ones. He helped out a lot with your incident last time. I mentioned him to you before. He's called Wei Qing, from Modu."

s.h.i.+ Zhongping nodded. "The one whose a.s.sets number in the billions?"

"Yes. I was hanging around on the antique street and met another person. He's a bit strange and thought that we were destined to be friends, so we did become friends after chatting a few times. He introduced Wei Qing to me when I was eating with him, and Wei Qing felt the same way. Then I found out that Wei Qing is friends with another friend of mine…It's rather complicated, but I have connections with friends in Wudong now. Oh, right. I also have a G.o.dmother now. She can't talk and has a tragic background, but now she's the person in charge of calligraphy and art for Wudong Museum. I'll talk about this with you later. In short, they are willing to help me because we are friends and it led up to this. The company's in good condition and I earn money every month."

s.h.i.+ Zhongping looked at s.h.i.+ Lei seriously. He still doubted some of the words he said, but s.h.i.+ Lei was his son and he couldn't possibly think that he had been doing illegal things. And last time, two fuerdais who were locals in Runzhou also showed up, as did another two from other places. In the end, a vice chief of the police bureau had even visited him after s.h.i.+ Lei had left, expressing his guilt and almost taking the blame upon himself. He had even complimented s.h.i.+ Lei for being a good child. By looking at all of this, he thought that s.h.i.+ Lei might have really encountered a lucky star.

"Is your G.o.dmother powerful?" s.h.i.+ Zhongping threw away the cigarette b.u.t.t and s.h.i.+ Lei quickly stepped on it.

"My G.o.dmother is a poor person. She was adopted in Wudong by a family that has been rich from before to after the founding of China. I don't know how powerful she is, but I never asked for anything from her. I did hear that the family who adopted my G.o.dmother always drinks tea and talks with the high officials of Wudong."

s.h.i.+ Zhongping had an idea in mind after hearing that the family was rich before and after the founding. Although his social status was limited, he had many years of experience in society. They definitely couldn't be underestimated if they could survive all the turns and the ten years of catastrophes safely and remain wealthy. It was nothing strange that they could connect with the officials in the city.

"Son, you've met a lucky star. Your friends are simply helping because of your G.o.dmother. Although you have never asked her to do anything, your ident.i.ty as her G.o.dson is extraordinary."

s.h.i.+ Lei scratched his head. He realized that s.h.i.+ Zhongping seemed to have messed up the sequence of events, but it saved him the trouble of explaining. It was better to let s.h.i.+ Zhongping misunderstand because it was easier for him to accept it.

"But, son. Remember that you better not ask for anything from your G.o.dmother your whole life. You are already receiving benefits by having the t.i.tle alone and we can't take advantage of others for no reason, understand?"

s.h.i.+ Lei nodded earnestly. "I know, Dad. Don't worry. People don't even know that I'm her G.o.dson because I don't want trouble for her."

"Yes, that's good."

They walked around for a while longer before s.h.i.+ Lei helped s.h.i.+ Zhongping up the stairs. His mother had just taken out the last dish.

"Just in time. Hurry up and go wash your hands. Oh, right. Little s.h.i.+tou, you drove back, right? Your second uncle(1) has a relative who's marrying their daughter off the day after tomorrow. When he called me earlier, I mentioned that you drove back. He asked to borrow the car for his family. Marriage is a once in a lifetime thing. It's better to have an extra car."

"Okay, tell them to get it whenever they are free. It's no problem." s.h.i.+ Lei didn't really mind. His second uncle didn't think about the quality when he wanted to borrow the car without asking what brand. Although s.h.i.+ Lei's car wasn't high quality in his circle, it could be the leading car to that family.

The Black Card Chapter 358

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