The Black Card Chapter 407

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Chapter 407 - Wei Ye, Who Stopped Fighting

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Editor: SSins

s.h.i.+ Lei began to panic at the first part of the sentence and he did not hear what Wei Changqing said later. All he worried about was, "Wei Xingyue is unconscious".

"Xingyue fainted? How did she faint?" s.h.i.+ Lei asked imperatively.

Wei Changqing sighed, "Recently, I asked Xingyue to go to Didu to beg someone to help…"

"I know. he was in Wudong before. Now, he's one of those people and he's Xingyue's G.o.dfather. I know all of these. I just want to know why Xingyue fainted."

"Of course, there aren't many things that can be hidden from you if you wanted to know. Xingyue most likely fainted from too much pressure. The doctor couldn't find the problem but I don't think there is a big problem."

"Which hospital is she in? I'm going to see her," s.h.i.+ Lei rushed to the door. As soon as Wei Changqing told him Wei Xingyue's hospital, he planned to immediately buy plane tickets to Didu.

Wei Xingyue told him the name of the hospital and spoke again, "You won't see her like this. She's in the special ward for senior cadres, not the kind of cadres you would know. And… well, I'll let Puti go to Didu with you. If she shows her face, they should let you in to see Xingyue."

"Ok, I will go to the airport right now…" s.h.i.+ Lei suddenly remembered that the plane ride was at least two hours from Wudong to Didu. With the time spent to go to the airport and the ride from Didu's airport to the city area, travel by high-speed rail was likely faster. There were not many planes but the high-speed rail was available about every ten minutes.

Hence, he changed his response, "Maybe high-speed rail by the south station. I'll go there now. Please tell Sister Puti to meet me there."

Wei Changqing replied, "And what about what I asked you earlier?"

"Huh? What?" s.h.i.+ Lei already dashed out of his house and was pressing the b.u.t.ton of the lift furiously. He didn't hear anything new about Wei Xingyue for more than twenty days aside from the WeChat message on the first day of the New Year. After that, he received nothing else and now he was suddenly informed that Wei Xingyue was unconscious for six days. How could he not panic?

Wei Changqing felt bitter and thought, "so you didn't hear me say anything after knowing that my daughter's sick?"

He could only repeat what he said once more. It was the same as what he said before. He paused at the mention of Dark Night's Eye as he believed that s.h.i.+ Lei could understand what he meant.

s.h.i.+ Lei listened and thought that he still had a chance to use the Millionaire's Card. Even if the Black Card thought that the cost was too pricey, perhaps they could try with Wei Changqing's entire a.s.sets.

Hence, s.h.i.+ Lei replied, "I will contact them and reply to you as quickly as possible. But I'm not sure whether they'll accept or not." s.h.i.+ Lei thought that Wei Ye must've tried himself and it was obvious that Dark Night's Eye did not accept it. Perhaps it was related to levels, but it may also be because Wei Ye's entire a.s.sets weren't enough to pay for it. Hence, he didn't dare to agree so easily.

"There are only three people in the Wei family now…" Wei Changqing understood that Wei Jingang's case could not be overturned. They couldn't possibly let him out without a sound after expressing publicly that he was the killer of a deadly case more than ten years ago. Hence, Wei Changqing reminded s.h.i.+ Lei that he only needed to save three people as he gave up on Wei Jingang.

s.h.i.+ Lei replied indifferently, "Oh right, Xingyue's older brother should be in trouble today."

Wei Changqing froze at s.h.i.+ Lei's words. He was going to explain to s.h.i.+ Lei why there were only three people left. Although Wei Jingang was publicly arrested, it was currently limited to the knowledge of the small circle. There was no news and there was no reason for s.h.i.+ Lei to know so quickly unless he knew about it beforehand.

"Mr. s.h.i.+, did you know that beforehand…"

"Yes. The horrendous case from more than ten years ago. I also think that he should pay for the price so I did not warn you about it. And you should know that it's an overt scheme. There's no point of me warning you."

Wei Changqing sighed and hung up in silence.

s.h.i.+ Lei walked into the elevator and he initially planned to go to the garage, but since he needed Dark Night's Eye, he went a step further.

He sprinted to the self-service bank at the corner of the street. s.h.i.+ Lei inserted the Black Card, entered the pa.s.swords, and waited for the Scepter to appear.

s.h.i.+ Lei asked straightforwardly, "If I use the Millionaire Card and have Wei Ye's willingness to use all of his a.s.sets as the price, is it possible to make Dark Night's Eye intervene with Wei family's danger right now? The request is to save the Wei family…" s.h.i.+ Lei hesitated and eventually decided to not follow Wei Changqing's script. After all, he felt like Wei Changqing should pay for what he had done before. Although this may hurt Wei Xingyue, he decided to follow his original intention.

"The request is to save Wei Xingyue and Wei Puti." Wei Puti was slightly older than s.h.i.+ Lei and Wei Changqing washed his hands more than ten years ago. s.h.i.+ Lei thought that even if Wei Puti helped Wei Changqing do something before, she shouldn't be sentenced to death.

However, the Scepter declined mercilessly, "One of the Dark Night's Eye's principles is to not intervene with anything a.s.sociated with politics. They judge with their hearts whether something is related to politics or not."

s.h.i.+ Lei knew that many things could be said to be a.s.sociated with politics. But if it was on a low scale, the Dark Night's Eye obviously wouldn't have any worries. But if it was as significant as something involving the Yu and Wei families, it was touching upon the problem at a national level. It was an area that the Dark Night's Eye didn't dare to cross.

"Even if you are of the highest level?" s.h.i.+ Lei needed to confirm.

"No one can. Wei Changqing must've tried himself and was declined before he thought of you. Even if it's as n.o.ble as me, they will decline even if I ask. This isn't about money."

s.h.i.+ Lei nodded and ejected the card. He called Wei Changqing as he walked to the garage, "Wei Ye, it's me. I just contacted them and they declined. The reason was to not intervene with anything a.s.sociated with politics."

Wei Changqing sighed for a long time again as he knew that there was no hope.

s.h.i.+ Lei continued, "Honestly speaking, Wei Ye. I don't feel sympathetic about what your family did. No matter how much you try to stay away from it, you did what you did and you cannot escape from the consequences you have to face. However, I believe that Wei Xingyue is innocent. Hence, I will try my best to save her no matter what."

Wei Changqing froze. Eventually, he let out a light breath, "No matter what the result it, I need to thank you. You are right; I am filled with sin. But the person who is completely clean and innocent in the Wei family is Xingyue. If possible, please also save Puti. My youngest daughter may have done something wrong before, but not so much that she deserves to die." 

It wasn't that Wei Changqing believed in s.h.i.+ Lei's capabilities. He also knew that s.h.i.+ Lei's ident.i.ty as Chen Yanv's G.o.dson was enough to make many people wary in Wudong. In addition, Yu Banzhi had a good relations.h.i.+p with s.h.i.+ Lei or he wouldn't have told s.h.i.+ Lei about Wei Jingang. It was something that even Wei Ye didn't know about beforehand but s.h.i.+ Lei did. It was more than enough to show the close relations.h.i.+p between him and Yu Banzhi.

With these two points alone, it was possible that s.h.i.+ Lei could save an innocent person like Wei Xingyue.

s.h.i.+ Lei replied, "I will try my best."

"You can talk to Yu Banzhi. I will do it myself. Give everything to him and only beg for the lives of Xingyue and Puti."

s.h.i.+ Lei could hear that Wei Changqing gave up trying to fight back.

The Black Card Chapter 407

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