The Black Card Chapter 413

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Chapter 413 - Unable To Use Lotus Tongue Card

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Editor: SSins

This time, Wei Xingyue was able to see the elder smoothly.

Of course, 'smoothly' meant that no one shut her outside the house. When the elder knew that someone took Wei Xingyue out of the hospital, he knew that there was no need to avoid her as his answer had been decided.

The elder didn't come home until it was late and Wei Xingyue waited until then.

When the elder saw Wei Xingyue, he nodded coldly, "You are here?"

Wei Xingyue replied politely, "G.o.dfather, I wish to talk to you alone."

The elder frowned, "Xingyue, I made it very clear before. I won't change my mind just because you fainted for a few days."

"I know. Still, please give me a chance to talk to you alone."

The elder nodded, "Come to my study."

After they walked into the study, Wei Xingyue closed the door carefully and anxiously. She didn't know how to convince the elder to believe that s.h.i.+ Lei could cure his third son.

"Hurry up and say what you have to. Ah, Xingyue, the boy who went to the hospital with your sister. That's the person you like?"

Wei Xingyue nodded honestly, "Yes, he's the person I like. He's also the person who can save the third brother."

The elder raised his eyebrow, "Save your third brother? Xingyue, you should know what disease your brother has? Genetic imperfections, weak immune system, and had leukemia seven or eight years ago. Many specialists in the world could do nothing about it. They could only help him live as long as possible yet you are telling me someone can help him?"

Wei Xingyue nodded with certainty, "He won't lie to me and he won't joke with his life. Since he told me that he has a way to let the third brother live on, then he must have a way."

The elder shook his head in disappointment. He was about to tell her to stop but Wei Xingyue spoke again, "G.o.dfather, he just want to see you in person and have a chance to talk. What if he can really save the third brother? The doctor said no either and we could only wait for a miracle. Why can't he be that miracle?"

"Fine, tell me how he's going to save him."

Wei Xingyue shook her head, "I don't know. He only said he has a way to. As for the details, he must tell you face to face.

Of course, the elder didn't believe it. At such an old age, how could he believe such a ridiculous thing?

"Xingyue, I know that you are in a rush to try to save your father, but I'm telling you. Even if you can really cure him and give him an ordinary life just like everyone else, it's impossible for me to go against the world to save your father."

Sorrow filled Wei Xingyue's face, "Xingyue doesn't dare to have such extravagant wishes like that. My brother's life is on a countdown and so is my father's life. And my father said he decided to give up on trying to fight back. His only hope is for Puti and me to live on. Didn't you agree that you can help Puti and me?"

"I've also told you very clearly what the condition is. Xingyue, I ask you to marry into my family because first of all, I can have a legitimate reason and second, I can grant my son's last wish in the last stage of his life. I owe the most to him in my whole life…"

"Then you should let s.h.i.+ Lei try even more. Perhaps you won't feel like you owe him in the future and make up for everything. G.o.dfather, have a try. There is no cost. If it's successful, everyone is happy; if it failed, the third brother won't lose anything. If it really failed, I will marry him whenever you tell me to."

Eventually, the elder was moved. Not for anything else, except for the guilt he felt towards his third son. For the past thirty years, he could never let his son live an ordinary life.

After a moment of silence, the elder raised his wrist to look at his watch and said, "Tell him to get here in fifteen minutes. Then, I'll give him another fifteen minutes. For every minute he's late to arrive, I will give him one minute less. I have not agreed to do anything right now. I'm merely giving him a chance to convince me."

Wei Xingyue was overjoyed and she quickly took out her phone to call s.h.i.+ Lei, "s.h.i.+tou, where are you now?"

s.h.i.+ Lei smiled, "Did the elder agree to see me?"

"Yes, but G.o.dfather said he will only give you half an hour in total. Fifteen minutes for you to get here and fifteen minutes for you to talk. If you are late, the time will be deducted from the fifteen minutes you have to talk."

"I shouldn't be far from his house. I'm not sure about the details. I asked you about his general address and I've been here since afternoon."

Wei Xingyue immediately informed the elder, "He's around here."

The elder nodded and picked up the fixed telephone on his table. He dialed a number and ordered, "There's a man around twenty years old around here. He's called s.h.i.+ Lei. Bring him to my study."

Indeed, s.h.i.+ Lei was wandering around this area, but the distance was neither far nor close. The elder lived in a huge yard and this yard was on a mountain. From the yard to the foot of the mountain, it was patrolled strictly by military personnel and no one could enter.

The elder called to the soldiers at the foot of the mountain. In fact, those soldiers have noticed s.h.i.+ Lei a long time ago. It was a tourism spot here but only this road was sealed. it was normal for people to appear around here. However, s.h.i.+ Lei was wandering alone around the area and it was difficult for them to not notice. If the elder didn't call, those soldiers may have taken necessary acts if s.h.i.+ Lei didn't leave soon.

Two soldiers with real guns and bullets appeared in front of s.h.i.+ Lei and saluted, "May I ask who you are?"

s.h.i.+ Lei smiled, "My surname is s.h.i.+. My name is s.h.i.+ Lei. Did the elder ask you to come to get me?"

The two soldiers exchanged a glance at each and nodded before speaking, "We need to check you closely before letting you in."

s.h.i.+ Lei stretched out his arms, "As you please."

The two soldiers brought him into the controlled area and conducted a strict check. It was much stricter than the airport's check and eventually confirmed that s.h.i.+ Lei didn't possess any harmful weapons. What made s.h.i.+ Lei have a breakdown was that they took away everything which could be a potential weapon including his phone. If he wanted to use the Lotus Tongue Card, he only hoped that it could be operated from a far distance.

After the check, the two soldiers drove s.h.i.+ Lei to the front of the elder's yard.

The guard at the door checked with the elder again before guiding s.h.i.+ Lei in.

After s.h.i.+ Lei walked into the yard, he was no longer calm. Although the weapons in those soldiers' hands were cold and horrifying, it was far from the excitement of meeting the elder soon. He was about to meet a great leader with the characters of 'China' in his post and s.h.i.+ Lei was worried whether his legs would turn into jelly or not.

The nanny knocked on the door and led s.h.i.+ Lei in.

s.h.i.+ Lei adjusted himself and walked through the door. He saw Wei Xingyue sitting on the side and behind the wide desk. It was the familiar face he had seen in the news. He had a head of silver hair and projected natural dignity and power.

"Xingyue, go out first. I will talk to him alone," The elder spoke and when Wei Xingyue walked past s.h.i.+ Lei, she squeezed s.h.i.+ Lei's hands lightly to tell him to not be nervous.

After the door closed again, the elder spoke, "Child, you only have fifteen minutes for me to convince me to believe you."

If this was the case, it was not very useful even if s.h.i.+ Lei could activate the Lotus Tongue Card from afar.

The Black Card Chapter 413

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