The Bloodshot One-Eyed Zombie Emperor Chapter 64

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“There there…… the summer vegetables are growing well”

A few months after the discussion with Usokawa.
I’m in the farming area in Prefecture A.
At first, I thought of putting the zombie farmers under my control and make them produce vegetables but……

“Who would’ve thought, they have already finished sowing the seeds”

Before I came, the farmer zombies were already doing farm work.
It’s the same as when I went to a public bathhouse previously and the hot water has already been prepared, the repet.i.tion of habits from before the infection.

“Since I have it easy thanks to that, I’ll leave it at that”

Rather than discussion, after probing at each other’s intentionーー
Just like with Commanding Officer-san, I vaguely gloss over the rape matters and talked about our stories.
I also have Saya return her face into a human’s.
……Since there’s no reason to be hostile.

“But, Saya-chan…… was it? To think that there’s a fused individual with senses……”
“As expected it normally doesn’t exist?”
“Aa, the one which fused with a lion at Ueno Zoo has not even a fragment of intelligence, it’s certainly a beast”

It seems that this guy also has it hard in his own way.

“I don’t mind if you don’t use honorifics you know? Since we are almost the same age”
“……Then I won’t hold back, Fujiwara. I’m glad that you are also helping with the recapture of Tokyo from the zombies but……”

Well, I can’t keep being cooped up in the shelter anyway……

“You might think it’s shameless but, we are chronically short of people……”
“It’s fine, in exchange I’ll leave the infrastructure portion to you alright? Since I have no clue…… Above all else, the Infected Zombie on your side is a female right? These kind of things are a man’s job”
“……! You, how much do you exactly know?”

He’s surprised, he’s surprised.
Well, since we’ve only briefly talked about Sakura-chan’s father.

“I only know that she’s a female and nothing else, since Sakura-chan’s father wasn’t in that high of a position”
“……Is that so, she isーーno, there’s no more need to hide it, Eiko is currently, pregnant”

What a timely topic.

“I see, that’s why she can’t move about readily”
“Aa, that’s precisely why, I want to request of you again, please help with the rebuilding of j.a.pan……!”
“I said it just now didn’t I? As long as there’s no intention for war then I’ll help?”
“……Thank you”

Well, something of that sort had happened.
“Ah, Jin-san! The harvesting of the vegetables is completed!”
“Is that so. Thank you Aki-chan”

As Aki-chan has reported, today’s portion of vegetables is in the truck’s cargo tray.
Sitting in the driver’s seat is a truck driver zombie.
With this, the transportation of food supplies to Tokyo can be done automatically.

“There, transport the vegetables to the front of the fences the same as before, alright?”
“Uu, aa”

The truck drives off after receiving my orders.

“With this, today’s work is done!”
“That’s right, Sakura-chan”

Nonetheless, it’s still inefficiency as it is now.
At the end, we have to head to different Prefectures and place the farms there under control.
Right now when the number of refugees increasing, there won’t be enough.

My my, there’s lots to do.

“Onii-chan……do it?”
“……Didn’t we just do it in the morning, Aki-chan first, then Sakura-chan, after Sakura-chan is Saya, abide by the rules”

I somehow resisted my little sister’s temptation.
Dangerous, dangerous……
Since recently Saya is steadily becoming cutely erotic, it’s bad for my crotch.

“Cheh……Well, since a woman who is capable of enduring is a capable woman…… I’ll endure it”

Fuu, it seems that she has given up.
……Casually, I look at Aki-chan who is beside me.

“Fufu, do you want to do it? Jin-san?”

The stomach did not get bigger.
In the end, it was just a menstrual irregularity.
Naturally, Sakura-chan as well.
Because of that, I was able the feel the determination of ‘this time I’ll definitely get pregnant’, ‘I’ll get pregnant’ from the both of them.

“Waーhonest, then Aki-nee have fun?”
“Then I’ll do just that……Jin-san, shall we go home”

Let’s do that, let’s do that!
I also want to sow some seeds.
Well, it’ll be fine if I just rely on Usokawa’s medical team if they get pregnant.

The Bloodshot One-Eyed Zombie Emperor Chapter 64

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