The Book Eating Magician Chapter 327

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Compared to Jerem’s small and weak body floating in the sky, the black magic emanating from him was like a tidal wave.

Red lights shone out a few times from the center of that darkness, which was emitting the waves. The magicians who communicated with mana of the material world had a higher influence on the surrounding environment as their level increased, but warlocks were an exception in a bad way.

It was like dropping poison into a clear pond.

This magic power, which drew from two dimensions, contaminated this world’s mana and hindered the flow of normal magic power. Life forms would lose their shape after continuous exposure to this black magic, and the ecosystem would collapse after a short period of time.

Considering the power of the world tree, it wasn’t a big problem for the moment. However, with the amount of magic power Jerem had, it was just a matter of time. 


Theodore raised both of his eyebrows and spread his palms open before him. “Hap!”

His magic power emerged like a storm.


The black magic power was suddenly pushed back, and the fog of darkness shot up instead of falling to the ground. It was proof that for a very short period of time, Theodore’s magic power had exceeded the enemy’s.

The dark red light around Jerem became thicker as he saw it. Theodore had defeated Jerem’s subordinates in a short amount of time and operated a magic power that went beyond the 8th circle. Theodore was also a magician with a grimoire as his base, so Jerem had to be careful.

‘What? He feels much stronger than before?’ Theodore had time to talk to his advisers, thanks to Jerem’s caution.

Theodore had only spent a short amount of time dealing with the Four Horsemen. However, in the time he had been gone, Jerem had become more powerful in a manner that Theodore couldn’t understand.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t a problem for Gluttony.

-That is Soul Partition! Did he recover the pieces that he planted in the Four Horsemen? The pressure must be quite serious in his injured state, but he must be confident about ending this quickly.

Theodore couldn’t understand all of what Gluttony said, but the reason behind Jerem’s increase in strength was clear.

‘Is it because I knocked out the Four Horsemen? But the connection between the necromancer and undead is a one-way path... Isn’t it theoretically impossible to reclaim the magic power that he gave to the undead?’

-That’s right. The magic power can’t be taken back.

The Book Eating Magician Chapter 327

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