The Boy Who Swore Revenge On The World Chapter 50

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: Holy KnightPaladin

: Holy Black Headless KnightSaint Dullahan

: “Body ReinforcementPhysical Up!”

: ‘First Sword・Greatsword of GaleSword One・Galnadof‘ and ‘First Sword Arcanum・Tyrant Wind King’Sword One Mastery・Berzakuer

: The Sun Of ErosionEclipse Sol

: Bomb Of ChaosChaos Explosion

Choosable Future

“……Ah~, I’m s.h.a.gged~. Why do I have to come this far. Even though I was finally playing with women”

“It cannot be helped. It’s because the target that appeared previously was let escape after being entrusted to the priests. Even that person is thinking that there’s no way she can let the target escape this time”

“Haa, I will also get motivated if that person let me do her even just once though”

“Watch your mouth, Cancer. It’s still fine because it’s me, if it’s a devotee of that person, they will come and kill you, you know?”

“Hah, if they can kill me then let them try. Hah, won’t we arrive faster?”

“Humph, even though we’re riding the Holy Kingdom’s fastest pegasus. We’re flying in two weeks a distance that would originally take close to a year on a carriage, you know? Don’t ask for too much”

“Yeah, yeah. Aーah. I wonder if there are any nice woman over there. Come to think of it, the target is also a woman, was it? If she’s cute, maybe I shall have some fun before killing her”

“……No way I can approve something like that, right”

The King who glares annoyingly at me in front of me. The ministers who are sitting around glare at me as well. While everybody turns their deadly gazes at me, Mylene smiles, Fia looks anxious, and I sit leisurely in the seat.

“I suppose the matter this time around lies with my insufficient confirmation. Even Fath……Your Majesty struck a bargain for the sake of such me. Although it was handled slightly clumsily, in regards to the result, the promise was kept. Is it no good?”

“Humーph, even though the country can’t even keep a promise of that extent?”

“……That is”

The Crown Prince who frowns at what I say. However, because he himself is the reason for the incident this time around, it seems he can’t rebut

“Well, think about it. As compared to losing the country, which option is better”

I leave just those words behind and leave the room. I guess it is a storm of curses and abuse directed towards me after this.

“Hardt-sama is mean huh. Just like at night!”

“……Stop with that way of talking. Besides, I’m not mean”

Stop saying something like that while smiling. It’s embara.s.sing isn’t it.

“Still, I think those people will not be able to decide. Something like chasing the Fistoria Sect out of this country”

Mylene who says that to me as she laughs. The subject she just mentioned is the matter that I proposed to the King and the others just now.

My end goal is to kill Fistoria. I thought about reducing the church’s power even just by a little until then, is the matter this time around.

It doesn’t particularly matter if I crush them one by one but, it’s going to take some time. Since they definitely exist in the Human Race country on this continent.

Well, I guess most countries won’t be able to do something like chasing the church out. If they do something like that, it means turning against the largest major power in this continent, Fisland Holy Kingdom.

I suppose there’s no such thing if it’s a country that’s at a extreme point like this but, nevertheless, I suppose that problems will certainly occur since most of the citizens are religious.

Well, I also think that it’s impossible to chase the church out of this country. As a result of that, I am looking forward to what kind of action the King and the others will take though.

“……What do you guys want to do with this country”

I am thinking about such things and, a sighing voice says to me from behind. When I turn back, Fia who was standing still at a spot that is slightly away was there. Twisting her beautiful face, grasping her hands tightly, she was looking at me.

“It’s not that you’re usurping this country. Having said that, it’s also not that you’re leaving it alone. Perplexing everybody with your half-baked comments. What do you guys want to do! If you fulfilled your objectives then quickly get out!”

Fia who shouts vehemently while shedding her tears. Did what she was holding back until now blew up? Mylene who saw that lay her anger bare and is about to say something to Fia but I rein her in with my hand.

Fumu, to be honest, I don’t care what happens to this country. Since I’m totally unable to trust the fellows who aren’t enslaved. In actuality, I’m not trusting the King and the others at all. I am advancing everything with the a.s.sumption of betrayal.

However……un, I wonder if this also the thing called ‘fate’? Although I never believed in that sort of thing, thanks to having chosen this country, I was able to meet Mylene, I was also able to meet Fia. Moreover, there were also finds like Mars and Tierra.

Besides, I’m borrowing this country’s name anyway. I guess it’s fine even if I go for it while I’m at it. I walk to where Fia is, support her beautiful chin with my hand and make her raise her face. Fia who meets her eyes with mine.

“Wha, what are y……”

“Fia, you be the queen of this country. If so then I will use all the power I have to protect this country for you”


Fia who raises an astonished voice from my proposal. If she becomes the queen, this country indirectly becomes mine. It’s fine even if I become the King but I’m not suited for that. I also don’t have the leisure to be doing such thing.

“Su, such thing……isn’t that akin to saying to kill Chichiue and Henrir!”

“You don’t particularly have to kill them. You can make them retire or something. Well, for me personally, it’s better to kill them so that insurrection and such doesn’t occur though.
However, I want you to think of this as quite a compromise. In all honesty, I don’t care what happens to the things that aren’t mine. I’m even feeling hatred and the urge to kill. Despite all that, although it’s also for the sake of our living that I’m not killing them, Fia who’s now my subordinate, it’s because you wish for that. I can kill them if I feel like it but I didn’t do so because you’re making yourself the sacrifice. I want you to think about that”

“I, I……”

“Well, there’s no need to decide immediately. It’s fine if you think about it. Which option is for the sake of this country. It’s just that, you have to make sure you’re not too late. When it comes the time that it turned into something irreversible, it’ll be too late even if you regret”

I say just that and left that place. On the way, Mylene said to me, ‘As I thought, you are mean’ but, there’s no such thing. It’s good enough just to have a chance to choose one’s own future even if there are almost no choices. Because there are even occurrences where, like me, one gets erased one-sidedly.

The Boy Who Swore Revenge On The World Chapter 50

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