The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 227: Epilogue

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His words allowed the others too see his position. Otherwise, they might have thought he was being smug, since he had gotten the spot.

Jiang Chen went on, "Don't you agree, Your Excellency?"

The prime minister was surprised, since he had always been ignored by Jiang Chen. He nodded subconsciously, "Yes, exactly."

He didn't realize how smart Jiang Chen was until he finished his words. He smiled bitterly and helplessly at the youngster's smart trick.

"So, let's continue the remaining fights," the Venerable of the Sacred Inst.i.tute said.

Jiang Chen returned to the paG.o.da of the Natural Law School with his clansmen, while the others in the top twelve started their fights.

Gao Xiong, his subordinates, and the three rogues were beheaded in the square right away.

The crowd was still in shock from the fight between Jiang Chen and the Third Prince. They couldn't focus on the next fight at all.

A miracle had happened in front of their eyes. They couldn't help but doubt whether it was real or not. Many people thought they were dreaming.

In the paG.o.da, under the wors.h.i.+pful gaze of his sibling disciples, Jiang Chen went to the top floor of the paG.o.da to stay with his mother.

He learned that the school leader had been frequently looking into his situation and keeping his mother informed.

In this way, the little grudge he had held against the Natural Law School became weaker.

Gao Yue asked him how he had walked out of the Realm of Beasts.

Jiang Chen told her it was thanks to Whitty, and it was true. He wouldn't have been able to walk out of there without Whitty.

"Your lord, I'm guessing you'll have achieved the Reaching Heaven State when you come back from the Sacred Inst.i.tute," Fan Tu said excitedly.

"I think so," Jiang Chen smiled.

"That's great!"

Fan Tu had already started to imagine him and his young lord going to the Black Dragon City to seek justice together.

Jiang Chen had said he would get revenge for his late brothers one day. Fan Tu had been worried that maybe he wouldn't be able to witness it, but Jiang Chen had been developing beyond his imagination. He hadn't expected him to have gone so far in only less than two years.

"So, the Sacred Inst.i.tute. It's in the Dragon Field," Gao Yun murmured. The smile froze on her lips. She looked serious.

Jiang Chen didn't notice that, because the crowd below was exclaiming loudly.

Yi Shuihan and Lu Fei started their fight. The long-awaited fight between the sword and the knife finally diverted the spectators' focus from Jiang Chen.

"Jiang Chen."

Wen Xin came up to him. She grinned and said, "Congratulations! You're going to the Sacred Inst.i.tute soon."

"Thanks," Jiang Chen nodded. He looked at her and said, "And thank you for everything you've done for me today."

"Wow, you're being so polite. I don't know what to say. I should have told you earlier. If I had told you earlier, Auntie, Jiang Lu and the others wouldn't have suffered so much. Do you blame me for that?" Wen Xin said.

"If you had told me earlier, maybe things would have ended completely differently. How can I blame you for such unpredictable things? After all, everything is fine now, isn't it?" Jiang Chen smiled.

"I'm glad."

Wen Xin tapped Jiang Chen's shoulder. She felt warm hearing what Jiang Chen had said.

"Jiang Chen, you've brought honor to the Natural Law School today. You didn't see how Elder Holding Sword of the Sword Sect of Returning to Oneness treated us before," the Medicine Elder said. He was sitting not far away from Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen's performance also had earned him the acclaim of the Three Clarities of Natural Law. They probably hadn't heard much about him before this day, but it didn't matter. The fact that he had got into the Sacred Inst.i.tute with an outstanding grade was enough to convince them of his ability. They favored him over their own apprentices by that point.

An airs.h.i.+p was approaching the paG.o.da.

There were some excited young women on the s.h.i.+p, glancing at the top floor of the paG.o.da from time to time.

"Shui Sheng, are you and Jiang Chen really close?" a short-haired female disciple said.

These female disciples were from the Exquisite Sect. They were surrounding Shui Sheng, who had come to congratulate Jiang Chen. They were looking forward to meeting Jiang Chen, but at the same time they found the whole situation incredible.

Jiang Chen had killed the Third Prince. He was ranked in the top ten on the Eternal Flame List.

The Third Prince hadn't shown all of his strength to get into the top ten, which meant Jiang Chen had to be more powerful. He would be able to make it into the top five.

If he were from a powerful family, he could even be qualified for the Prince List with his appearance and character.

He was so popular that everyone wanted to be introduced to him.

"Yeah, kind of close. I'm only here to congratulate him. If you don't believe me, you can go back first." Shui Sheng found it tricky. She was afraid Jiang Chen would feel disturbed with so many people there, but she couldn't refuse her enthusiastic apprentice sisters.

"Miss, how can I help you?" a disciple of the Natural Law School asked them when they were already very close to the paG.o.da.

"Apprentice Sister Shui Sheng is a friend of Jiang Chen's. She came to congratulate him on his success on getting a place at the Sacred Inst.i.tute," the short-haired female disciple said.

"I see."

The disciple of the Natural Law School wasn't sure what to do. He said, "Wen Xin told me Jiang Chen needed to take a rest after the big fight. Miss Shui Sheng, are you really very acquainted with Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen?"

If they didn't know each other very well, of course it wouldn't be convenient for her to disturb him at this moment.

"Ah? I guess I'd better come later. I don't want to disturb Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen," Shui Sheng said nervously.

"No, you can't do this."

The other female disciples were eager to see Jiang Chen up close. One of them said, "Apprentice brother, Shui Sheng and Jiang Chen went through a lot together in the Realm of Beasts. They're very close. It won't be a disturbance for him."

"Yeah? I'll go tell him first."

"Thank you very much. Apprentice brother, what's your name?"

"Meng Hao."

"You must be close to Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen too, aren't you? Since you call him by his name directly…"

"Yeah, kind of."

Meng Hao scratched his head. He noticed that the short-haired female disciple became more excited after she heard his answer. She was making flirtatious eyes at him.

Meng Hao was scared by her. He hurried to go upstairs to inform Jiang Chen. At the same time, he was thinking, "No wonder so many people want to know famous people. It feels good."

He recalled how he had met Jiang Chen and thought himself lucky.

Shui Sheng was waiting anxiously. She wouldn't blame Jiang Chen if he didn't think it convenient to meet her for the moment. She was only afraid that her apprentice sisters would be disappointed.

Suddenly, she saw a figure coming from the staircase. The figure came up to her in a second.

"Whitty, you look so different now!"

Shui Sheng looked at Whitty in surprise. She had noticed the tiger seemed familiar when he was protecting Jiang Chen, but she hadn't expected him to be the monster she knew.

Whitty was glad to see her. He let her climb onto his back and flew up to the top floor of the paG.o.da immediately. The other female disciples of the Exquisite Sect were bewildered.

"They really are close."

They completely believed it. Whitty was Jiang Chen's mount. Many people had seen it.

Whitty had been friendly to Shui Sheng and had taken her upstairs, so they must have been good friends.

They felt envy and jealousy along with the surprise.

On the top floor, Shui Sheng said joyfully, "Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen, I know you'll be fine. I wanted to cheer for you when I came here today. And Apprentice Sister Zhi Ruo called me a fool, but she was totally stunned when she saw you. And hers was the face of a real fool. It was really funny."

While Jiang Chen and Shui Sheng were catching up, the result of Yi Shuihan and Lu Fei's fight came out.

Lu Fei had won. The knife master had defeated the swordsman.

However, although Lu Fei had achieved his goal, he didn't dare say the motto he had prepared to say, that knives were real power, because in his heart, he knew there was a formidable swordsman beyond compare.

The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 227: Epilogue

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