The City of Terror Chapter 127

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Chapter 127 - Six Limbed Four Winged Snake

    Gradually, the golden light around the Sacred Beetle's body lost its s.h.i.+ne. Soon, the sand charged towards the Sacred Beetle's body, sucking out its moisture. It was as if it had aged by 1000 years.

    After the death of this beetle, more beetles were caught by the sand. They quickly lost their golden light and died after being dried.

    This move was too terrifying - a six limbed, four winged snake that could let out sand and kill more than thousands of Sacred Beetle Descendants. From its efficiency, it was over three times more efficient in killing compared to the Scarlet Pheasant.

    However, Wei Xiao Bei felt that this move seemed very familiar. After thinking a bit, he realised that this was the move used by the Yong.

    The only thing different was that the Yong let out the sand from its body, while the six limbed, four winged snake was able to use the sand on the ground.

    Leaving aside the method of killing, it was easy to tell that the snake was much more stronger than the Yong based on the damage it could make.

    After this, more Fire Crows and snakes appeared, while the Sacred Beetles were quickly dying off.

    In just this short amount of time, more than a hundred thousand beetles had died.

    Killing more of them would only come with time.

    Facing the fact the a lot of its children were dying, the Radiant Sacred Beetle did not care at all. It only kept on eating the soil and stones that the Sacred Beetle Descendants were bringing.

    On the other hand, the Fire Crows, Scarlet Pheasants, six limbed, four winged snakes did not try to invade the Golden Radiance.

    Perhaps they knew that once they entered the area, they would attract the Radiant Sacred Beetle's mad attack.

    Seeing this scene, Wei Xiao Bei envied the Fire Crows and Scarlet Pheasants. Being able to control flames was too good, especially with the long range attacks. Even if the enemy did not die after burning an entire area, slowly burning them from afar would still end up killing them.

    In killing Sacred Beetles, flames were much better than electricity.

    However, the six limbed, four winged snake that could control the sand was much more awesome. Moreover, Wei Xiao Bei guessed that the sand was even able to absorb any creature's moisture. Otherwise, the Sacred Beetle would not have dried up in an instant.

    A sense of pa.s.sion rose from Wei Xiao Bei as he compared himself to it. No matter what the ability, as long as he could raise its level, the power would not be small.

    If he could just raise his release electricity skill to the point that he could shoot it out like the Thunder Worm, then his skill would without a doubt be several times stronger than controlling flames.

    From the ma.s.sacre by the strong monsters, the Sacred Beetles had decreased in number to the point that a layer of ash had covered the mountain wall.

    The ashes were all the corpses of the Sacred Beetle Descendants.

    However, the Sacred Beetle Descendants had already lost their minds. They used their all to climb up the mountain and dig up more soil and stone.

    Seeing this scene, Wei Xiao Bei was a bit suspicious. Without a doubt, the Sacred Beetle Descendants belonged to the Radiant Sacred Beetle, but the Radiant Sacred Beetle was only watching the ma.s.sacre without even counter attacking.

    Naturally, Wei Xiao Bei could only be a spectator. Without a choice, he had no way of making the Radiant Sacred Beetle do what seemed to be the right choice.

    Moreover, this matter did not concern him at all.

    Time pa.s.sed by, and the Sacred Beetle Descendants' casualties increased on the slope of the mountain.

    A large amount of Sacred Beetle Descendants had been turned to ashes or dried corpses.

    Suddenly, the Radiant Sacred Beetle stopped eating and raised its back part.

    Is it laying eggs again?

    Wei Xiao Bei instantly widened his eyes and looked.

    If this trend continued and the Radiant Sacred Beetle laid more eggs, it would still be impossible for it to defeat the strong monsters.

    The difference in ability was too big.

    In the battle between numbers and ability, numbers had been completely defeated. Even if the Radiant Sacred Beetle had given the Sacred Beetle Descendants the golden light, they would still be annihilated.

    As a result, Wei Xiao Bei did not agree with the Radiant Sacred Beetles tactic of sending out beetle waves.

    However, this time, what came out from the Radiant Sacred Beetle's back part was not tiny white specs. Instead, they was three meter huge, coconut sized eggs. The were also glimmering in golden radiance.

    This kind of coconut sized eggs were a lot bigger than the fist sized eggs. In just ten minutes, the Radiant Sacred Beetle let out over hundreds of these eggs.

    After laying them, the Radiant Sacred Beetle lied on the sand. It clearly appeared to be much more tired than before, but it still opened its mouth to eat the soil and stones that the Sacred Beetle Descendants had brought. It did not even pay any attention to the large eggs it had just laid.

    The incubation period of the larger eggs were a lot longer than the smaller sized eggs.

    Wei Xiao Bei felt numb in his entire body. Though, this was not caused by any immediate threat, but due to staying in the same position for a long time. Adding the weight of the sand, his blood vessels had started to become blocked.

    After half an hour, the golden light around the eggs disappeared and movement started showing from within.

    With a crack, protrusions appeared on the large With more cracking sounds, a large jaw appeared in the opening of one of the A large insect that was more than three meters in size appeared from within and crawled out to bathe itself in the golden radiance.

    Very quickly, the large insects surrounded the Radiant Sacred Beetle in a circle.

    These large insects had a similar appearance to the Sacred Beetle Descendants, but their bronze had a slight blue glow.

    Their soft sh.e.l.l quickly hardened under the temperature and the golden radiance.

    At this time, the Sacred Beetles outside the golden radiance were killed by the strong monsters, only leaving about 10 percent. It was only then did they begin to escape.

    However, the strong monsters did not chase after them into the range of the golden radiance at all, even after seeing their retreat. It was as if they were extremely afraid of the Radiant Sacred Beetle.

    At this time, the Radiant Sacred Beetle appeared to have recovered all its energy as it swallowed the remaining amount of soil and stone. Afterwards, it sprayed out from its back part again. Countless white eggs poured down, landed on the sand, and were quickly incubated.

The City of Terror Chapter 127

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