The City of Terror Chapter 132

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Chapter 132 - Moving Out

    Wei Xiao Bei bound the great spear to his waist and placed the Sacred Beetle Jaw into a paper bag. He opened the door to the hallway and went out.


    Just as he had just walked out the building, the landlord, Li Chao Yang, beaconed him towards where most of the tenants had been gathered.

    "What's going on?"

    Wei Xiao Bei walked over and saw that Zhang Tian Tian and Li Lan Xing were both there. He could not help but become doubtful. If it was purely increasing the rent, then Li Chao Yang would not simply gather everybody.

    "We also don't know."

    When Zhang Tian Tian saw Wei Xiao Bei, she could not say anything concrete. Only Li Lan Xing shook her head and replied.

    However, Li Zhao Yang did not delay anymore. Seeing that most of the tenants were there, he cleared up his throat and announced, "This building will soon be demolished. I want everyone to prepare in advance and find a new place to live."

    Before Li Chao Yang finished speaking, the tenants exploded with questions and conversations. Among them, there were those who had paid in advance for a year and others for half a year because the rent was cheap.

    Moreover, those who were paying monthly were also unwilling to move out.

    First of all, finding a cheap apartment like this was not easy even in the entire Cui Hu City. Second, moving out was troublesome since hiring a moving company would cost at least 200 yuan or more. Who would be the one to pay this money?

    After being shouted at by the tenants, Li Chao Yang began to slightly panic.

    Originally, Li Chao Yang was not willing to demolish the building. After all, with two apartment buildings under his name, the amount he earned was not small, and he was already used to the place.

    The developer of the place had also given him such a normal price that was not too high or too low. However, the most important thing was that the developer brought some muscles with him. Li Chao Yang was only a landlord, and since he did not lose anything in this deal, he could only agree to it.

    It was said that Mr.w.a.n.g, the owner of the neighboring apartment was also not willing, and even drove the developer away. In the end, last night, he had been found in a sack, all beaten up to the point that he was unrecognizable.

    It was also because of this that the greedy Li Chao Yang wanted the tenants to leave in advance. After all, he was not willing to implicate himself just for a few tenants.

    "I will return the rent! I will also provide everyone with 100 yuan to move out! This is already the most generosity that you can get out of me. If you are still not willing, then you go speak with Da Hao Estates. Their fists are not that simple to mess with."

    Li Chao Yang pacified the tenants and added in a bit of threat. This had immediately quieted the tenants.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not enter into the argument. From his point of view, the building belonged to Li Chao Yang. Since he was willing to let it go, how could the other tenants change his mind.

    Moreover, with his current financial power, finding a new place was not difficult. The only problematic thing was whether this would implicate entering The Dust World or not.

    Wei Xiao Bei shook his head as he felt an incoming headache.

    Da Hao Real Estate!

    It's one of the companies under the banner of President Wan.

    Unless he used extreme measures, Wei Xiao Bei could not change the other party's minds.

    However, once he used extreme measures, the problems that would arise after would not be small.

    "Xiao Bei. What are you going to do?"

    Wei Xiao Bei felt his shoulders being shaken. He raised his head and saw Li Lan Xing.

    "What do you mean by that?" Wei Xiao Bei was still deep in his thoughts as he blankly looked back at Li Lan Xing.

    "Li Chao Yang had said that he would only give us half a month to move out."

    It would appear that Li Lan Xing was not willing to move out. It seemed that she was slightly hesitant, so she was trying to gauge other people's responses.

    Wei Xiao Bei looked at the two women and replied,"This Li Chao Yang is a bit unreasonable, but we have no choice but to move out. Do you know anyone looking for tenants?"

    Wei Xiao Bei was absolutely unwilling to enter The Dust World through the Cheng Clan Dojo. It would be too easy to attract his master's and apprentice brother's attention. After all, a person who trained in martial arts had sharper eyes and ears.

    "I know someone. It's my colleague's room. The place is really big, about 250 square feet. There are four rooms and two living rooms. The interior decor is not bad too, but the price is too high."

    Li Lan Xing frowned. Perhaps she had already known about the matter about the demolition, so she had already started looking at apartments.

    "How much?" Wei Xiao Bei asked.

    "1500 yuan every month!"

    Li Lan Xing's answer made startled Zhang Tian Tian. As someone who had just joined the workforce as a drafter in an advertis.e.m.e.nt company, 1500 yuan as monthly rent was indeed expensive.

    On the contrary, Wei Xiao Bei did not think 1500 yuan as expensive. After all, 250 square feet was not a small. If the place had instead been split into four individual rooms, raking in a combined rent of 2000 yuan was also very possible.

    "Sister Lan, tell your colleague that I want to rent the place."

    Li Lan Xing suddenly went quiet for a moment.

    "Ah, okay. I will go call her. Since she's taking leave today, we can go take a look at the room."

    Li Lan Xing was caught unprepared at Wei Xiao Bei's words. In her mind, Wei Xiao Bei was an electrician at a real estate company. His monthly salary would only be enough to eat his fill. When did he become so extravagant?

    "Can we rent the place together. If Sister Lan and I live there, we can split the rent."

    At this time, the bashful Zhang Tian Tian suddenly let out such startling words. She had unexpectedly suggested cohabitating to Wei Xiao Bei. Moreover, she had even pulled Li Lan Xing in it.

    In truth, Zhang Tian Tian's words were reasonable. Co-renting a place was already a big trend in Cui Hu City. However, the amount of males and females co-renting were too few. After all, it was a bit inconvenient.

    After staring at Zhang Tian Tian, Li Lan Xing muttered, "Little missy, if you want a man, don't pull your sister into it."

    Her words were full of shyness yet she still dared to ask this of him.

    That said, Wei Xiao Bei was not opposed to having beauties live with him. After all, just the fragrant air as they come and go was enough to make him feel good mentally.

    Wasn't there a saying that went, things will be less exhausting for females and males when they work together.

    With just these words, the three of them decided to live in one place. When Li Lan Xing called her colleague out, what came was a charming 30-year old married woman. According to Li Lan Xing she was the company's vice director. However, she had just had a divorce and became unwilling to live in that sad place, so she had renovated it to let others rent it from her.

    The place was indeed not bad. The place was in a suburban district, but there were security guards and property management. It was a hundred times safer than their previous apartment building.

    Although the room was on the 13th floor of the building, the place had an elevator. The design of the rooms were simple and they had airconditioning, HD television, a front load was.h.i.+ng machine, three refrigerators, and other necessities. This made the three of them extremely satisfied.

    For a room like this, let alone 1500 yuan, people would even be willing to pay 2500 yuan for it.

    If there really had to be a problem, then one could say that the place was too cool perhaps due to it being a high rise building.

    No matter what was said, Wei Xiao Bei had already decided to rent the place. He took out bills from his wallet and gave it to the vice director.

    The vice director was pleased by how straightforward and frank Wei Xiao Bei was. She took out the key and gave the real estate office an explanation before leaving the place.

    There were exactly three keys for the three of them. Wei Xiao Bei distributed out the keys and at the same time, Li Lan Xing and Zhang Tian Tian gave him the money for the rent.

    Wei Xiao Bei smiled. He took two bills and returned them to Li Lan Xing and Zhang Tian Tian, "There's no need for this much, just paying 600 yuan for the both of you should be enough."

    "Out of the question. We have already agreed to divide it equally."

    Li Lan Xing was much more decisive and pushed back the money.

    "Please don't insist any longer. Let me make this clear, I normally won't eat here, but if I were to come back, then just prepare my share. I should also say that I eat a lot."

    After saying this, he chose a room.

    Because Wei Xiao Bei paid the most, the two women decided to give him the master's bedroom with the ensuite.

    In reality, when Wei Xiao Bei entered the master's bedroom, he couldn't help but sneeze. Even his 20 points of health was not enough to stifle it. However, he did not feel the cold at all.

    This matter was slightly strange.

    Wei Xiao Bei felt a slight danger, but he was not able to find the location of the danger. In a flash, the feeling of danger disappeared as if it never existed to begin with.

    Before Wei Xiao Bei could understand the situation, he had been dragged back by the two women to help move their things.

    Wei Xiao Bei's things were the easiest to deal with. He only had a small pot for cooking instant noodles, a few books, ten changes of clothes, and a few other stuff. As for his computer, it was already back in the dojo.

    Zhang Tian Tian's and Li Lan Xing's things were mainly clothes and shoes. The clothes were the easiest to deal with since they just need to be carried in a bag. The only thing that was a headache, were the boxes of shoes. Naturally, most of them belonged to Li Lan Xing since Zhang Tian Tian was just a new graduate, so it was impossible for her to have this many shoes.

    Additionally, Zhang Tian Tian had many drafting books and a computer. Li Lan Xing had an air conditioner, a television, a computer, makeup and other things.

    Seeing the things acc.u.mulating in the courtyard, Wei Xiao Bei finally decided to call a moving company.

    With a truck, four men carried their stuff to their new home.

    When they returned back to their new rooms, Wei Xiao Bei just procrastinated in arranging his things in order, so he just helped Li Lan Xing install the air conditioner into her room.

    Li Lan Xing's room had a balcony with good lighting, but there was no air conditioner. The air conditioner that she had brought from her apartment fit perfectly.

    After helping the two women arrange their things, Wei Xiao Bei felt slightly worn out. As for the two women, they were already lying on the sofa with no indication of budging.

The City of Terror Chapter 132

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