The City of Terror Chapter 137-138

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Chapter 137 - Response Search

    With Wei Xiao Bei's current perception, it would still be difficult to find a Licker that had just entered the building.

    After thinking about this, he inspected his evolution points that had reached 430 points.

    "Huang Kun, wait for me here."

    After Wei Xiao Bei said this, he lightly pressed on the rubber handrail and jumped on it, and then charged downwards.

    His footsteps were so light that it did not attract the Zombies' attention at all.

    In an instant, Wei Xiao Bei had reached the fourth floor. Seeing that Wei Xiao Bei came down, the Zombies that were crowding around the fourth floor escalator let out a low groan. They extended their hands, attempting to catch Wei Xiao Bei.

    Wei Xiao Bei somersaulted over the Zombies. With a single chop of the machete, a Zombie's head had been cut in half, causing its black blood to splatter out.

    Without waiting for the Zombies to turn around, he took advantage of this moment to swing his machete. The machete pa.s.sed through the necks of two Zombies, sending their heads flying.

    The ten Zombies that were crowding the escalator were killed off by Wei Xiao Bei in less than 30 seconds.

    This was how powerful a Guo Shu Expert was in a real battle.

    If Wei Xiao Bei did not think about whether the possibilities that the Zombies were infected by a powerful virus, he would have been able to quickly kill the Zombies at a faster time.

    After cleaning up the Zombies crowding around the escalator, Wei Xiao Bei was not greedy. His foot left the ground and headed back up while walking the handrail.

    After repeating this a few more times, Wei Xiao Bei returned back to the eighth floor.

    After stopping Huang Kun from speaking with his hand, Wei Xiao Bei looked at his evolution points that had reached 534 points.

    This should be enough.

    Wei Xiao Bei placed his attention on his perception attribute and quickly use up his evolution points to increase his perception attribute.

    15.01, 15.02, 15.03…… 20!

    When it had reached 20 points, Wei Xiao Bei felt his brain a.s.saulted by a fierce rumble. His mind immediately blanked out as if time had stopped.

    After who knows how long, Wei Xiao Bei's mind shook again. He suddenly noticed that he seemed to have something like clairvoyance. He was able to perceive the entire department store and even buildings further away.

    He could sense the Zombies that were moving around, the broken faucet on the second floor toilet, the broken belt under the third floor escalator. He could even sense the two cars that were crashed into each other under the parking lot of the neighboring building.

    As long as he concentrated hard, nothing in a thousand meter radius would be able to escape his perception.

    After a long while, Wei Xiao Bei finally came back to his senses, but his face was still showing a dazed expression.

    The state he entered into was too captivating. He felt like an omniscient G.o.d who could perceive anything a thousand meters away.

    His judgement was not wrong at all. Increasing his perception to 20 points was truly a useful thing.

    Response Search!

    This was the ability that he had gained after increasing his perception to 20 points.

    With this ability, it would be hard for any monster to ambush him.

    The only problem was that the side-effect of this ability was a huge consumption of his mental energy.

    After rubbing his head, Wei Xiao Bei sighed. Anything in this world had a price. Even if he paid the required evolution points, he still needed to give extra payment.

    However, other than his newly added ability, his 20 points in perception had allowed him to perceive sound, light, vibrations, smell and many other things from the outside world.

    In simpler terms, although this ability to perceive information from the outside was weaker than the response search ability, it would still allow him to find the enemy's existence.

    In reality, Wei Xiao Bei was slightly in regret after using his ability. He thought about the building that he used to enter The Dust World.

    Although this ability was strong, he did not know if he could use it to find the strange footsteps.

    However, Wei Xiao Bei had a slight premonition that if he used this ability to find the strange footsteps, he would not be satisfied with the result.

    As Wei Xiao Bei was thinking, he heard Huang Kun's voice.

    "Big brother Wei, are you alright??"

    Huang Kun hesitated when he saw Wei Xiao Bei just standing there after returning. In the end, he chose to speak up.

    "I'm fine," Wei Xiao Bei said, as he came back to his senses.

    Seeing that nothing was wrong with Wei Xiao Bei, Huang Kun spilled out the words that he wanted to say, "Your skills are so amazing. Can you teach me how to kill these Zombies?"

    "Oh? I can, but it depends on how brave you are."

    Wei Xiao Bei smiled at Huang Kun.

    Huang Kun was not a bad student in the dojo. When he tried a few Bajiquan techniques, his appeared close to the actual form. However, he was only a junior high school student. His body was not that tall, and he did not have any real battle experience. As for his skill, he was not even close to Wei Xiao Bei's level when Wei Xiao Bei began learning.

    Wei Xiao Bei originally planned to protect him until they left The Dust World.

    However, Wei Xiao Bei then thought about how the boy had even entered The Dust World in the first place.

    And then, he thought about what would happen if he entered again.

    He could not always protect him. He had to teach the boy how to protect himself.

    "Before anything else, how did you come here?"

    Wei Xiao Bei thought about it and immediately asked.

    Huang Kun finally responded. Seeing his big brother Wei's appearance, he guessed that he had been here for a long time. His big brother Wei was not afraid of the Zombies at all, which made him endlessly admire him.

    "I was playing games at home, and then suddenly I was in here."

    Huang Kun told Wei Xiao Bei his experience in a low voice.

    Originally, Huang Kun became extremely interested with Resident Evil after watching the movie. As a result, he downloaded the game and played it for a few nights.

    Today was a Friday. It was self-study time in the afternoon so he immediately returned home to play the game. He controlled the beautiful female protagonist and killed zombies everywhere in the game.

    After playing until he was tired, he rubbed his dry eyes and the next moment he suddenly entered this terrifying place.

    After hearing this, Wei Xiao Bei understood that the way for Huang Kun to enter The Dust World had been through playing games.

    Moreover, the place he entered The Dust World was the same in reality, Huang Kun's home!

    After entering The Dust World, he initially thought that he was dreaming when he was his dust filled room. After understanding that he was not in a dream, the fatty became extremely frightened.

    When he came out of his home, he immediately saw a few swaying Zombies.

    Without a doubt, this made him remember the movie that he had seen.

    After seeing the movies and playing the games, he began to delude himself that he had become the protagonist who carried weapons to kill these zombies, he would save the people and become a superhero by the end.

    Once in a while, every child would dream their own version of becoming a hero. There were those that thought of piloting a fighter plane in the skies, some thought of carrying guns and charging into a battlefield, some thought of piloting a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p to fight against alien invaders.

    In short, Huang Kun's dream was normal.

    When he was so close to his dream, he had forgotten his fear about the Zombies. He picked up a rotten wooden stick and charged towards a Zombie.

    His dream was beautiful, but the ending was terrifying.

    Huang Kun endured the disgusting stick and hit the Zombie on its back. After making the Zombie stagger, it immediately turned around and charged at Huang Kun.

    After seeing it face to face, Huang Kun saw the Zombie's shocking appearance face-to-face. The Zombie's ash gray eye ball was about to fall out from its eye sockets. Its face was deathly pale and rotting. Its mouth had yellow and black teeth and a maggot appeared from the inside.


    In reality, the Zombies inside the movies and games were terrifying, but there was still a huge difference compared to real Zombies.

    No matter how big his guts were, Huang Kun was only a junior high student, a 14 year-old.

    In the short amount that he lived, let alone a real Zombie, he had never even seen the rotting corpse of an animal.

    It was easy to imagine how terrified he was when he saw the Zombie's disgusting face.

    He shouted in fear, turned around and ran for his life.

    As a result, the 700 strong Zombie group was attracted to his shout.

    In the end, he ran for who knows how long and encountered Wei Xiao Bei.

    Combining this method with the way Huang Da Jun entered The Dust World, Wei Xiao Bei was able to discover that there were differences between how people entered The Dust World. If he wanted to truly understand The Dust World, it would be a difficulty beyond just difficult.

    After listening to Huang Kun's experience, Wei Xiao Bei thought for a bit and decided to bring Huang Kun down to give him evolution points.

    Moreover, he wanted to see what kind of changes would happen if someone other than him killed the Zombies.

    When those Zombies had scattered in the department store, their density had decreased. For Wei Xiao Bei, killing all of them now was an easy thing to do.

    As long as a Licker did not appear, Wei Xiao Bei would have no problem in keeping Huang Kun alive.

    "In a moment, you will observe how I kill the Zombies first. Do you understand?"

    Wei Xiao Bei told him this and then took the lead to go down the escalator. On the other hand, Huang Kun held onto the emergency hatchet and carefully followed behind. The grave look on his face made it seem as if he was holding onto a bomb.

    The Zombies in the sixth floor were the least out of all the floors. Wei Xiao Bei had intentionally left them alone. Right now, there were only five Zombies roaming around the floor.

    Killing them would not give Wei Xiao Bei much evolution points, so he decided to leave them for Huang Kun.

    If Huang Kun did not take the initiative to mention this, Wei Xiao Bei would have brought up the topic.


    Wei Xiao Bei moved towards a Zombie and shouted in a low voice. His voice just loud enough to only attract that Zombie's attention. Its body stopped for a moment, and then moved towards the direction of the escalator.

Chapter 138 - A Second Year Junior High Student's Body Changes?

    Because he wanted to demonstrate things to Huang Kun, Wei Xiao Bei intentionally slowed down his movements. When the Zombie was five meters away from him, Wei Xiao Bei moved to the side and kicked the side of the Zombie. Then he took advantage of the moment to chop at its neck.

    However, the strength he used was not huge as he controlled it to be at the level of a junior high schooler. As a result, the blade only left a deep wound on the Zombie's neck.

    The Zombie that had been injured did not flinch at all. Instead it turned around and tried to grab Wei Xiao Bei.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not stop moving. He immediately circled the Zombie and chopped at its neck again. And then after another turn, the third slash was sent out, chopping the Zombie's head off.

    Wei Xiao Bei then stepped on the Zombie's head and looked at Huang Kun with a smile, "Did you see it clearly?"

    "I, I saw it clearly!"

    Huang Kun at first slightly trembled, but he felt that he sounded humiliating, so he immediately loudened his voice.

    A zombie from afar heard the sound and moved towards them.

    "Go! It's very easy! It's as easy as practicing fighting sequences! Right, just imagine that it is a moving wooden pillar."

    Wei Xiao Bei patted Huang Kun's head and spoke. Naturally, he did not forget to give him a push.

    Seeing that the Zombie was coming over, it would be a lie to say that Huang Kun was not scared.

    However, his admired the big brother Wei who was looking on from behind him, so how could he let him down?

    A second year junior high student's hot bloodedness and impulsiveness should not be looked down upon.

    Although this kind of hot-bloodedness and impulsiveness could often cause unnecessary injuries and even losses in the real world, it was now helping Huang Kun move properly.

    As he thought about this, Huang Kun's hot bloodedness reached the top of his head as he hypnotized himself into thinking that the Zombie was a moving wooden pillar!

    Huang Kun charged ahead and mimicked Wei Xiao Bei's moves. He rushed up to the Zombie's side as he cut towards its neck with the emergency hatchet.

    Because he was still nervous, the hatchet had instead chopped the Zombie's arm. The Zombie's arm was already rotten. When the hatchet chopped on the joint, it had cleanly cut off the arm.

    Seeing this scene, Huang Kun's hot-bloodedness almost immediately dropped off. However, he just went behind the Zombie, closed his eyes while ignoring the disgusting black blood flowing down the hatchet, and randomly chopped towards the head and neck.

    Under this frightening situation, most people would be scared to the point of being unable to move. They would simply lose all power in their body to even budge. A small minority of people, on the other hand, would be able to show their body's full potential and do something that they would never be able to do.

    Right now, Huang Kun was part of the latter.

    In reality, the Zombie was truly out of luck. After having one of its arms chopped off, it had been constantly chopped at random. Its head had sustained 7-8 deep cuts, and the neck was eventually chopped off after five cuts.

    However, Huang Kun now seemed to have been afflicted with hysteria. He did not stop moving the hatchet at all as he continued to chop the head that had already been lopped off..

    Seeing this scene, Wei Xiao Bei knew that Huang Kun had been excessively frightened. As a result, he went forward, seized the hatchet, and slapped Huang Kun on the face.

    Looking back, Huang Kun would say that he truly met the most miserable time of his life that day. He had been slapped twice by Wei Xiao Bei, but he still had to thank him as his saviour.

    After receiving the slap, Wei Xiao Bei came back to his senses. He looked as if he was about to cry. Perhaps because he felt that it would be humiliating to do so, he tried to hold it back.

    Wei Xiao Bei laughed and returned the hatchet. He patted his shoulder and encouraged him, "Not bad. You were able to kill a Zombie on your first try. Your performance is a lot better than most people."

    Wei Xiao Bei's words immediately made Huang Kun look at the Zombie that he had just killed.

    "Big brother Wei, have you seen other people in this place?"

    Seeing Huang Kun's interested appearance, Wei Xiao Bei sighed, "That's right. However, when they encountered the Zombie, their knees gave up and died in the end."

    As he said this, memories of the people who died in The Dust World floated up in his mind, such as the security guard that was killed by the Thunder Worm, the female college student that was killed by the Licker, and Huang Da Jun who was killed by the Mercenary.

    In brief, the people had no guts and died, and those who had too much guts also died. Perhaps the most important thing in The Dust World was luck and not courage or strength.

    Huang Kun believed Wei Xiao Bei's words without doubting them. The dejection that appeared within him instantly vanished. He smiled to the point that his face looked like a steamed bun. Afterwards, he actually took the initiative and moved towards another Zombie.

    Although he was a bit excited to the point that he almost tripped on something, his current performance was a lot better than the first time. In just two chops, he was able to send the Zombie's head flying.

    In regards to courage, Huang Kun truly had more compared to the majority of junior high students. As for techniques for dealing with Zombies, he naturally could not compare to Guo Shu experts like Wei Xiao Bei, but as a student of the Cheng Clan Dojo, he had trained harder and learned more than other students. With his innate talent, he was able to use all that he learned in the battle.

    If other students of the Cheng Clan Dojo were to come here, they probably would have had to train a lot longer before reaching Huang Kun's level. They might even have to pay that price with their lives.

    After killing his second Zombie, Huang Kun felt a bit tired, but after resting for a while, he once again charged towards another Zombie.

    When he was killing the last Zombie on the floor, he was almost scratched by the Zombie, but he was able to chop off its head in the end.

    "Huang Kun, how do you feel? What I meant was, do you feel anything strange?"

    Wei Xiao Bei was unable to see Huang Kun's status, so he could only ask if Huang Kun felt anything different.

    For a young student like Huang Kun, his status should not be higher than the average adult male. Even if he had trained in the dojo for a period of time, his agility and strength should be around five to six points. There should be some results after killing four Zombies.

    Hearing Wei Xiao Bei's question, Huang Kun smiled as he gasped for breath, "I'm a bit tired. However, I feel that I have gotten somewhat stronger."

    Gotten somewhat stronger?

    Wei Xiao Bei pondered for a bit. It seemed that killing Zombies gave Huang Kun some benefits.

    However, Huang Kun probably did not have a status panel. As a result, the benefits should have directly applied to his body. Huang Kun probably had his muscle attribute increase, but his st.u.r.diness stayed the same, but there were no visible changes so it was hard to actually tell.

    Moreover, Wei Xiao Bei did not know if what Huang Kun gained was 32 evolution points of not.

    After thinking for a bit, Wei Xiao Bei let Huang Kun clean his hand of the black blood with a worn out s.h.i.+rt. He took out a bottle of water and said, "Wash your hands first before drinking."

    Huang Kun immediately stretched out his hand and let Wei Xiao Bei rinse it with a bit of water. And then he used the clean worn out s.h.i.+rt to dry his hands and took two large gulps of water, "I almost died of thirst."

    At this moment, Wei Xiao Bei pa.s.sed on a pack of hardtack to Huang Kun. Upon seeing this, Huang Kun became happy, "Big brother Wei, you are too awesome. You are just like a magician that has everything."

    "Less flattery. In a while, we are going to kill Zombies again!"

    Wei Xiao Bei berated him. However, looking at how Huang Kun wolfed down the hardtack, it seemed that the pressure on his psyche had largely dissipated.

    It was like a person who was scared of the dark during childhood, but because they had constantly stayed in dark places for one reason or another, they had a change of psyche and eventually stopped fearing the dark.

    The boy's ability to endure things was much better than most people. He was unexpectedly able to eat in front of a Zombie corpse. If it were other people, they would probably vomit from the sight.

    The boy's adaptability was strong!

    Wei Xiao Bei gave Huang Kun a stamp of approval in his mind.

    After eating the hardtack, Huang Kun looked at Wei Xiao Bei's backpack and hesitantly asked, "Big brother Wei, why are you not eating? Could it be that this was the last one?"

    Wei Xiao Bei knew that Huang Kun was worried why he was not eating, he smiled and said, "Don't worry about me, I won't eat you."

    Then, without giving any further explanation, he patted Huang Kun's shoulder and took the lead in going to the fifth floor.

    In truth, the amount of water and hardtack in his backpack was not much. After all, most of the water bottles and hardtacks were left stored around his old apartment. Wei Xiao Bei did not know if he could find the way there in The Dust World, especially since the topography was different from reality.

    However, no matter what was said, Wei Xiao Bei still had high nutrition energy bars and water bags. It should be able to last him for 3 days as long as the boy did not have a huge appet.i.te.

    Thinking until here, Wei Xiao Bei worriedly looked at Huang Kun's slightly protruding stomach. He felt that Huang Kun should be at the point of being able to win an eating compet.i.tion.

    The Zombies in the fifth floor were a lot more compared than the Zombies on the sixth. Because of Wei Xiao Bei's previous movement, there were two Zombies climbing up the escalator while ten more of them were scattered around the area.

    "You take one, I'll take another, OK?" Wei Xiao Bei instructed Huang Kun.   

    "No problem, OK!"

    Huang Kun was very eager to give it a try.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not say much more. No matter what the situation was, he needed to test Huang Kun again. This was the only way Huang Kun would be able to survive in The Dust World.

    With a big stride, Wei Xiao Bei charged down and Huang Kun carefully followed behind.

    Huang Kun did not have a choice. If he charged down like Wei Xiao Bei, he might just summersault down the stairs with a single misstep.

    As the blade was swung, a Zombie head went flying.

    Wei Xiao Bei quickly moved behind the other Zombie to attract its attention away from Huang Kun who was quickly coming down. The Zombie immediately turned around and grabbed toward Wei Xiao Bei.

    Seeing this opportunity, Huang Kun also moved. He directly jumped down and swung down his hatchet.

    It was a direct hit.

    With this jump, Huang Kun's weight, and his arm strength combined, he had immediately sent the Zombie head flying.

    The only problem was that when Huang Kun tried standing up, he staggered while letting the hatchet fall to the floor.

    "It seems like I twisted my hand."

    Huang Kun looked at Wei Xiao Bei's inquiring gaze, and miserably answered.

    Wei Xiao Bei inspected it. Luckily, it was only a light sprain on Huang Kun's left arm.

    This should not affect his ability to kill Zombies. After all, Huang Kun using his right arm was enough to kill Zombies on flat ground

    After Wei Xiao Bei rubbed it, he pushed Huang Kun's b.u.t.t, signaling him to continue onward.

    In the next few battles, Wei Xiao Bei mostly stood on the side  and watch Huang Kun, until he could not deal with it anymore.

    The first Zombie died. The second Zombie died. When Huang Kun was killing his seventh Zombie, Wei Xiao Bei helped attract one Zombie towards him to let him try killing two at the same time.

    This time, Huang Kun panicked from his relaxed state. He was almost scratched by the Zombie a few times.

    Fortunately, Wei Xiao Bei paid close attention to the battle. When seeing that something was about to go wrong, he would push the Zombie to the side with his machete.

    After bitterly fighting for more than 10 minutes, Huang Kun finally killed the two Zombies.

    However, this had severely tired him out and afterwards, he just sat directly on the ground.

    Before he was even able to sit down, Wei Xiao Bei's movement was faster. He immediately kicked the b.u.t.t that was about to land on the ground, making Huang Kun feel as if he just sat on a needle, forcing him to jump back up.

    'Big brother Wei, aren't you too ruthless. That kick almost killed the future of the Huang family!"

    Huang Kun held back his voice and muttered.

    "So you also know these kinds of things? Is it hard? You are prohibited from sitting down. If you are tired, circle the place once."

    Wei Xiao Bei almost laughed out loud. Although the boy was still young, he knew quite a lot. However, after thinking about it, let alone current junior high schoolers, even current grade schoolers knew about dating, so this was not strange.

    When Wei Xiao bei thought about the time he was in school, he still did not know about dating when he was in senior high school. He only knew how to play games. If it was now, he was simply an upright citizen.

    Huang Kun had already trained in the dojo, so he naturally knew that he should not sit down after being tired, because it was bad for the body to do so. He only did it because he was truly too tired, but after being hit by Wei Xiao Bei, he did not feel that tired anymore and wandered around the surroundings. He would pick up things from the ground from time to time as if he discovered some kind of treasure.

    In reality, the things he picked up were wrecked bras.

    The fifth floor was women's apparel.

    The worst part was that after he picked them up, he ran back to Wei Xiao Bei to look for pointers.

    This resulted in him receiving a flick on the forehead. In the end, he could only tearfully toss away the useless things.

    Afterwards, he killed a few more Zombies and reported the surprising change to his body, "Big brother Wei, my hand doesn't hurt anymore.

    Hearing this, Wei Xiao Bei pulled Huang Kun over and inspected it to see that it was truly healed.

    The originally swollen joint had returned back to normal.

    Although the sprain was not severe, it was also not light. A normal person would at least require more than two hours to somewhat recover.

    On the other hand, Huang Kun was all better now. This meant that Huang Kun might have had an increase in health when he killed the Zombies.

    Another thing that Wei Xiao Bei noticed was that Huang Kun's stamina had quickly recovered.

The City of Terror Chapter 137-138

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