The City of Terror Chapter 141

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Chapter 141 - Strange Death

    "Master? Did something happen?"

    Huang Kun was slightly nervous. This was the first time he saw Wei Xiao Bei's face become so serious. Even when he was facing a large group of Zombies, he would still wear a carefree smile, which made people feel secure.

    "Let's quickly withdraw!"

    Wei Xiao Bei immediately placed Huang Kun on his shoulder and retreated ten steps toward the emergency cabinet, shattered the gla.s.s to get the hatchet inside and gave it to Huang Kun. His attention was also focused on his status panel.

    In the previous battle, even if Wei Xiao Bei did not fight as much, he still acc.u.mulated 580 evolution points.

    After all, for Wei Xiao Bei, a group of Zombies were only a handful of evolution points. If nothing wrong happened, Wei Xiao Bei would have even tried to kill more Zombies downstairs and earn at least 4500 points!

    At this time, Wei Xiao Bei could not just leave the evolution points be.

    His brain quickly chose where he should place these evolution points in order to have a chance of survival.

    Strength? Agility? Vitality? Intelligence? Awareness? Charm? My Skills?


    I should place the evolution points on balance!


    16.01, 16.02, 16.03…...

    His evolution points quickly decreased. In just a short amount of time, 400 evolution points were used, increasing his balance from 16 points to 20 points!

    Buzz! His brain was shaken. Wei Xiao Bei immediately felt something warm flow all over his body, and move between his skin and internal organs.

    This kind of warm flow was different from the Qi that he was training in, but it had a slight similarity.

    However, Wei Xiao Bei did not have time to find out the warm flow's secrets.

    As the warm flow quickly disappeared, Wei Xiao Bei felt that his own body and the ground had reached a strange balance. It seemed that as long as he did not want to, he would not fall down!

    Moreover, a new ability was added!

    Balance: 20 (Ground Rooting)!

    After closely inspecting it, a brief information appeared in his head.

    Ground Rooting: When balance exceeds 20 points, you will gain this ability. The chances of tripping on flat ground decreases by 10%. When the ground is inclined at less than 45 degrees, you can maintain normal running speed. When the ground is inclined at less than 70 degrees, you can maintain normal walking speed. When the ground is inclined at less than 90 degrees, you can maintain 50 percent walking speed. This ability does not allow you to move beyond 90 degree angle or the ceiling.

    What a strong ability!

    Wei Xiao Bei exclaimed within.

    It was a frightening ability that could allow a person to walk against a wall just under a 90 degree angle.

    Wei Xiao Bei felt that this ability should be called spider crawl.

    Suddenly, Wei Xiao Bei felt a burst of inspiration. If he could properly use this ability, he would be able to fight in mostly any terrain.

    However, he did not have the time to ponder on this question anymore. He quickly grabbed the hose in the emergency cabinet and ran towards the window.


    Huang Kun's bravery had indeed increased. However, when he saw that Wei Xiao Bei, still holding him, was charging out the window and the distance between the window and the ground was more than 30 meters, fear immediately crept in and he shouted out.

    This distance was, after all, enough to kill a person.

    Wei XIao Bei frowned, but he did not stop.


    Their bodies collided against a mirror, suddenly breaking it and shooting out.

    Wei Xiao Bei was like a bull that charged over a cliff. After charging out for more than ten meters, they began their descent.


    Huang Kun's mind had blanked out. He simply did not know what was happening.

    In truth, before Wei Xiao Bei broke the window and caused Huang Kun to scream, more than ten Lickers had already entered building.

    When these Lickers heard the Huang Kun's scream, they immediately charged upwards.

    For a Zombie, the escalators were an obstacle, but for the Lickers, it was the same as flat ground.

    On the corpse filled escalator, their movement speed did not drop at all.

    When Wei Xiao Bei had shattered the gla.s.s, those Lickers had already reached the 4th floor and charged towards Wei Xiao Bei.

    At that time, Wei Xiao Bei was carrying Huang Kun with his left hand and holding onto the hose with his right while holding the machete with his mouth. In an instant, the hose was stretched to the limit, leaving Wei Xiao Bei hanging in the air.

    The distance between him and the ground had shrunk to about 20 meters.

    However, dropping at this distance would only inflict light injuries on Wei Xiao Bei, but the impact would probably be a lot more serious on Huang Kun.

    Taking the swinging of the hose as an opportunity, Wei Xiao Bei relaxed his hand and moved towards a window. His foot was like glue as he stuck onto the mirror and then walked down.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not have any choice. Although his Ground Rooting ability was strong, he could only walk at half his normal speed in this almost perpendicular wall.It was easy to imagine how slow this was.

    Naturally, Wei Xiao Bie should also rejoice. The buildings inside the Dust World were already ruined, so there would be a slight incline on the walls. If the walls were perfectly perpendicular, then he would not be able to walk on them at all.

    Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. At this time, three Lickers took the initiative to charge out of the fourth floor.

    Compared to Wei Xiao Bei who flew out more than ten meters, the Lickers were like they were born on the ceiling. When they moved out, they immediately grasped on the wall and quickly moved towards Wei Xiao Bei.


    Wei Xiao Bei cursed. He loosened his foot's hold on the wall, causing his body to fall down. After he dropped to about 7-8 meters, he once again stretched out his legs and used his ability to stick himself to the wall.

    At this time, his distance to the ground was about 10 meters.

    On the other hand, the leading Licker had opened its mouth and shot out its slender tongue like a bullet.

    Feeling the danger, Wei Xiao Bei grabbed his machete and swung it, using his intuition.


    A fierce knocking sound echoed. The machete had hit the tongue. A large rebounding force was sent down the machete towards his body.

    Luckily, Wei Xiao Bei's arm strength had already surpa.s.sed a normal person. Otherwise, the attack would have sent his machete flying out.

    The collision had split the tongue in half. Wei Xiao Bei took this chance to chop toward the head of the Licker, but the tongue had decreased the chopping speed a lot.   

    Elementary Power Burst!

    At this time, if the Licker did not die, then it would be Wei Xiao Bei dying, so he did not hold back at all. His body surged with power, once again increasing the speed of the machete. In an instant, Wei Xiao Bei had chopped through the Licker's brain.

    The Licker's dead!

    He loosened his foot again and dropped down.

    Soon, the two other Lickers caught up.

    Wei Xiao Bei used his strength to toss out Huang Kun. At the same time, he threw the machete towards the Licker coming from the left and then quickly slapped his waist.


    A loud dragon roar-like sound echoed.

    A white light shot out from Wei Xiao Bei's waist and charged towards the Licker on Wei Xiao Bei's right.

    The sharp spear head instantly pierced through the Licker's brain. On the other hand, the machete that he threw was deflected by the Licker's tongue.

    Huang Kun who was tossed to the ground, painfully got up and looked at the window wall.

    On the wall less than ten meters from the ground, Wei Xiao Bei was holding a great spear from who knows where and fighting a Licker, while seemingly being in a disadvantage.

    Moreover, there were two big monsters on the ground that were already dead.

    Those are Lickers!

    Huang Kun was able to recognize them at a glance.

    The Lickers were mutated Zombies. They possessed great strength and their hands were fast. They were able to leap on roofs and vault over walls. They could even dodge bullets.

    In reality, Huang Kun feared this monster the most when he was playing the game.

    "Huang Kun, let's go!"

    Before Huang Kun came to his senses, Wei Xiao Bei had already killed the last Licker. Wei Xiao Bei jumped down from the wall and quickly picked up the machete and Huang Kun while charging towards the plaza.

    At this time, there were five more Lickers that came out from the window. They quickly chased them as they moved down. Moreover, there were also three Lickers that came out from the store's shutter.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not have a problem dealing with 2 Lickers. Dealing with three Lickers would require him to use elementary power burst.

    But dealing with 8 Lickers was already too much. It was much better for them to just kill him in one shot.

    Wei Xiao Bei grabbed on Huang Kun and ran as the eight Lickers chased after them.

    At this moment, Huang Kun had been swayed to the point of vomiting, but he did not dare say anything.

    While the effects of elementary power burst was still there, Wei Xiao Bei's speed was at his peak. In an instant, he had arrived at the plaza.

    Wei Xiao Bei thought about choosing a random direction to run to, but Wei Xiao Bei's gaze landed on the building beside the fountain.

    I'll risk it!

    Wei Xiao Bei ran towards the exceptionally strange building.

    If Wei Xiao Bei was to choose a different road to run, then he needed to be able to outrun the Lickers while carrying an extra person.

    Although the Lickers may not have infinite stamina, they definitely had more endurance than Wei Xiao Bei.

    Without even saying it, everyone knew that this was the case.

    The distance to the strange building was not far. Wei Xiao Bei reached the building in just a few breaths time. However, he did not rashly jump into the building, since that would simply be a suicidal move.   

    If the strange building did not have any effect on the Licker, then he would be surrounded once he entered it and then die.

    If the strange building had an effect on the Licker, then the strange footsteps might not remain benevolent towards him.

    Wei Xiao Bei stamped his foot and threw himself to the side of the building without stopping while looking at the Lickers behind him.

    The speed of the Lickers behind him did not slow down at all. Seeing this, Wei Xiao Bei's eyes squinted and his heartbeat increased in speed, but he did not increase his running speed as if he was waiting for the Lickers to catch up to him.

    In reality, anyone would admire Wei Xiao Bei's willpower.

    Suddenly the speed of the Lickers slowly decreased. One of them had even been close to stopping when it lost its balance and rolled forwards like a ball.

    Ten meters, nine meters…… five meters!

    Without any signs at all, the Licker that rolled forwards had lost all signs of life. It lied down on the ground without budging anymore.

    The Lickers that did not have any feelings suddenly stopped and formed a semicircle around the building, distancing themselves around 10 meters away!

    "Wha, Wha, What is happening here? Master?"

    Huang Kun who had finally been put down looked at the Licker in front of him and asked a question. He looked dumbstruck at the Lickers as it did not dare to advance.

    "Starting now, do not speak as much as possible."

    Wei Xiao Bei did not give Huang Kun an explanation as he seriously instructed him. Huang Kun followed behind him as they pulled in the dead Licker. After inspecting it, Wei Xiao Bei shook his head and pulled out the White Mist Knife. He cut open the Licker's head and continued downwards. After a few cuts, the Licker had been completely dissected, becoming a pile of stinky ground meat.

    Seeing this scene, Huang Kun almost threw up.

    For a brat like him, this scene was too intense, even though he had just made black blood spray out from the Zombie.

    Naturally, the benefit of seeing this would allow him to be calmer if this happened in the future.

    After using a tattered cloth to wipe the White Mist Knife, Wei Xiao Bei placed it back on his waist and stood up.

    He did not have any clues at all as to how the Licker died when there were no internal injuries at all.

    In other words, the Licker's death was not caused by injuries, it was as if his life had been extinguished in an instant.

    Thinking about this, Wei Xiao Bei fearfully looked at the building behind him.

    The Licker's death was without a doubt related to the building, or perhaps that mysterious footstep.

    Being able to kill the Licker without any struggle was something Wei Xiao Bei could not do even if he was ten times stronger.

    What was sarcastic about this was that Wei Xiao Bei was relying on this frightening existence to preserve his life!

    After pondering a bit, the graveness on Wei Xiao Bei's face had decreased.

The City of Terror Chapter 141

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