The City of Terror Chapter 142

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Chapter 142 - Fear of the Closet

    Right now, Wei Xiao Bei did not have anyway to fight against the strange existence, but he did not receive any injuries. Whether because it was his luck or not, there was no point in thinking too much. He could only do things step by step.

    Although the seven Lickers did not advance, they also did not leave. They only decided to stay there and circled the building, trying to find any holes in the defense.

    Wei Xiao Bei knew that if he left the building, then the Lickers would attack him without any hesitation.

    Thinking about this, Wei Xiao Bei signaled to the pale faced Huang Kun, turned around, and entered the building.

    The window that Wei Xiao Bei opened was still there. After binding the great spear to his waist, he entered through the window.

    He did not know if it was a psychological effect or it was originally like that, when Wei Xiao Bei entered the room, he felt that the room temperature had suddenly decreased. He felt a faint coldness behind him, as if something was looking at him from behind.

    Wei Xiao Bei suddenly turned around and came face to face with Huang Kun who was about to jump inside, shocking Huang Kun into cry out in fear.


    Wei Xiao Bei berated him and covered Huang Kun's mouth with his left hand, while his right pulled Huang Kun inside.

    After Huang Kun came to his senses, he was not scared at all. He cheered when he saw the huge bed. He jumped on it like a fish and comfortably laid there, even slightly snorting like a small pig that had ate its fill.

    Wei Xiao Bei was not content like Huang Kun. He carefully sat on the bedside and listened attentively to the surroundings.

    This was something that could not be helped. The strange footsteps before had placed a great pressure on him.

    His mindset was like a child that was afraid of the monster in the closet, but because he needed to change clothes, he still needed to open the closet.

    Soon, Wei Xiao Bei heard a strange wheezing sound from beside him.

    His body trembled and looked towards the direction of the sound.

    However, when he saw the origin of the sound, his mouth could not help but twitch.

    It seemed that Huang Kun had actually fallen asleep, and his wheezing had actually startled Wei Xiao Bei.

    In reality, seeing Huang Kun so sound asleep, he would not have thought that the brat was previously scared and tired.

    After being startled by Huang Kun's wheezing though, Wei Xiao Bei's nervousness had been alleviated.

    Soon, the wheezing Huang Kun suddenly became slightly transparent on the bed.

    Could it be that he was about to leave The Dust World?

    Wei Xiao Bei was not worried anymore and looked at Huang Kun's body.

    Soon, Huang Kun's body slowly became more transparent and disappeared in the end.

    Wei Xiao Bei patted the bed and confirmed that Huang Kun was truly gone. He had not felt anythin strange with his hands.

    Huang Kun has already left The Dust World. What should I do now?

    Should I go out and kill those Lickers?

    Wei Xiao Bei walked towards the window and looked out. He saw that the Lickers had not yet left and were still circling around the building. Moreover, they had increased by two.

    Right now, there were nine Lickers watching the building like tigers watching their prey. No matter how reckless Wei Xiao Bei was, he did not dare go out.

    I won't die if I don't court disaster!

    Wei Xiao Bei was not a junior high school student like Huang Kun. As a result, he lied down on his bed after looking outside for a bit longer.

    He hoped that he could safely leave The Dust World!

    Wei Xiao Bei felt his mind become muddled. After losing consciousness, he fell into a deep sleep.

    Fortunately, the strange footsteps did not appear again…….


    When he woke up, Wei Xiao Bei touched his body and confirmed that nothing was missing. When he opened his eyes, he had already returned to reality. The makeup table that he destroyed in The Dust World was still in perfect condition.


    Wei Xiao Bei got up from the bed and grabbed the lipstick on the makeup table. He felt that the position of the lipstick was slightly different from before. When he opened it to take a look, the unused lipstick had traces of it being recently used.


    Wei Xiao Bei's hand trembled. The lipstick fell on the table, leaving a red mark.

    He felt that he must still be half unconscious.

    How is this possible! There are traces of usage on the lipstick, this might have been normal, but the traces are too fres.h.!.+

    Wei Xiao Bei never used lipsticks before, but for lipsticks, leaving it alone for a long time would remove the traces of oxidation.

    For careless individuals and people without good eyesight, they would not be able to tell the difference, but knowing this was not a problem for Wei Xiao Bei.

    I have probably seen a ghost!

    Wei Xiao Bei took a deep breath and opened the window.

    It was already autumn. The fresh morning air blew into his room, clearing up his mind.

    After a bit, Wei Xiao bei threw the string of strange events to the back of his mind and left the bedroom.

    "Good morning, brother Wei," a crisp female voice sounded.

    Wei Xiao Bei raised his head and saw Zhang Tian Tian.

    "Yea, morning."

    Wei Xiao Bei did not say anything more. He only nodded his head and walked to the bathroom. At this time, he forgot that there was a bathroom in his room.

    "Breakfast will be ready in a while," Zhang Tian Tian spoke behind him.


    An ear-piercing demonic sound came from the bathroom when Wei Xiao Bei opened it. Immediately after, a towel was thrown to his face.

    What's going on?

    Wei Xiao Bei grabbed the towel and his eyes were still dazed. He looked at Li Lan Xing who was sitting on the toilet. Li Lan Xing held onto her knees. Wei Xiao Bei could faintly see her beautiful white legs and slender waist while she blushed.

    "Get out!"

    Perhaps afraid that Zhang Tian Tian would see the scene, Li Lan Xing lowered her voice and spoke in panic.

    "Ah, oh, okay."

    Wei Xiao Bei suddenly felt that the strange things that happened no longer mattered. He turned around and closed the door. He even unconsciously sniffed the towel in his hands, which had emitted a sweet fragrance.

    Was it the flower gel's scent or Li Lan Xing's scent?

    It should be a combination of both!

    Wei Xiao Bei wondered if he had been a monk for too long. He could go as far as differentiate the smell on the towel. In reality, Wei Xiao Bei really did not understand anything.

    "Brother Wei, come eat breakfast. Eh, why are you holding onto my towel?"

    Zhang Tian Tian suddenly appeared in front of Wei Xiao Bei, her eyes dully looked at Wei Xiao Bei sniffing her towel.

    In an instant, Wei Xiao Bei's tower started rising up, making Zhang Tian Tian blush. At this time, the bathroom door opened.

    "Wei Xiao Bei! Are you courting death!"

    "What happened to the both of you?"

    Li Lan Xing looked at the two of them and hesitantly asked.

    "It's time for breakfast, let's go eat! Thank you for the towel."

    Wei Xiao Bei stuffed the towel on Zhang Tian Tian's hands and charged to the kitchen like a dog was chasing after him, completely ignoring the the two women who were looking at him with wide eyes.

    The breakfast was quite rich. There was pumpkin congee, egg cakes, salted eggs, red bean curd, and artichoke.

    The three of them sat on the table and quietly ate.

    Sigh. It seems that there are a lot of problems in living together.

    Wei Xiao Bei used his peripheral vision to look at the two women. There were some things that he had experienced before, but the problem was that he was not confident in being able to deal with them.

Wei Xiao Bei's situation was like a soldier who was preparing to enter the front lines so he could not immediately marry, and should also not implicate others in it.

    "I'm full. Breakfast was good."

    Wei Xiao Bei pushed away his bowl and stood up. He wiped his mouth and just when he walked two steps, he curiously asked, "While living here, did you experience anything strange about this place?"

    Wei Xiao Bei originally planned to ask about the strange sound of footsteps, but after experiencing the awkward situation earlier, he stopped. The two women spoke in unison, "Not at all. I'm good."

    It seems that he did not need to ask at all.

    Wei Xiao Bei remained silent for a bit and said, "Don't prepare lunch for me."

    When he was opened the door and was about to leave, Li Lan Xing's voice sounded, "Stinking brat, are you coming back for dinner?"

    "Depends on the situation. I'll make a call when I do."


    When he just came down the building, Wei Xiao Bei called Huang Kun on the phone.

    "Who is it? Don't you know that waking someone from their dreams is similar to killing their parents?"

    A half-conscious sound came from the other side.

    "You still haven't woken up?"

    Wei Xiao Bei was a bit speechless. Although the boy appeared to be slightly courageous in The Dust World, he was still just a brat. There were many times he was afraid, but after hearing his current voice, it seemed that there was not effect on him at all.

    This brat truly had the guts.

    "Ah, is this master? Are there any problems?"

    "Where do you live? There is something I need to talk to you about."

    After half an hour, the two of them met in KFC close to Cui Hu University.

    Huang Kun's house was in a close by district.

    Seeing Huang Kun stuff hamburgers in his mouth like putting stuffing in a duck, Wei Xiao Bei understood why he was so fat.

    In reality, Wei Xiao Bei did not reject high-calorie food like burgers. After all, for a Guo Shu expert, training everyday would consume large amounts of calories. Moreover, if Wei Xiao Bei released electricity, the amount of calories he needed to burn through was much more.

    However, for a fatty like Huang Kun, this was bad. His movements were originally the same as a normal person. When he was training in the Cheng Clan Dojo, things wouldn't have been as serious. But now that school has started and he was still eating like this, it would not take long for Huang Kun's body to bloat up like a balloon.

    "Master. I am stronger and faster now. Humph, humoh. In the next gym cla.s.s, I will show those people how amazing this invincible fatty is!"

    Huang Kun did not stop moving his mouth from start to end. He could even boast with food inside his mouth.

The City of Terror Chapter 142

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