The City of Terror Chapter 147-148

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Chapter 147 - People's Heart in Times of Crisis!

    The thin man angrily slapped the woman on the face, but the woman simply did not care about it at all. She just directly pounced on the man and tightly hugged him as she bit on his face.

    The man under the woman's restriction was actually unable to struggle, and meat tore  from his face in just one bite.

    Seeing the woman go crazy, the scammers were all startled but immediately went forward. They tried to pry the man free but his face was already covered in blood due to the huge hole on his face.

    Without even being able to push away the woman, the two other women and one man turned pale in the face and fell backwards.

    Seeing this scene, Wei Xiao Bei completely understood.

    This was because they had also been injured by the Zombie and was infected with the Zombie virus!

    This point cannot be doubted.

    The problem was, why did the Zombie virus not appear in reality to the point that it had even disappeared from within the Zombies?

    These question gave Wei Xiao Bei a headache.

    However, this was not the time for him to think about these things.

    After the three scammers collapsed, the zombified woman took the chance to attack one of the last three scammers while they were absent-minded and bit on his fingers. The man immediately lost all will to resist due to the excruciating pain.

    At this time, the last two men panicked. They did not know if they should attend to their fallen comrades or save the man that was being attacked.

    In reality, they did even need to think as Wei Xiao Bei helped them make the choice.

    The blade light flashed, decapitating the zombified woman. The blade flashed again chopping off one of the woman on the ground's head.

    Seeing this scene, the remaining people were left stupefied.

    f.u.c.k, its a homicidal maniac!

    One of the remaining two men was somewhat gutsy. He went up and blocked Wei Xiao Bei while pointing at him and trembling, "Y-you dare kill people!"

    As for the observers, they were all startled and took a few steps back as they speechlessly looked at Wei Xiao Bei

    He was far too b.l.o.o.d.y and too violent!

    It had simply exceeded their ability to accept it.

    Wei Xiao Bei's eyes moved onto the man's shoulder and saw that there was a bite mark.

    He is infected with the virus!


    The machete swept past the man's neck, sending his head flying.

    Seeing this scene, even a courageous person would not dare question Wei Xiao Bei.

    Afterwards, he waved his machete to chop off the heads of anyone who was infected among everyone.

    In reality, Wei Xiao Bei became slightly reluctant by the time he reached the end.

    Some of the people had already turned into Zombies. However, some haven't turned yet and were still human. As a result, it was obvious how much of an impact it had on Wei Xiao Bei to kill them.

    However, this was something he must do. If these people became Zombies, then they were his enemies, as a result, he needed to nip the problem in the bud.

    Naturally, he knew that doing so would make others see him as some kind of demon.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not care about this. They were all in The Dust World, so there was no problem in killing people who were about to become Zombies.

    The police didn't have the ability to cross worlds and apprehend him at all.

    That said, the people who had turned and the people who had yet to turn gave Wei Xiao Bei a total of 300 points, meaning he earned 50 points on average per person.

    Compared to the Mercenaries, this was a lot lesser, but it was still not bad.

    In an instant, out of the eight person scammer group, only one man was left trembling on the ground.

    Right now, it should be accurate to call him a little quail that had just experienced a storm.

    This little quail was terrified of Wei Xiao Bei swinging his blade, so he did not move at all from the ground.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not have any plans of exchanging words with these people. He went back to his building and stopped in front of the fountain. He did not enter the building and just concentrated on his status panel.

    Previously, he wanted to increase his intuition to 20 points, and now that he had 314 evolution points, he naturally, did not delay.

    He would never place his safety in the hands of a stranger. As a result, he ran to the fountain to put a bit of a distance between him and the rest of the group.

    After all, he did not know what would happen after his intuition reached 20.

    As his evolution points were consumed, his intuition increased.

    18.31, 18.32, 18.33, 18.34…..

    In the eyes of the observers that stumbled into The Dust World, they did not dare go after Wei Xiao Bei even as he blankly stood in front of the fountain.

    However, they did not dare stay in that place for a long time as he was too terrifying and  had swung his blade a few times. On the other hand, the headless corpses on the ground were too intimidating that a few girls and women could not even move their legs.

    No matter what was said, they took the opportunity of Wei Xiao Bei moving to the fountain to begin heading to the edge of the plaza. Seeing that Wei Xiao Bei did not chase after them, their fear decreased as they started running forward without caring what was in front of them.

    Wei Xiao Bei's intuition quickly reached 20 points.

    He felt something warm flow into his head. Afterwards he did not feel any changes, as if increasing his intuition to 20 points did not reap any benefits.

    However, when he looked at his status panel, a new ability appeared beside his intuition, Early Warning!

    Early Warning: This ability substantially increases a person's ability to sense danger and special objects.

    Special Objects?

    Wei Xiao Bei could not help but be surprised. He suddenly felt something was watching him. This feeling was very unpleasant as if his entire self was exposed and something cold was touching his insides.

    Without any hesitation, Wei Xiao Bei's body let out a blue electric light. Soon, the electric light cracked and spread everywhere like a tide.

    At this time, a faint cry sounded and disappeared.

    In an instant, the electric light disappeared without leaving a trace.

    The fountain statue close by on the other hand was left with black scorch marks.

    At this time, the cold touch disappeared and his mood lifted.

    The only problematic thing was that when Wei Xiao Bei released electricity, the terrifying hunger that had not appeared for a while, showed itself.

    Wei Xiao Bei had no choice but to open his bag and grab the nutrition bar and take big bites out of it.

    The amount of energy that the nutrition bar provided was much more than the hardtack, and after eating two nutrition bars, the hunger that emerged had largely been suppressed.

    What surprised Wei Xiao Bei was that he had found a piece of jerky inside his backpack.

    This jerky was from the cooked Shangfu. For Wei Xiao Bei, it was considered a delicacy of The Dust World.

    After eating, he felt somewhat thirsty so he drank the last two bottles of water he had left.

    After his hunger subsided, Wei Xiao Bei burped and looked at his status panel.

    He had a slight premonition that the cry had something to do with the discomfort he had been feeling.


Early Warning obtained.

Noticed concealed strange evil possession

Activated Release Electricity.

Cleared away the strange evil possession

    Strange evil possession?

    A chill ran down Wei Xiao Bei's spine.

    In reality, he did not know how long this had been going for. If he did not increase his intuition to 20 points, gained the early warning ability, notice the evil possession, clear it away, he did not know when it would have caused him problems.

    Wei Xiao Bei's attention was caught by the words in his status panel. He could not help feel surprised that there was no other information in it.

    It must be known that anything that appeared in the battlelog would have even the slightest bit of information. The only exceptions to this was the strange building and the mysterious footsteps.

    Could it be that the evil possession had something to do with the mysterious footsteps?

    Wei Xiao Bei looked at the building with bewilderment.

    After staring at it a bit, he looked away. At the very least, he had already cleared away the evil possession.

    As long as he had a method of dealing with it, he can be slightly relieved and not be afraid anymore.

    At this time, screams for help came from a distance.

    Wei Xiao Bei looked at the plaza and saw that everyone had ran away.

    Moreover, cries of help came from everywhere.

    It was easy to imagine that these people also did not trust each other so they split up in different directions.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not need to care about these people, but these people had actually ran back to the plaza.

    Their numbers had been reduced by more than half of their original size and some had even brought Zombies with them. The biggest group of Zombies was made up of around 30 Zombies.

    However, for these people who lived in a peaceful era, less than a hundred Zombies was enough to leave them weak in their knees.

    Seeing Wei Xiao Bei walking towards them, these people's cries for help increased a few times.

    Wei Xiao Bei frowned. These people were too loud. In the worst case scenario, they would attract a large group of Lickers!

    Naturally, since they had attracted the Zombies, Wei Xiao Bei would not waste the evolution points and treated it as a warm up.

    When a panting girl ran past him, he swung the machete in his left hand and beheaded the Zombie behind her.

    Even when the Zombie's head landed beside the girl, the girl had already lost the strength to scream.


    Wei Xiao Bei instantly made his decision to not do a sloppy job, just like when he decided to kill the people that were bitten by Zombies.

    He noticed that the more he killed Zombies and people, the more deeper understanding he had  towards the blade techniques. Naturally, this was also influenced by his Bajiquan being at the level of perfection.

    Blade techniques were also one of Bajiquan's skill.

    Using blade techniques in a real battle was actually a really important factor in a person's improvement.

    In ancient times, if a new soldier fought through more than ten battles, killed a hundred enemies, and stayed alive, then they would naturally become sword experts.

    Staying between life and death was the most effective way of training Guo Shu. However, a single bit of carelessness in a dangerous situation would also mean death.

    As the blade flashed, a young man could not help but sigh in relief as he saw the Zombie chasing him fall down, but in the next instant, the blade mercilessly swept past his neck.

    His head flew without even understanding what happened.

    This scene made the people heading for Wei Xiao Bei stop their movements.

    In an instant, a few people were pushed down by the Zombies that were chasing after him. Following that, more Zombies threw themselves towards their prey. After a series of tragic cries, the people's flesh, throat and other body parts were all torn apart.

    At this time, Wei Xiao Bei did not have the time to explain why he suddenly killed people randomly.

    In reality, as long as they carefully looked at the young man that was beheaded, they would notice black blood flowing from his shoulders.

    Wei Xiao Bei was only preventing him from suffering more pain.

    Compared to when Huang Kun came to The Dust World, these people were luckier. The Zombies that were chasing after them amounted to less than 100.

    As Wei Xiao Bei continued his ma.s.sacre, the Zombies quickly decreased, while also gravitating towards him and allowing more people to escape.

    The final number of people who were able to escape was only 12. There were both men and women. The more than 30 people previously, had been cut down by two-thirds.

    Seeing the Zombies sprint forward and how Wei Xiao Bei killed a Zombie with every swing of the blade, the lucky group of people immediately whispered to each other.

    "That person's a demon. I will definitely report him to the police when I return!"

    A young man wearing golden-rimmed and dust covered s.h.i.+rt indignantly said.

    It was clear that he was a white-collared worker that had just graduated. However, it was easy to tell that he was a hypocrite from just his words alone.

    "No matter what is said, he still saved us. Should we go help him?" A pony-tailed female college student quietly muttered, but her voice was heard by everyone.

    "What do you mean by saved us? He is also afraid of death. This entire place is filled with Zombies. If he didn't kill them, then he would also be killed."

    An obese fatty, who looked successful in life, fixed his messy hair and disdainfully spoke.

    Without a doubt, the words of a successful person was infectious as the majority of them nodded their heads in favor of him.

    The last remaining man from the scamming group also followed up with words, "This big brother's words are not wrong. Looking at the amount of Zombies, anyone who would go forward would immediately die!"

    A few young people who grabbed sticks and seemed eager to give a helping hand, immediately stopped their footsteps when they heard these words.

    At that moment, even the ill-informed and narrow-minded people that were there understood that the lunatics were not just lunatics, but Zombies. Just like those in the new popular movie that had just came out. They were not that different from the Jiangs.h.i.+, but they did not suck blood. On the other hand, the Zombies ate human flesh and those who were injured by them would also turn into Zombies.


Chapter 148 - Carrying a Girl While Escaping

    In reality, a lot of people were not afraid of the Zombies, but if they were bitten then they would also become Zombies. This was the frightening part of fighting against them.

    The risks were simply too high!

    However, these people did not think about these things too deeply. If Wei Xiao Bei had been killed, then how were they going to safely escape?

    Humans would only look at the things that were directly in front of them most of the time and would not look any deeper into the future.

    It was not strange for people to do utterly heartless things for small profits.

    Naturally, their words did not escape Wei Xiao Bei's ears.

    With his perception reaching 20 points, let alone whispers, he could even faintly hear every one of their heartbeats.

    However, humans have sympathy. Even though the majority of them were frightened by the Zombies, there were still people who did not lack foresight.

    The fair-skinned female college student stared at Wei Xiao Bei in the middle of the Zombies and muttered something while slightly hesitating.

    In the end, she s.n.a.t.c.hed a wooden stick from the young man close to her and charged into the Zombies .

    No one knew why she did this. A timid weak female had actually charged out to fight Zombies.

    Could it be that she had gone crazy?

    That was definitely possible!

    Those were the thoughts that ran through everyone's minds.

    Although the girl was not a devastating beauty and had some freckles sprinkled on her face, her tender, white skin and exquisite body still made her extremely attractive.

    "What a pity!"

    The successful obsese man sighed.

    For him, this girl was a lot better than the two he was previously flirting with.

    He felt that the inner qualities of a college student was the best! He felt himself becoming pa.s.sionate as he looked at the girl that continued to run.

    Naturally, no matter how pa.s.sionate he was, he would not risk his life and pull her back. This was something that he would never do.

    As a rich person in the town, he had relied on swindling to earn his position today. He had not yet enjoyed it to the fullest, so he could not just die.

    Most of the people also thought that she was only throwing away her life.

    They believed that with the homicidal maniac's temper, he would probably just leave her, and she would definitely die!


    Seeing that two Zombies about to reach Wei Xiao Bei from behind, she let out a cry and used the wooden stick in her hands to strike one of the Zombie's head.

    The girl was very courageous. Facing the terrifying Zombies, many girls, women, ladies, would probably turn limp and fall on the ground from fright. Her act of attacking the Zombie was a very admirable act.

    However, courage was only courage. No matter how much courage she had, it would never replace strength.


    The wooden stick hit the Zombie's head accurately. However, the attack had not even fazed the Zombie, and the girl did not pull back the stick on time, so the Zombie had actually caught the wooden stick. Another two Zombies that had been attracted by this situation quickly walked towards her.

    The girl was too nervous. She forgot to just let go of the stick and struggled to pull it free from the Zombie.

    Wei Xiao Bei sighed and swung his machete. He immediately killed the Zombie holding the stick and pulled the girl into his embrace. Then he stamped on the floor and quickly moved past the approaching Zombies.

    "Stand still and don't move."

    Wei Xiao Bei brought the girl out of the group of Zombies. Then he lightly pushed her away and went back to killing Zombies.

    Although the girl was still slightly panicking, she stared blankly at Wei Xiao Bei's back.

    At this time, the amount of Zombies had decreased to less than 50.

    Knowing this, Wei Xiao Bei became much more relaxed.

    With the Zombies' speed, catching Wei Xiao Bei would be very hard.

    If these normal Zombies truly wanted to deal with Wei Xiao Bei, the only way for them to do so was if he was surrounded by a sea of them. Only when his stamina would fully deplete, would he die.

    Naturally, doing this was something the Zombies would not be able to do.

    At the very least, there needed to be more than a thousand of them.

    Wei Xiao Bei would just send the Zombies that charged towards him flying and chop off the heads of the Zombies that were going to ambush him from behind.

    Suddenly, he frowned while staring hard at the street in front of him. He could sense great danger quickly approaching from that direction.

    This danger had exceeded what he could cope with!

    Without any hesitation, he abandoned the moving evolution points and ran away from the group of Zombies. He grabbed the girl with his left hand and threw her on his shoulder before she could even scream.

    Soon, he quickly ran away in the opposite direction to where the danger was coming from.

    As he ran, he bitterly smiled. This was the second time he placed someone on his shoulders in The Dust World.

    It was also the third time he had saved someone!

    Could I have gone weak?

    After thinking about it, he threw these thoughts at the back of his mind.

    This is not weakness!

    This is simply a part of my principles.

    Just like the previous observers, Wei Xiao Bei could not actually muster up the thoughts of saving people.

    If he had been seen by actual saints, he would probably be sprayed to death by them.

    He had the ability to save people, yet he did not do so. This was the epitome of a selfish action.

    As he sensed the girl struggling on his shoulder, Wei Xiao Bei shouted, "Don't move, or else I'll throw you to the Zombies!"

    Wei Xiao Bei's threat made the girl immediately abandon the thought of struggling. However, he could still feel the soft body slightly trembling on his shoulder.

    No matter what, she was still a girl.

    Thinking about this, Wei Xiao Bei quickened his pace and ran to the edge of the plaza, frantically running into the Zombieless street.

    At this time, skinless monsters with exposed brains were coming out from the street where Wei Xiao Bei had first perceived danger.

    The monsters moved very quickly on all limbs and approached the plaza.

    The Lickers had appeared!

    Seeing that Wei Xiao Bei ran away, the observers sneered in their hearts. However, when they saw the Zombies chasing after them with slow speeds, they moved separately towards the other edge of the plaza.

    Perhaps because they were afraid of Wei Xiao Bei, they did not chose to go in the same direction as him. Most of them had moved to the street opposite of Wei Xiao Bei direction.

    This was because there were no Zombies in that street!

    However, they did not know that in The Dust World, places with seemingly no monsters did not mean it was safe. This was because there could be stronger monsters hidden in them.

    When a Licker appeared, the people just stared blankly.

    The Licker's appearance was shocking. The people who had not seen them before felt numb all over and were unable to budge their legs.

    It was like a dog encountering a lion, an instinctive fear.

    However, their thoughts of survival made them turn around and run.

    It was clear that they had made a mistake in their choice of escape.

    The Licker was very fast. It only needed three seconds to reach the plaza.

    Pop. The man running at the back of the group immediately stopped as his head burst open.

    The b.l.o.o.d.y tongue of the Licker pierced through the man's head and retracted back again.

    Following the first death, more Lickers appeared from the street. They were like wolves in the gra.s.sland that had found their prey. In just 20 seconds, the only person that was left in the plaza was one last scammer.

    Fifteen Lickers had surrounded him on all sides.

    Seeing the terrifying monsters, the man fell into despair. Perhaps because he was looking back on all the sins he had committed, a teardrop came out from his eyes, "Mommy……."

    Pop, pop, pop, pop…….

    The 15 tongues had turned his body into a hornet's nest. When the Lickers pulled back their tongues, blood splattered out like a fountain, instantly dyeing the place red.

    After killing everyone, the Lickers immediately pounced on the corpses and ate their fill.

    These high-leveled zombies had recovered their strength from eating blood and meat.

    Perhaps because some of the Lickers still were full, they immediately moved towards Wei Xiao Bei's direction.

    At this time, Wei Xiao Bei already reached the end of the street. A small district appeared before him.

    Perhaps because it was The Dust World, that there could be a small district there. Because the street was cut off by the small district, there was a wall that exceeded 3 meters currently blocking the way.

    Wei Xiao Bei followed the wall and ran. Then he noticed a locked gate. When he looked past the gate, he saw human figures moving back and forth in the small district.


    Wei Xiao Bei was able to clearly see them from this distance. Since there were only a few of them, their threat against Wei Xiao Bei was not serious.

    After crossing over the wall while carrying the girl, the Zombies were immediately  attracted to the sound of him landing.

    Seeing the Zombies, Wei Xiao Bei bitterly smiled. No matter how you looked at it, Wei Xiao Bei looked like a rapist and the Zombies were the heroic men standing up against him.

    There were currently three Zombies approaching him, but Wei Xiao Bei did not stop moving.  He quickly ran past the Zombies while also swinging his machete, killing two of them.

    Just like most buildings in The Dust World, the buildings in the small district were in ruins.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not know if the Lickers followed after him, but when he looked back, no Lickers appeared. He knew that this did not really mean that they were safe.

    For predatory zombies like the Lickers, distance did not mean that they would stop chasing after their prey.

    When Wei Xiao Bei moved through the district, he had already encountered some trouble.

The City of Terror Chapter 147-148

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