The City of Terror Chapter 151

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Chapter 151 - Crazy Level Up

    Reflex combined with other sub-attributes of agility would allow Wei Xiao Bei to catch a raindrop.

    Who knew what kind of skill he would obtain once his reflex increased to 20 points.

    Wei Xiao Bei thought for a bit and returned to his original path.

    However, Wei Xiao Bei would never have imagined that his route back would be  riddled with mishaps.

    First, a group of Zombie Dogs had soundlessly chased after him. After killing two of the them, he noticed that a group of five Lickers were running toward him from afar!

    At this time, Wei Xiao Bei slightly regretted this decision. If he knew that things would be like this, he would have brought the girl with him.

    Now that he had alarmed the Lickers, he could only run first.

    Wei Xiao Bei circled the district a few times before he was able to throw off the Lickers.

    Naturally, he needed to thank the brainless Zombies moving around the place for this serendipity. They would sometimes carelessly knock against buildings and roadside benches  and then fall down, creating noise. This would attract the closest Lickers to them and was the reason why Wei Xiao Bei was able to escape.

    Right now, in front of him was the basketball court of the small district.

    There were two old basketball stands, but they still stood on both sides of the court.

    There were also two Lickers that were lying down on the court, clearly showing that they were at a loss.

    However, it was difficult for Wei Xiao Bei's footsteps to escape their hearing.

    As a result, Wei Xiao Bei was not able to slow down on time as the two Lickers that had nothing to do charged toward him from the front.

    There are two Lickers!

    Wei Xiao Bei did not want to run anymore.

    As long as he could kill these Lickers, he could increase his reflex to 20 points and gain a new ability.

    These were 500 evolution points in front of him.


    Wei Xiao Bei lightly shouted and quickly chopped down his machete at the incoming tongue of one of the Lickers.

    Wei Xiao Bei had been able to previously cut the tongue in two, but when he chopped at it now, it had been deflected back. It was as if the Lickers had been strengthened!

    Wei Xiao Bei was astonished. He stamped down his right leg and immediately dodged to the left side, barely evading the other tongue.

    The two Lickers chased after him from both sides like wolves that did not want him to escape. They would shoot out their tongues from time to time, attempting to kill him.

    It was not only their strength that had increased, but Wei Xiao Bei felt that they were slightly more intelligent than before as they could even cooperate in hunting down their prey.


    Wei Xiao Bei reached into his backpack and grabbed a chopstick. He threw it with all his strength, sending it flying out like an arrow.

    The distance between them was less than 6 meters. Moreover, this distance had exceeded the Licker's tongue's range.

    The Licker's tongue could only reach a bit more than 3 meters.

    The Licker on the right side was not even able to dodge as its brain had been penetrated by the chopstick. Its body jerked and fell down the ground.

    The Licker on the left shot out its tongue, and it once again collided against the machete.

    However, after killing one of the Lickers, the pressure on Wei Xiao Bei had decreased by a lot.

    Once again, he dodged the Licker that was pouncing at him and threw another chopstick, killing it easily.

    Even if the fight ended like that, Wei Xiao Bei's entire body was drenched in sweat at the end of the battle.

    Killing two Lickers in such a short period of time had drained Wei Xiao Bei. It was the equivalent to the amount of effort that he needed to kill 100 Zombies.

    As a result, Wei Xiao Bei thought that earning 500 evolution points after killing the Lickers was not enough, just barely profitable.

    After all, killing 100 Zombies gave him more than this.

    However, Wei Xiao Bei could feel that he was able to better grasp his concealed weapon skill.

    Sure enough, real battles were the best place to train martial arts.

    Although he could encounter Lickers in this area, he still stayed here and allocated his acc.u.mulated evolution points into his reflexes and flexibility, increasing both to 20 points.

    Following the increase in points, Wei Xiao Bei experienced a degree of pain that he had never encountered before.

    It was like lava was flowing all throughout his body and destroying all of his nerves up till the nerve endings.

    In terms of pain, nothing could surpa.s.s the pain caused to the nerves.

    After all, the sensation of pain was transmitted through the nerves.

    At this time, the nerves in his body seemed to be constantly damaged, but because of a cold current flowing out, they had quickly healed up, preventing Wei Xiao Bei from blocking the pain being transmitted to his brain.

    Sweat kept pouring out from his pores. After five seconds, his clothes appeared to have been soaked for a long time and continued to drip on the ground.

    As a cold wind blew past him, Wei Xiao Bei lost his balance and fell down to the ground head first. The bridge of his nose was intimately touching the ground.

    In an instant, red blood started to flow out from his nostrils.

    His nose had been fractured.

    Wei Xiao Bei sighed. Although his body could not ove at the moment, he could clearly see what was happening around him.

    No matter what, he needed to urgently recover from his current state due to the dangers around him!

    However, he also knew that this kind of body remodeling could not be controlled at all!

    The only thing he could do was to try his best from fainting due to the pain.

    However, nerve pains were something that many people could not endure.

    I must s.h.i.+ft my attention!

    Wei Xiao Bei endured the pain and concentrated on his status panel.

    At this time, his flexibility and reflex had reached 20 points and glowed red. Wei Xiao Bei tried to put  more evolution points into these sub-attributes, but it did not work.

    The red glow should mean that the sub-attributes were locked, so he must wait for his body remodeling to finish before he could increase them.

    He looked down and saw that he had 281 evolution points remaining.

    According to his planned allocation, he should put his evolution points into st.u.r.diness, release electricity, Bajiquan, or concealed weapon.

    281 evolution points were not enough to be able to directly increase his st.u.r.diness to 20 points, so he hesitated.

    When he had previously increased his st.u.r.diness to 14.95 points, his entire body size and height had greatly changed. Anyone who knew him would easily notice the changes.

    If he increased his st.u.r.diness to 20 points, the changes might be too immense for him to imagine.

    Would his height exceed two meters? Would his body size appear like the Hulk?

    Just thinking about it was enough to make Wei Xiao Bei's scalp tingle. If it was truly like that, he did not know how he would be able to explain it to everyone.

    He might even turn into a monster in the eyes of his master and apprentice brothers.

    He decided not to put it into his st.u.r.diness at the moment.

    Since his Bajiquan was at perfection, it meant that 200 points was not enough to increase it.

    Moreover, other than training his Qi in his free time, Wei Xiao Bei also trained in Bajiquan. He hoped to train it to a bottleneck before placing points into it. In this way, he could not only save evolution points, but he could also further perfect his Bajiquan.

    Wei Xiao Bei had already faintly felt it before, but he was only able to confirm it when his Bajiquan reached perfection.

    He temporarily did not put points into his concealed weapon. He felt that if he trained it and used it in real battles, he could increase it to expert level and potentially even reach master level through the acc.u.mulation of battle experience .

    After all, for Wei Xiao Bei who had reached perfection in Bajiquan, training in skills was a bit easy to do.

    This was like learning target shooting. No matter how bad a soldier was, as long as he had an endless number of bullets and training, he could even become a master gunman.

    For martial arts, a certain level of innate talent was needed.

    Wei Xiao Bei who did his utmost to maintain his consciousness finally decided to put his evolution points into release electricity!

    Following the use of 280 evolution points, the voltage of electricity he could release increased to 645 volts!

    For a normal person, this voltage was already rather high.

    This voltage was already close to the voltage that an electric eel could output.

    According to some records, the highest voltage an electric eel could release was 880 volts.

    Naturally, that kind of voltage could only be released by an electric eel that had exceeded 1.23 meters in length. Common electric eels could release 300 to 800 volts.

    For electric eels, the higher the voltage, the lower the electric current would be, and the lower the voltage, the higher the electric current would be.

    As for Wei Xiao Bei's release electricity, if there was no electrical resistance, humidity, and other obstructive elements, the voltage that he could release would be high, and even his electric current would be high as well.

    He was simply unable to control the intensity of the electricity that he released unless he release all the power at once.

    However, if he did that, he would be consumed with hunger, and the electricity that he obtained from eating would be wasted.

    Wei Xiao Bei had guessed before that it might be because he had not placed enough evolution points into it.

    When he finally used up all his evolution points, he discovered that the pain all over his body had completely disappeared.

    On his status panel, two new abilities appeared.

    Flexibility: 20 [Improved Body Movement], Reflex:20 [Quick Reaction]

    The two abilities had their differences.

    Improved Body Movement: Increase flexibility and complement reflex.

The City of Terror Chapter 151

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