The City of Terror Chapter 152

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Chapter 152: Rub! Rub! Rub!

    Quick Reaction: Increase reflexes. In unexpected situations, the body would be able to dodge and counterattack without conscious commands from the brain. This ability complements flexibility, intuition, and hand-eye coordination.

    There was not much to say about the improved body movement.

    As for the quick reaction, it was just an upgraded version of conditional reflex.

    Most people had experience in having conditional reflex.

    For example, when a person does a certain action repeatedly, their brains would immediately respond in a certain way when encountering the same situation and do the corresponding action.

    It was just like how a soldier in combat would immediately respond by lying on the ground when they hear gunfire and then inspect their surroundings.

    This ability was a much higher level of conditional reflex. Moreover, the ability complements with flexibility, intuition, and hand-eye coordination. This meant that if his enemy was to ambush him and was within his attack range, Wei Xiao Bei would be able to counter attack without even thinking.

    From this, it can be imagined how important this ability was.

    In many battles, a single moment could determine victory or defeat. Real battles simply would not allow a person to consider too long on what to do.

    This ability would allow  him to seize the opportunity in battle and enable him to make the corresponding counter-attack.

    Even if he made a response, it might not be the best decision, but at the very least, he could delay the enemy and prevent himself from being in a dangerous position.

    No matter what was said, these two new abilities had increased his power by a lot.

    Moreover, Wei Xiao Bei became overjoyed that his creature rank had increased again when his agility attribute reached 20 points.

    Creature Rank: 2-Star Elite (Gained after increasing two attributes to 20 points, elementary intimidation upgraded to intermediate intimidation)

    2-Star Elite!

    He never imagined that he would become a 2-Star Elite Creature.

    In terms of true power, Wei Xiao Bei was a lot stronger than those Lickers.

    Naturally, if he was against 2-Star Elite Creatures like the Thunder Worm or the Fire Crow, victory or defeat against these types of foes was hard to tell.

    After all, the a.s.sets of the Thunder Worm and the Fire Crow were not purely their strength and agility but also their ability to shoot thunder and flames.

    Moreover, the benefit of becoming a 2-Star Elite Creature was an upgrade in his elementary intimidation skill.

    Wei Xiao Bei looked at his special skills.

Special Skills:

Intermediate Intimidation: When facing a creature with rank below 2-star that is the same race as the user, the creature would be afflicted with negative statuses of fear, reverence, panic, etc. Any afflicted creature would run away, stop advancing, wors.h.i.+p, etc. The effects are a huge upgrade from elementary intimidation.

    Intermediate intimidation was still limited to humans, but the effects were greater than elementary intimidation.

    He did not need to test this. Wei Xiao Bei could already feel a strangely imposing aura surrounding him that fluctuated according to his breathing.

    After inspecting his body again, he did not find any problems. Wei Xiao Bei continued on his way, running toward the villa.

    Luckily, he did not encounter anymore mishaps on his way back.

    Zhu Xin Yi was lying down on the balcony while wrapped up in a comforter, and her head extended out over the railings to observe her surroundings.

    Seeing Wei Xiao Bei's figure appear from the distance, she sighed in her heart. She removed the comforter, stood up, and waved her hands at Wei Xiao Bei.

    "Jump down!"

    Wei Xiao Bei did not go up, but rather he beckoned Zhu Xin Yi to jump down.

    For a girl who was not yet 20 years old, this was a slightly difficult task.

    In raealiy, Wei Xiao Bei was testing this girl to see if she truly had the guts to stay in the Dust World.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not plan to become someone's babysitter. If training the girl had any worth, then he would not mind bringing her around for a period of time like Huang Kun.

    At least, he would give her the chance to obtain the power necessary to survive in the Dust World.

    As for future matters, he did not think about them. He thought that this may perhaps be just a momentary episode in his stay in the Dust World.

    For a majority of girls, this kind of task would make them hesitate a lot. Many of them might even give up the idea of jumping down and would rather find another way.

    However, Zhu Xin Yi's actions went against Wei Xiao Bei's expectations.

    When he finished speaking, Zhu Xin Yi's face paled, but she did not hesitate. She held the railing and crossed over to the opposite side. However, due to a moment of carelessness, she had let go of the railing and fell down head first.

    Facing a sudden situation like this, Wei Xiao Bei did not mind at all. He stamped his feet on the ground and jumped up like a bird as he caught the falling Zhu Xin Yi.

    What he never imagined was that from start to finish, Zhu Xin Yi did not let out a single scream.

    Wei Xiao Bei looked at the pale-faced girl while she gazed back at Wei Xiao Bei with round eyes.

    "Are you okay?" Wei Xiao Bei asked.

    "I-I'm alright. Just a bit panicked."

    Zhu Xin Yi weakly responded.

    It was a lie to say that she was not scared.

    When she fell down from the balcony, Zhu Xin Yi almost screamed. However, when she thought that she would attract a group of Zombies if she did, she stifled her voice as her mind blanked out.

    She only came to her senses when Wei Xiao Bei caught her and asked a question.

    "Then all is good if you're fine."

    Wei Xiao Bei attempted to be solely friends with her so he would not have to show his utmost care to her. When he heard her response, Wei Xiao Bei did not say anything else. After a bit of hesitation, he pulled out a rope from his backpack, let Zhu Xin Yi cling onto him from the front, and then tied her to himself.

    At this time, Wei Xiao Bei had already lost a lot of self-confidence.

    The Lickers that could appear at anytime would be able to kill Zhu Xin Yi in less than three minutes.

    If he tied Zhu Xin Yi in front of him, Wei Xiao Bei would at the very least be able to escape with her if large amounts of Lickers appeared.

    In reality, both Wei Xiao Bei and Zhu Xin Yi felt very awkward during the entire process.

    The posture of a girl clinging to a man from the front of him was a bit too over the top.

    If they were lovers, then there was no problems. However, the relations.h.i.+p between the two of them was only up till now normal friends.

    After a period of hesitation, Zhu Xin Yi actually hugged him, but her cheeks were boiling red. She was so bashful that she felt embarra.s.sed to even open her eyes. Luckily, after being bound, Zhu Xin Yi's head hung on Wei Xiao Bei's right shoulder. Since they were not face to face, her embarra.s.sment had decreased a lot.

    Zhu Xin Yi tried her utmost to imagine that she was hugging onto a giant teddy bear. As for Wei Xiao Bei, he did not think at all. After moving around a bit, he found that the binding was effective, and Zhu Xin Yi would not fall down. He held two chopsticks with his left hand and held the machete in his right hand. Then he examined the path that he would move on.

    In order to guarantee their safety, Wei Xiao Bei would use response search every 50 meters he moved.

    If he used response search for a long time, the mental strain would be too large.

    As a result, he used it only to search his surroundings once before stopping it.

    Wei Xiao Bei seemed to have a lucky break as he did not encounter any Lickers on his way to the wall. As for other monsters, he encountered two Zombie Dogs and a group of seven normal Zombies.

    He had gained 156 evolution points from this journey.

    When he just obtained the evolution points, he immediately placed them into his release electricity's voltage, increasing it to 723 volts.

    Wei Xiao Bei had already decided to increase his voltage to 1000 volts.

    This voltage limit would allow him to shoot electricity outwards by 1-2 centimeters in a humid environment.

    This did not seem to be much at all. From a normal point of view, a centimeter distance of electrical arcs would appear to be weak as it was no different from just touching the person instead.

    However, for Wei Xiao Bei, once he could release an electric arc, his fighting strength would be  completely different.

    Once he was able to shoot it out, even monsters with high electrical resistances would be greatly affected and would even have the electricity penetrate through their defenses.

    After all, the electrical resistance of air was not small.

    Wei Xiao Bei used his response search to look behind the wall once and became relaxed when he verified that there were no other creatures within a 200 meter radius of his position.

    The wall behind the small district was higher than the wall he entered from. It was around eight meters tall. For a majority of people, they would not be able to get over it if they did not have the right equipment.

    For Wei Xiao Bei, as long as the wall was not perfectly perpendicular to the ground, then he could use his ground rooting ability to ascend past it. Even a wall that was a thousand meters tall or even ten thousand meters tall would be possible to scale.

    When he first stepped onto the wall, he felt as if a strong force was pulling him downwards onto the wall. Then he calmly and easily walked to the top of the wall.

    In reality, Zhu Xin Yi's mouth was opened very wide. She never could have imagined that Wei Xiao Bei would not only be able to kill Zombies but that he also even had supernatural powers.

    From her point of view, this was a supernatural power.

    However, when Wei Xiao Bei jumped down from the wall and began to quickly move forward, Zhu Xin Yi's face blushed again.

    From the villa until now, her face had remained red.

    This was something out of her control. Zhu Xin Yi was clinging onto Wei Xiao Bei, so when Wei Xiao Bei was running, there would be some unintentional contact between them.

    Additionally, their clothes were not thick, making it similar to their skins rubbing against each other.

    Wei Xiao Bei was focused on observing for surrounding movements, so he was unable to pay any attention to this.

    However, Zhu Xin Yi was different. She had handed her safety off to Wei Xiao Bei. As a result, most of her attention had been on this.

    At first, she wanted to distance herself from Wei Xiao Bei's wide chest, but she quickly discovered that this was impossible to do so. The rope was tied quite tightly. If she wanted to push him away with her hands, this would at most only separate her from him by a centimeter, and then once again, she would be stuck close to him due to him running.

The City of Terror Chapter 152

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