The City of Terror Chapter 154-155

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Chapter 154 - Unexpected Madness

    However, the Green Dwarfs were much more anxious than Zhu Xin Yi. Seeing Zhu Xin Yi crouch down, they immediately stopped moving their legs. Some of them even directly knocked against the comrade in front of them, sending them rolling forward.

    Seeing this scene, Zhu Xin Yi was slightly dumbstruck, but after observing that a few of them rolled forward, she gritted her teeth and stood up. She ran a few steps forward and chopped down.

    Seeing the human woman swing the machete downward, the Green Dwarfs that were dizzy from rolling became terrified. Some of them immediately jumped up and retreated while others were not able to move at all. Some of them continued to roll forward trying to escape from the woman's side.

    In short, when creatures like these Green Dwarfs became anxious, their thoughts were in chaos. Even Wei Xiao Bei may not necessarily be able to guess what their next action would be.

    The machete landed on the gra.s.s field as Zhu Xin Yi missed the Green Dwarf that she was planning to kill. She had deviated her aim by about 20 centimeters and cut another Green Dwarf's thigh.

    Blood spluttered out, spraying Zhu Xin Yi's pants and legs with fresh blood.

    Zhu Xin Yi was not that anxious anymore. She pulled out the machete and chopped down once again.

    This time she did not miss and chopped off the head of the Green Dwarf.

    "Ah!" Zhu Xin Yi let out an ear-piercing scream.

    Her terror immediately reached its peak when she saw the head of the Green Dwarf that she personally killed rolling off onto the gra.s.s.

    Wei Xiao Bei immediately charged forward.

    However, what he never expected was that even if Zhu Xin Yi screamed, she did not stop moving her hands at all. The machete immediately chopped toward a Green Dwarf that had thrown itself at her.

    Seeing this, Wei XIao Bei immediately stopped. He only locked his eyes on Zhu Xin Yi's sides while holding the chopsticks, preparing to rescue her at any times.

    Zhu Xin Yi seemed to have gone crazy at the moment. She immediately chopped another Green Dwarf to death, and then without turning a blind eye, she chased after another Green Dwarf.

    After killing five Green Dwarfs, Zhu Xin Yi seemed to have become exhausted from her crazed state. Her body swayed, and she dropped the machete on the gra.s.s.

    Wei Xiao Bei quickly rushed forward and caught her with his left hand, ignoring the feminine scent rising to his face. His right hand picked up the machete and held it in his hand.  

    On the other hand, the Green Dwarfs that ran when Zhu Xin Yi went crazy felt that their opportunity had arrived.

    Countless cries sounded from the crowd of Green Dwarfs. The Green Dwarfs' eyes seemed to have been filled with madness, and they threw themselves at Wei Xiao Bei.

    Wei Xiao Bei sensed that something was wrong with the Green Dwarfs, but he did not have the chance to check on the situation at the moment. He immediately swung his machete and killed the Green Dwarfs at the front.

    The Green Dwarfs whose numbers had reached 800 strong surrounded Wei Xiao Bei in a semi-circle and began attacking from all sides. Their stench was so disgusting that it could make a person faint.

    As they dauntlessly advanced, they appeared like Zombies that did not fear death. They strove to advance and attacked Wei Xiao Bei when they came closer.

    Without a doubt, their goal was to push Wei Xiao Bei to the edge of the hole and then push him in!

    Wei Xiao Bei did not think about it anymore. He carried Zhu Xin Yi on one of his shoulder and threw a handful of chopsticks at the Green Dwarfs.

    A handful of these chopsticks contained 20 sticks. With his level of concealed weapons, killing a Green Dwarf with each chopstick was an impossible task.

    However, there were too many Green Dwarfs, so the chopsticks were at least able to hit the Green Dwarfs with 100% accuracy.

    Naturally, because the accuracy was not taken into consideration, there were cases of 2-3 chopsticks. .h.i.tting a single Green Dwarf.

    No matter what was said, as long as a chopstick hit a target, it was enough to cause fatal damage, making the Green Dwarfs agonize for their deaths.

    Whoosh, whoosh, whoos.h.!.+

    At this time, Wei Xiao Bei did not hold back anymore. With a stride, he charged toward the direction of the food street! Wei Xiao Bei gambled that the Mist Draconic Horse had already left the food district.

    Naturally, if he went to Cui Hu University, he might be safe for a bit, but he needed to pa.s.s through the hole. In terms of time and distance, it was not worth it. Moreover, he was not sure of the situation of the Zombies in Cui Hu University.

    At present, only the food street was the closest. Moreover, even if the Mist Draconic Horse was blocking the way, Wei Xiao Bei only needed to escape the Green Dwarf encirclement, move toward a ruined building, and pa.s.s through from there. This way he would not use up too much stamina.

    The machete in his right hand did not stop moving while his left hand kept throwing out chopsticks.

    However, even if he fought intensely like this, Zhu Xin Yi, who was on his shoulder, did not fall down at all. It goes to show how great his balance was.

    After charging out 20 meters, Wei Xiao Bei had ran out of chopsticks, but the number of Green Dwarfs that he had killed already exceeded 50.

    A trail of blood had formed behind Wei Xiao Bei from the blood of the Green Dwarfs.

    However, even if he continued to masacre them, the Green Dwarfs did not shrink back in fear at all. They were like hungry dogs that had seen meat, like ants that had found a cube of sugar, or like a life-sentence prisoner that had once again touched a beautiful girl. They threw themselves at Wei Xiao Bei and did not even bother dodging at all. They only strove their best to injure Wei Xiao Bei with the weapons in their hands.

    The Green Dwarfs were too weak, so weak that a normal adult man would be able to deal with 5-6 of them.

    However, the Green Dwarfs in front of Wei Xiao Bei had completely changed. It was like they had been brainwashed to become Zombies.

    Facing these Green Dwarfs with their large numbers, Wei Xiao Bei felt his head ache.

    However, no matter how much his head ached, he did not stop swinging the machete in his hand.

    At this time, Wei Xiao Bei was gradually advancing in the path of the blade. Every time he swung the machete, his technique became faster, sharper, and easier.

    However, he was not aware of this at all. Every one of his actions had become a conditional reflex.

    As long as a Green Dwarf was pouncing at him, then his machete would immediately chop out, killing the enemy before it could reach him.

    At first, Wei Xiao Bei was able to easily block the enemy. He could even seize their weapons and throw them away, making the Green Dwarf suffer immense losses.

Chapter 155 - Huge Amount of Evolution Points

    Time gradually pa.s.sed as the Green Dwarfs keep sending themselves to their deaths. Wei Xiao Bei's right arm also began to feel sore, but he still kept swinging his machete.

    There were more than 800 Green Dwarfs surrounding him. Even if the Green Dwarfs were killed by Wei Xiao Bei one by one, he needed to swing the machete more than 600 times. After all, not every swing was able to kill more than two Green Dwarfs.

    What's more, as the Green Dwarfs kept shouting, more Green Dwarfs quickly came from afar.

    In short, Wei Xiao Bei began to feel that he was a human-shaped magnet, while the Green Dwarf were steel fragments.

    After killing the Green Dwarfs for a while, Wei Xiao Bei could not help but switch the machete to his left hand and moved Zhu Xin Yi to his right shoulder.

    At this moment, Wei Xiao Bei needed to kill 3-4 Green Dwarfs with every step. Moreover, the Green Dwarfs also moved along with Wei Xiao Bei trapping him within their circle.

    Wei Xiao Bei calculated that he had already moved by 100 meters and killed more than 250 Green Dwarfs. This had given him more than 2016 evolution points!

    However, it was impossible for Wei Xiao Bei to spend his evolution points while in battle.

    It seems that if I don't pay some price, I won't be able to escape this encirclement.

    Thinking about this, Wei Xiao Bei gritted his teeth and stamped his right foot on the ground. The ground ruptured as Wei Xiao Bei sent himself forward.

    Elementary Power Burst! Iron Mountain Lean!

    Every Green Dwarf that was blocking Wei Xiao Bei had been violently sent flying.

    In reality, with the Green Dwarfs' height, Wei Xiao Bei would have tripped if he did not have his ground rooting ability to keep his balance.

    The farthest distance of Iron Mountain Lean was 3-15 meters.

    However, after using elementary power burst, Wei Xiao Bei had charged forward by about 40 meters in a single breath. Then he jumped up by borrowing the momentum from his thighs, sending himself soaring to the sky like a bird.

    Naturally, he was not really flying but was performing an action close to gliding.

    The reason for this was also because of the height of the Green Dwarfs. If the Green Dwarfs were the same height as humans, Wei Xiao Bei would only be able to jump a short distance.

    By relying on his strength and agility, Wei Xiao Bei used his Iron Mountain Lean to charge forward, jumped at the end of his charge, and glided forward in the sky, traversing close to 70 meters in one go.

    Just gliding in the sky had sent him 30 meters forward!

    Moreover, he was carrying a girl, and his own weight was also considerable!

    Without a doubt, using elementary power burst had increased Wei Xiao Bei's strength by countless times compared to a normal human's strength. The world record for long distance jumping was 8.95 meters!

    The run that Wei Xiao Bei performed was shorter than those in long jump events, yet he was able to reach a 30 meter distance!

    His position was now outside of the encirclement of the Green Dwarfs.

    When Wei Xiao Bei just landed, he swung his machete to kill a nearby Green Dwarf.

    What surprised Wei Xiao Bei was that after killing this Green Dwarf, the Green Dwarfs that were chasing behind him seemed to have woken up from a dream. The madness in their eyes had been replaced with terror as they ran away.

    The number  of fleeing Green Dwarfs increased as if a domino effect had been triggered. They even brandished their weapons against their allies that were blocking the way.

    The collapse and internal strife of the Green Dwarfs was in full swing.

    Seeing this scene, Wei Xiao Bei was stunned.

    What is going on?

    Could it be that something was controlling all of them? And now that I have escaped, the thing controlling them had given up?

    Why doesn't the thing controlling them attempt to control me?

    Could it be that there is a limit to the manipulation distance? Or the strength of their influence is lacking? Or maybe their control strength was at the limit?

    Various thoughts popped up in Wei Xiao Bei's head, causing his head to hurt.

    At this time, a shuffling sound came from Zhu Xin Yi's movements, and she immediately fell from Wei Xiao Bei's shoulder.

    Wei Xiao Bei was someone with the quick reaction ability. He immediately moved his hands forward and caught her, stopping her from hitting the ground and meeting misfortune.

    Although the height of her drop was not long, the human neck was fragile. In the worst case scenario, she would have become paralyzed for life.

    "Have you woken up? What happened to you previously?"

    Wei Xiao Bei had sensed this, so he placed her down. After she steadied herself, he immediately asked her a question.

    "I also don't know what happened. When I had become so frightened, my mind suddenly dimmed, and I began killing. In the end, I don't know what happened."

    Zhu Xin Yi rubbed her aching temples as she vaguely answered.

    Wei Xiao Bei frowned. He originally planned to obtain some information about the puppet master behind this incident, but it seemed that it was impossible.

    Moreover, in his battlelog, there was nothing but Green Dwarfs in them.

    Could this just be an accident?

    Wei Xiao Bei could not find the answers, so he temporarily put the matters aside.


    At this time, Wei Xiao Bei finally noticed the pain coming from below his knees.

    He frowned as he saw that the parts of the pants below his knees were tattered and drenched in blood. Zhu Xin Yi, who finally came to her senses, also cried out in fear once she saw it.

    Wei Xiao Bei pulled up his pants and saw that his knees were riddled with wounds.

    Thinking back, these injuries should have been caused by using his Iron Mountain Lean at full strength against the Green Dwarfs.

    Wei Xiao Bei had a strong vitality, but it did not mean that he was invulnerable.

    Although the injuries looked terrifying, they were only superficial wounds.

    With Wei Xiao Bei's vitality, these wounds had already stopped bleeding and were quickly healing. The only things left behind were the bloodstains that looked slightly terrifying.

    "I'm fine."

    Wei Xiao Bei extended his hands and pulled  Zhu Xin Yi up next to him who was about to help him treat the wounds. Then he pa.s.sed the machete to her.

    Zhu Xin Yi was baffled as she held onto the machete.

    Wei Xiao Bei smiled, "I am now injured; you don't want to protect me?"

    "Oh, right!"

    Zhu Xin Yi nodded seriously. Then she held the machete as she vigilantly looked at the fleeing Green Dwarfs that were also killing each other.

    Although the previous battle would make a normal girl scared to the point of crying and screaming, it had brought great benefits to Zhu Xin Yi.

The City of Terror Chapter 154-155

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