The City of Terror Chapter 166

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Chapter 166 - Master Needs Things To Be Done, So The Disciples Need To Act

    Wei Xiao Bei had another guess. The Zombies were all people who had been bitten by Zombies, but before they became Zombies they had returned to reality, becoming Zombies in the real world.

    Naturally, this argument was not that persuasive because there no zombie virus was found.

    If their real ident.i.ties could be found, then it would be determined that they were people that came from reality!

    Cheng Bi Wu's face became solemn when Wei Xiao Bei finished, "Since its like that, then we need to arrange a few things earlier."

    "Master? What things?" All of them asked in unison.

    If the master needed things to be done, the disciples should act. In front of the master, these disciples were much more respectful than to their parents.

    "Make Si Si transfer schools. Send her back to the old home."

    When Cheng Bi Wu said this, the thoughts of the disciples differed from each other.

    The common thing that they understood was that no matter how strong Cheng Bi Wu was, he was still a father. Seeing the possibility of danger that could come to Cui Hu City, he did not feel at ease to let his daughter study there.

    This was not because Cheng Bi Wu did not have the confidence to protect Cheng Si Si. As a father, it was just that he was not willing to see her encounter any possible danger.

    "Yes! Your disciple will go handle this matter."

    In handling matters, Zhang Zhi Long was the best among the disciples.

    After handing the matter of the transfer to Zhang Zhi Long, Wei Xiao Bei could clearly see that Cheng Bi Wu was now much more relaxed.

    "We will adapt as the situation progresses. It's already late, so everyone should go take a rest."

    Seeing Zhang Zhi Long make a phone call, he gave instructions as he walked inside.

    Wei Xiao Bei returned to his room, turned on his computer and checked for the latest news. He had a premonition that the Zombies invading reality was not only happening in Cui Hu City.

    No matter what was said, Cui Hu City was not a place that was filled with some sort of spiritual influence of heaven and earth. Wei Xiao Bei did not think that good things and bad things happened only to the place.

    He opened the browser and searched for Zombies, lunatics, monsters, paranormal, terrifying and other search keys.

    Lines of websites filled the browser.

    Before he had even began to search, his phone rung.

    When he looked at the caller, the name, Zhu Xin Yi, appeared.

    Wei Xiao Bei was ashamed. He had previously agreed to stay in contact with her when he returned to reality, but he had completely forgotten about it until Zhu Xin Yi called.

    "Brother Wei? Is this brother Wei?"

    When he answered the call, the voice from the other side carried a tinge of happiness.

    "It's me. Are you alright?"

    Wei Xiao Bei was weak at using language. If it were other men, he would even boast about knowing political issues, astronomy, military affairs etc. But his words became clumsy as soon as he started speaking to a girl.

    "I'm fine. It's just that when I returned, I was interrogated by my roommate. Luckily, she did not notice anything."

    Wei Xiao Bei seemed to be able to see Zhu Xin Yi's cute appearance of her sticking out her tongue.

    Thinking about it, although she had disappeared for only a few hours, she had become more beautiful. It would definitely not have been easy to explain this.

    "What about your Xiao Chou?"

    Wei Xiao Bei suddenly thought of this question. After all, he had seen the Green Dwarfs disappear from the Dust World, so they might have followed the master and appeared in reality.

    "They did not appear with me, but I could feel their existence."

    Saying this, her voice fell flat.

    She felt that her ability was not as outstanding, at the very least, it could not be used to protect herself in reality, and it was too weak compared to brother Wei.

    However, Wei Xiao Bei had a different thought from her. Perhaps if the ability upgraded, then one day, it might even be possible to summon the monsters in reality.

    "Ah. Right. Brother Wei, are you going somewhere during this period of time?"

    Zhu Xin Yi stayed silent for a bit before suddenly asking a strange question.

    "I don't think so? Is something the matter?"

    Wei Xiao Bei did not believe that Zhu Xin Yi would ask such a question without any reason.

    "I will apply for leave of absence tomorrow."

    After hesitating, Zhu Xin Yi said the truth.

    "What? You are getting a leave of absence? That's not necessary. You had just worked so hard to pa.s.s the college examinations……"

    Wei XIao Bei was surprised. In truth, he was envious of those college students.

    If he had not relaxed in his studies, he might have entered college. Then his current life would have probably been different. As a result, Wei Xiao Bei could not help but worry for Zhu Xin Yi as she talked about applying for leave.

    "Brother Wei, there is no problem. It's only a leave of absence. Moreover, I feel that I can no longer return back to my original way of living."

    Zhu Xin Yi's voice had traces of being at a loss.

    She might have already made a decision. After all, experiencing the mystery of the Dust World made it hard for her to endure the stuffy dormitory life.

    It was not that she did not love to study, but her eyes had already seen the difference of the two worlds.

    It was just like the saying: Can the sparrow and the swallow know the will of the great swan?

    The life on top of the ivory tower compared to the Dust World was too different.

    It was like a veteran soldier returning back to a peaceful society. The veteran would definitely have a hard time adapting.

    Moreover, Zhu Xin Yi had thought further. Since the Dust World existed, then what would happen to the real world?.

    People with higher IQ truly thought differently.

    "Okay, your brother Wei will support your decision. However, if you want to enter the Dust World, remember to tell me about it."

    Wei Xiao Bei could not help but sigh. Since there was nothing else to say, they both said their goodbyes and hung up.

    After sitting blankly in front of the computer for a while, Wei Xiao Bei turned his attention to the monitor.

    The results in the browser made Wei Xiao Bei frowned.

    What is this?

    "Terrifying cla.s.sical game monster ranking! Jiangs.h.i.+!"

    "Zombie - Wikipedia."

    "p.o.r.nography that ended in terrifying images, how many have you watched!"


    In truth, Wei Xiao Bei knew that searching for this kinds of thing would be difficult.

    In modern times where information spreads everywhere, there were both advantages and disadvantages.

    The good thing was that anyone that had a computer, or access to the internet would be able to stay at home while still knowing the matters under the sky. If there was anything they could not understand, they only needed to search for it in the internet.

    The bad thing was that dragons and fish were all mixed together. Searching for specific information would be a hard thing to do.

    Wei Xiao Bei continued to look down and immediately frowned.

    "Another people biting people incident. Could Zombies be real?? I think this is strange??"

    Wei Xiao Bei clicked on it.

    This information came from different places where a man suddenly turned into a 'Zombie' and bit other people.

    However, the ident.i.ty of the man was unknown.


    Afterwards, Wei Xiao Bei found another site about mysterious things happening around the world.

    Some of them included zombies, werewolves, vampires, and other monsters.

    However, he did not see any information regarding the Zombies incident in Cui Chu City. Naturally, even if such a forum did exist, it might have been deleted.

    However, the information that Wei Xiao Bei found were all from outside the country. Investigating it further would be hard.

    As he rubbed his strained eyebrows, he saw that it was already midnight.

    I should go to sleep.

    Wei Xiao Bei took a bath and then lied down on the bed. His mind kept thinking about the many things plaguing his mind and in the end fell asleep from the tiredness.

    At 5 in the morning, Wei Xiao Bei's biological clock woke him up. He woke up, washed his face, made his way to the practice grounds, and began training.

    Half way through his training, his master and apprentice brothers arrived, each choosing a place to train.

    Wei Xiao Bei, at that time, was training his Qi so he did not pay any attention to it.

    When he finished, he wiped his sweat and prepared to go make breakfast. He never imagined that someone would knock on the dojo doors.

    When he opened the door, he was slightly stunned, "Little senior apprentice sister, why have you returned?"

    "What? Are you unhappy to see your senior apprentice sister?"

    Cheng Si Si who was carrying her luggage became happy as soon as she saw Wei Xiao Bei. Her delicate face was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with a huge smile.

    "I was the one who called her here. Why are you still standing there? Go make a meal."

    At this time, Cheng Bi Wu walked over and spoke in a bad mood.

    "Understood, father."

    Cheng Si Si threw her luggage at Wei Xiao Bei before going to the kitchen.

    Wei Xiao Bei caught the luggage and did not dare stare there any longer as he immediately slipped away.

    Anyone would be able to understand from just seeing Cheng Bi Wu to know that he was not in a good mood right now. His face was ashen and anyone who dared to touch it would be courting death.

    Naturally, Wei Xiao Bei did not understand why. Cheng Bi Wu was very happy to see his daughter grow up and mature outstandingly. However, as long as he saw a man wandering around his daughter, he would enter into a bad mood.

    Even if it was his own disciple, Cheng Bi Wu would firmly stand guard.

    In reality, this was normal. This was the mind of a person who became a father.

    He would be unhappy at the thought of his treasure being stolen by some bad kid.

    Unfortunately, Wei Xiao Bei was on the bad end of the stick this time. Hoping for his master's mood to lighten up was an impossible thing.

    It could be said that Cheng Bi Wu still had a lot of power and influence. While eating breakfast, no one dared to speak.

The City of Terror Chapter 166

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