The City of Terror Chapter 173

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Chapter 173 - High Intimidation

    At this time, the distance between Huang Kun and Zhu Xin Yi was not far with only around 20 saplings between them.

    Seeing that there was no way for the two of them to cross the gray line, Wei Xiao Bei extinguished the thought and stood up. Then he looked at the Wooden Training Dummies around the place.

    The distribution of the Wooden Training Dummies was quite dense. Most of them only had a distance of 5-6 meters between each other.

    This was also why Wei Xiao Bei had accidentally attracted three Wooden Training Dummies at the same time.

    If Wei Xiao Bei wanted to attack a Wooden Training Dummy, he would have to attract more than two Wooden Training Dummies at the same time.

    He wrinkled his brows and did not immediately attack as he checked his status panel.

    He still had 382 evolution points left, and he could not leave it unused.

    Unconsciously, his attention moved toward his st.u.r.diness. The lock placed on it had already been removed, and it had returned to black.


    Wei Xiao Bei pondered for a moment and decided to place his evolution points into st.u.r.diness.

    Because he wanted to quickly eliminate the Wooden Training Dummies, he needed to be st.u.r.dier if he wanted to fight them face to face.

    Soon, his evolution points quickly decreased.

    382 evolution points was only enough to increase his st.u.r.diness to 18.82 points.

    Although his st.u.r.diness did not exceed 20 points, there were still some changes to his body. The most noticeable difference was that his muscles had bulged a bit more.

    Wei Xiao Bei had made an estimate on how long muscle reconstruction took. If he was going to increase it to 20 points, the muscle reconstruction would take more than an hour.

    No matter what was said, the aura around Wei Xiao Bei had changed. He was previously only a st.u.r.dy man.

    But now, Wei Xiao Bei was like a bear that gave off a tyrannical air around him.

    Naturally, this had something to do with his high intimidation skill.

    Special Skill:

    High Intimidation: When facing any humanoid creature below 2-Star would be afflicted with a negative status, such as fear, reverence, panic, etc. Any afflicted creature would run away, stop advancing, wors.h.i.+p, etc. The effects are a huge upgrade from intermediate intimidation.

    Compared to the intermediate intimidation that could only affect humans below 2-star, high intimidation also affected humanoid creatures.

    The description of humanoid creatures in the status panel stated that they could stand on two legs and looked similar to humans.

    The Fishmen and Green Dwarfs that Wei Xiao Bei encountered were all included in this status panel. As for the Zombies, Wei Xiao Bei was not sure if they were included as well.

    The increase in st.u.r.diness had given Wei Xiao Bei an indescribable confidence, but he was not so foolish enough to charge into the group of Wooden Training Dummies. Instead he used status appraisal on one of the them.

    Status Appraisal had a high chance of attracting an enemy's attention.

    Wei Xiao Bei was now using this weakness as a way to attract the Wooden Training Dummies' attention one by one.

    The training dummy that was crouching on the ground stood up.

    From its point of view, it felt a deep malice looking at it. What should it do? Grab the youngster and beat him up! That simple.

    Wei Xiao Bei smiled and tightened his grasp on the White Mist Dagger while looking at the slow-moving Wooden Training Dummy.

    When the Wooden Training Dummy reached five meters from him, Wei Xiao Bei stamped on the ground and concentrated his energy on his shoulder.

    Iron Mountain Lean!

    He continued moving forward and struck the Wooden Training Dummy's left leg!


    When the sound echoed, Wei Xiao Bei immediately retreated. The Wooden Training Dummy lost its center of gravity and its balance. Its body shook and fell down.

    Before the Wooden Training Dummy hit the ground, Wei Xiao Bei immediately leapt up and made 7-8 cuts on the back of the Wooden Training Dummy with his knife.

    Countless wooden shavings flew everywhere like snowflakes.


    Although the Wooden Training Dummy did not feel pain, it could still feel the vibration on its back.

    As it let out a silent roar, the Wooden Training Dummy's legs bent as it slowly stood up again, wanting to shake off Wei Xiao Bei.

    However, Wei Xiao Bei had already antic.i.p.ated this. How could he give the Wooden Training Dummy a chance to counterattack!

    Wei XIao Bei suddenly jumped and then concentrated his energy to a single point. His body soared up and immediately dropped down. He shouted as he concentrated the energy below him.

    Thousand Kilogram Drop!

    A this time, Wei Xiao Bei was like a thousand kilogram cauldron smas.h.i.+ng into the back of the Wooden Training Dummy.

    With a strong smash, the Wooden Training Dummy that was attempting to stand up once again lost its balance and fell to the ground.

    Whoosh, whoosh, whoos.h.!.+

    After smas.h.i.+ng the Wooden Training Dummy back down, Wei Xiao Bei's hand did not stop moving and continuously stabbed at the fist-sized dent.

    Whenever the Wooden Training Dummy tried to stand up and retaliate, Wei Xiao Bei would jump again and use his Thousand Kilogram Drop to send it back down.

    After a few repet.i.tions, Wei Xiao Bei's attacks caused blue liquid to spray out from the depression. When it splashed on the dagger, the liquid immediately became transparent, causing blue smoke to rise. Then a Wood Man Heart floated up.

    Seeing that 200 points were added to his evolution points, Wei Xiao Bei relaxed.

    It might seem easy for Wei Xiao Bei to kill the Wooden Training Dummy, but he had cycled through a taxing process of tripping the training dummy, stabbing it, and using his Thousand Kilogram Drop on it many times. Naturally, killing one of them was easier than killing three at the same time.

    Those who were not in Wei Xiao Bei's position would not know the dangers he was facing.

    Let alone other moves, just using his Iron Mountain Lean was difficult. If the timing was not grasped correctly, then the Wooden Training Dummy would have been able to strike with its fists.

    It was also the same for the Thousand Kilogram Drop. A single miss was the equivalent of  throwing his life away.

    For a slow but powerful monster like the Wooden Training Dummy, it would not care how many times it was attacked because a single attack from it was enough to murder its enemies. Its attack was not a simple scratch, but rather it was able to cause internal bleeding and break bones in its victims.

    Its body structure was too different so the force of impact on their bodies was also different.

    No matter what was said, the amount of time that Wei Xiao Bei spent in killing this Wooden Training Dummy was 80% less than before, and he even obtained a Wood Man Heart.

    After putting away the Wood Man Heart, Wei Xiao Bei looked at another Wooden Training Dummy.

    Time flew by.

    Although Wei Xiao Bei took a longer time killing the Wooden Training Dummies compared to other monsters, the number of Wooden Training Dummies that he had killed when he took a break had already exceeded five.

    The total amount of evolution points he had obtained reached 1200 points, and there were a total of three Wood Man Heart in his backpack!

    "Xin Yi, Huang Kun, come here and take a break."

    Zhu Xin Yi had increased the number of saplings under her control to 10. Combining that with the remaining 9 Green Dwarfs and Huang Kun, they had surrounded the 10 remaining saplings.

    Without the threat of the saplings, Huang Kun was able to easily join up with Zhu Xin Yi. This had given them an easier time.

    With this many forces under her, if Zhu Xin Yi wanted to rest, she can do so easily.

    In contrast, Huang Kun was fearful of being careless. If he became careless and got caught by two saplings, his death would not be a pleasant one.

    Hearing Wei Xiao Bei's reminder, Huang Kun took the initiative to run forward and stopped before the line. Zhu Xin Yi checked her troops and slowly walked over after determining that the enemy would not be able to counterattack.

    Compared to Huang Kun who was fighting alone, Zhu Xin Yi's expression was a lot worse. Her face appeared exhausted as if she was woken up in the middle of the night.

    This was inevitable. Compared to Huang Kun who only exerted physical power, everytime Zhu Xin Yi used her charm skill, she would exert mental power.

    Wei Xiao Bei threw a few pieces of jerky and bottled waters to Huang Kun and Zhu Xin Yi.

    Wei Xiao Bei had already tried and knew that non-living things could pa.s.s through the line.

    At the very least, the jerky and the bottle waters could pa.s.s through. If his hand was included, then it would be blocked by the wall.

    Huang Kun had truly used up a lot of his stamina. His stomach had already been hungry long ago. Seeing the jerky being thrown, he immediately cheered and pounced at it like a hungry dog.

    Wei Xiao Bei could not help but bitterly smile and shook his head when he saw that Huang Kun could truly stay happy no matter where he was. This had lightened up Wei Xiao Bei's and Zhu Xin Yi's moods.

    Although Zhu Xin Yi did not act reserved like a virtuous lady, she still carried better than Huang Kun who acted like a hungry dog. Zhu Xin Yi was not agile enough so she was not able to catch the jerky, and it fell to the ground.

    However, she did not pay attention to it. She picked up the jerky, gently blew it, and ate it.

    Having food in the Dust World was already a wonderful thing. Being picky could only be done when they return to reality.

    After eating a piece of jerky, Wei Xiao Bei had recovered a bit. He did not drink water as the air was slightly humid. Wei Xiao Bei relied on his Moisture Absorption Special Skill to replenish the lost fluids in his body, so he did not need to waste the precious water.

    "Right, Huang Kun. Do you know how to use your flash drive?"

    Wei Xiao Bei suddenly asked this question.

The City of Terror Chapter 173

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