The City of Terror Chapter 16 - Electrical Energy

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Chapter 16 - Electrical Energy


Wei Xiao Bei made the electrical current surge in his body. His strength and agility sharply rose. He caught up with the fish head and swung the club towards the fish head.

The fish head though, was not an idiot. It immediately dodged when it saw the club flying towards it, but it lost all its momentum to run, losing its last chance to escape.

After swinging the club, Wei Xiao Bei took a big stride and pulled out the knife in his waist. He took advantage of the fish head’s evasion and striked the back of the fish head with all his strength.

The incredibly sharp knife cut like tofu, leaving a huge cut on the fish head’s back.

It’s body was not that tough, so the knife easily damaged its backbone and even caused some internal organs to be damaged.

As a result, Wei Xiao Bei only needed to stab the fish head  once before it fell to the ground with its limbs still jerking.

Wei Xiao Bei finally relaxed after this. He had obtained an increase in strength and agility after releasing electricity, but the strength of the electricity this time had been much stronger than the time he beat up those hooligans.

The muscles in his body began spasming as soon as he relaxed. He lost all control of his body, the knife first falling to the ground with his body following after.

His muscles kept jerking for about 20 seconds, so he just took this chance to lie down on the ground and rest for another ten minutes. After regaining enough energy, he stood up once more.

The best thing that Wei Xiao Bei should have done in his current situation, was to rest for at least half an hour, but he knew that he did not have that much time to rest.

He picked up the knife again and looked at the fish head with a bit of hesitation, but soon, the image of the man being dragged away by the fish heads floated up in his mind.

He gritted his teeth, crouched down, and thrust the dagger down the fish head’s brain. With a strong thrust, he completely destroyed its brain, immediately stopping the fish head from spasming.

After doing it once, Wei Xiao Bei did not hesitate anymore. He walked towards the fish head that fainted in front of the bicycle, and thrust the dagger in its brain, killing it while it was still unconscious.

Next, Wei Xiao Bei gathered the three fish heads and cut open their bodies..

He felt slightly disappointed that nothing special appeared in their bodies.

But what he did discover was that the internal organs of the fish heads were different from a human’s. The fish heads had a pair of gills below their ribcage. They did not have any lungs or noses, and their muscles were blue.

When thinking about it, he realised that this was not wrong. The fish heads indeed had a fish head, so having gills was not strange occurance.

The only value in these fish heads’ corpses was to become food.

However, Wei Xiao Bei did not have any desire to turn them into food. He tossed the corpses of the three fish heads inside the apartment, closed the gates, and returned to his own apartment.

He first found something to block the courtyard gates, before eating the hardtacks and mineral water he had found before from the small store.

Wei Xiao Bei would quickly become hungry every time he suddenly uses his special skill to its full potential.

The feeling of hunger was extremely unpleasant. If he did not have the hardtack at hand, he probably would have fainted from hunger or eat anything that he could get a hold of.

This was one of the reasons why he quickly left the neighboring courtyard.

He did not want to suddenly wake up from eating something similar to a human arm due to his extreme hunger.

Wei Xiao Bei had exhausted a lot of energy while killing the three fish heads, causing him to consume more than half of the reserves he had in the apartment.

However, the food shortage did not matter much to him. After eating his fill, he lied down on the bed while rubbing his aching stomach and decided to take a look at the status panel in his mind.

Name: Wei Xiao Bei

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Creature Rank: 1 star

Status: (The average adult male’s status value is 10)

Strength: 11 (Muscle: 12, St.u.r.diness: 10)

Agility: 9.75 (Hand-eye Coordination: 9, Flexibility: 11, Reflex: 11, Balance: 8)

Vitality: 10 (Health: 9, Endurance: 11)

Intelligence: 7 (Learning: 6, Reasoning: 8)

Awareness: 9.25 (Willpower: 12, Judgement: 8, Perception: 7, Intuition: 10)

Charm: 7.2 (Courage: 10, Persuasiveness: 7, Character: 7, Leaders.h.i.+p: 5, Appearance: 7)

Skills: Shooting (Intermediate), Military Boxing (Intermediate), Electrical Work (Beginner)

Special Skill: Release Electricity (Maximum strength 8.5 volts. Maximum current 1.8 milliampere. This skill was formed after Wei Xiao Bei ate the Thunder Worm Electric Ball. Maintaining a constant output for a long period could allow this skill to level up. Using this while exercising would stimulate strength and slowly increase agility.)

Evolution Point: 30

Item on hand: none

Compared to before, there were a few changes in the status panel. His special skill, Release Electricity, could now release 8.5 volts of electricity and its electric current rose to 1.8 milliamperes.

The voltage increased by 1.5 and the electric current increased by 0.3. This increase was lower compared to the previous increase.

However, he now understood that suddenly using this special skill could quickly increase the voltage and electric current.

The only problem was that he needed large amounts of food.

The more he thought about his emptying wallet, the more ugly his face turned.

The other change to the status panel was the 30 evolution points he had obtained from killing the three fish heads.

It could be deducted that he needed to kill 10 fish heads to be able to obtain the equivalent evolution point to one Thunder Worm.

However, the Thunder Worm was unquestionably stronger. Wei Xiao Bei himself knew that if he did not have a weapon for killing the slug and fought for his life, he would have been turned to ashes even if there were 10 of him.

For the same reason, ten fish heads could not even compare to one Thunder Worm.

After thinking about this, Wei Xiao Bei was very satisfied that he could obtain 10 points from killing one.

After thinking about his attributes and understanding them more, he realised that the Dust World was unquestionably filled with many dangers. .

The most useful attributes in this world would be those that could increase a person’s survival rate. These attributes should be strength, agility and vitality.

These three attributes were necessary in fighting.

Strength determined the ability to injure and kill the enemy. Agility determined the speed of a person’s attacks and their ability to dodge the enemy attacks. Vitality determined the length of time a person could keep fighting.

The City of Terror Chapter 16 - Electrical Energy

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