The City of Terror Chapter 17 - Kaluluji

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Chapter 17 - Kaluluji

Wei Xiao Bei was at least able to understand this concept.

Where should I place these 30 evolution points?

Wei Xiao Bei was hesitant.

From his previous experience, he understood that one evolution point could increase a sub-attribute by 0.01 points. Then, 30 evolution points could give 0.3 sub-attribute points.

For now, Wei Xiao Bei did not place them in his skills.

He thought about it for a bit but suppressed his urge to use the evolution points.

“Kaluluji, Kaluluji!”

A familiar sound came from the streets.

Wei Xiao Bei immediately peeked through the gate and checked the direction where the sound came from.

Those fish heads had returned again.

Seeing the faint silhouette of the fish heads, Wei Xiao Bei lowered his head.

The fish heads did not seem to be that smart. The fish heads had probably called out to their friends that stayed behind and did not receive a response. Despite this, they did not put up their guard at all and split up, to search the streets. 

Wei Xiao Bei hid in the corner while holding onto two clubs. He glanced at the courtyard gate from time to time, waiting for the fish heads to come over.


A surprised voice suddenly came from the the fish heads who entered the neighboring apartment.

The sound of running could immediately be heard entering the neighboring courtyard..

The fish heads should have just found the corpses. Wei Xiao Bei quietly moved the chair and got on to take a look. He saw several fish heads quickly entering the apartment, and looked at the street, noticing that there were two fish heads still outside. It seemed that these two fish heads did not hear the surprised cry of their comrade not did they notice the other fish heads’ movements. The two of them were currently wandering close to the small store as if they wanted to enter it.

This is my chance.

Wei Xiao Bei was not willing to sit and await for his death.

From their quick appearance, it seemed like they had a camp close by, so they must be creatures that lived in a group. Their numbers might even be larger than it looked.

Wei Xiao Bei needed to earn enough evolution points before those fish heads entered his apartment!

Killing those fish heads that were by themselves was the best choice!

The fish heads’ sense of hearing was weak. Wei Xiao Bei waited for the fish heads to enter the neighboring apartment, before leaving a small crack on the apartment gate and walking out.

At this time, one of the two fish heads had entered the Fat Mom Store, while the other was beating up the roll-up door, amusing itself with the falling dust.

The situation looks good!

The distance between his position and the small store was 30 meters. Wei Xiao Bei took more than ten steps to sneak behind the fish head and fiercely smashed its head with the club in his right hand, while the club in his left hand followed closely behind.

After the consecutive attack, the fish head’s brain juice squirted out.

Wei Xiao Bei was able to notice one thing about them this time; the fish heads were inferior to human beings in all aspects.   就连头骨似乎都要脆弱不少。

This was the case for even their skulls, they were significantly more fragile than a human’s.

The movement of killing the fish head outside would inevitably startle the fish head inside.

However, if the fish heads were not ambus.h.i.+ng their prey, their reaction times were slow.

The fish head inside held the club in its right hand and held the pack of hardtack on the left with a grin on its face. The moment it walked out and notice the corpse of its comrade and Wei Xiao Bei, it did not even have the chance to raise its club and was struck down by Wei Xiao Bei’s club.

The fish head was not even able to retaliate from Wei Xiao Bei’s attack, letting out its dying breath.

That’s two!

Wei Xiao Bei picked up the bloodied hardtack and walked in the store. He placed all the remaining hardtacks and mineral water into his backpack.

For these next few moments, he might not have the chance to go back to his apartment to hide anymore, so he quickly prepared enough food and water for himself.

However, Wei Xiao Bei noticed that the fish heads still hadn’t come out of the apartment after leaving the store. He began to think...

What are those fish heads doing?

Wei Xiao Bei returned to his courtyard gate and closed it properly. He couldn’t help but be curious as he lied down at the edge of the wall and looked outside.

A fish head came out from the apartment at this point of time. It held the club on its right, while holding something on the left, gnawing on it happily.

Wei Xiao Bei squinted his eyes. After the fish head walked closer, Wei Xiao Bei was finally able to see what it was holding.

It was an arm with scales!

The fish head was without a doubt eating the arm of its own brethren.

Wei Xiao Bei almost vomited when he saw this.

There was a proverb that went, even wild beasts look after their young.

It meant that dogs would never eat dog meat, and humans would never eat human meat.

If this line was crossed, then it was suitably called a monster.

Any normal person, who saw this scene, would definitely have a stomachache.

At the very least though, this was better than seeing humans eating humans.

Soon, the fish heads appeared one after the other from the apartment. The last three that came out carried the corpses of the dead fish heads, walking across to the other side of the street.

These three damaged corpses would probably become apart of their food reserves.

The remaining four fish heads began wandering around the streets again.

They noticed two more fish head corpses after moving close to the small store.

The fish head leader seemed to be angry, grumbling on the spot. It then a.s.signed two fish heads to carry the corpses away.

The leader and the remaining fish head split up and knocked on all the doors one by one, as if they were searching for the murderer.

The matter of having five fish heads killed seemed to have completely no effect on the fish heads, as they still did not put up their guards at all.

This undoubtedly gave Wei Xiao Bei another chance.

Wei Xiao Bei opened the blocked courtyard gate a bit and waited for the fish head to knock on the gate. He then use his left hand to quickly open it and  smashed the club in his right hand on its head.

Wei Xiao Bei had become adept at using the club after killing the previous five fish heads.

In just one hit, the fish head stood sent into a daze and then was immediately smashed by Wei Xiao Bei’s club again.

The sound of its skull cracking could be heard. The fish head unable to remain upright, fell to the ground. A crack on its head could be seen leaking out blood and brain juice onto the ground around it.

After killing this fish head, he was noticed by the fish head leader. Wei Xiao Bei picked up the club on the ground and immediately charged at the fish head leader with clubs in both hands.

The fish head leader was much stronger than a normal fish head. Wei Xiao Bei quickly smashed down the club in his left hand when he got close, but was blocked by the fish head leader’s club.

Despite this, the club in Wei Xiao Bei’s right hand was able to smash down on the leader’s shoulder.

However, he never would have imagined what followed after. When the fish head leader was. .h.i.t, it opened its mouth and sprayed water towards Wei Xiao Bei.

The City of Terror Chapter 17 - Kaluluji

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