The City of Terror Chapter 249

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Chapter 249 - Fall Down, Starvation

    In this place, reindeers eat gra.s.s, wolves eat reindeers, fairies eat berries, crows eat fairies, etc., creating a cyclic food chain.

    Without a doubt, the creatures in this place had formed the same habits as the creatures in the real world.

    Thus, a place where crows gathered could easily draw in a wolf. This was one of the possibilities.

    In the real world, when carnivores became hungry, they would find places where crows or birds gathered. This was because a dead animal would usually appear.

    Moreover, there were hundreds of crows gathered here, causing a lot of noise. In a flat meadow, it would be easy to attract the attention of other wolves.

    From this, if Wei Xiao Bei did not want to be the wolves' target, he needed to keep away from the crows or simply kill all of them.

    However, escaping the crows was a hard task to accomplish especially with the stench of blood on him. It was as difficult as telling a dog to eat gra.s.s.

    He placed the Hard Metal Jian back into his Small Holding Bag, bent down, and grabbed a handful of stone from the ground. Then he strode forward and charged for more than 10 meters, causing the crows that saw this to fly higher.

    However, the distance between them had already shrunk to less than 10 meters!

    Wei Xiao Bei raised his hand and threw them towards the crows.

    Compared to kicking, throwing the stones by hand had a higher accuracy, where 6 out of 10 stones had hit their targets.

    More than 30 stones in one handful instantly pierced through more than 20 crows.

    Fresh blood burst out from the flock of crows, creating mists of blood. These crows that had been directly hit by the stones directly fell on the ground.

    For the crows, the impact of the stones on their bodies was the same as having bullets pierce through their bodies.

    Moreover, these stones had irregular movements. Thus, the damage was on their bodies, creating finger-sized holes in them.

    As long as the stones. .h.i.t their abdomens with this kind of damage, it was fatal for them.

    700 evolution points!

    Evolution points easily came to him, but Wei Xiao Bei did not let down his guard.

    After Wei Xiao Bei attacked them, the crows once again distanced themselves, expanding the 20-30 meter distance between them to more than 100 meters.

    Since the crows had suffered this much, they were probably unwilling to leave matters at that.

    Now, there were only two outcomes in the battle, Wei Xiao Bei turning them into evolution points or them turning Wei Xiao Bei into food.

    After thinking about it, Wei Xiao Bei might as well just advance forward, and he brought out the fairy from his mouth.

    The fairy that had just came out from his mouth immediately rolled and rubbed on the reindeer skin on his shoulder, attempting to remove all the saliva on its body and vomiting madly.

    Seeing the fairy's angry expression, Wei Xiao Bei felt a bit of shame. After all, the fairy was originally white and clean, but after entering his mouth, let alone its entirety being wet, there were even a few shreds of reindeer meat on top of its head.

    Moreover, he was even grossed out by it himself.

    The Small Fairy was puzzled by his expression and inquired him regarding it.

    Because they were partners, he told the matter to the fairy and picked out the meat on its head.

    However, even if that was so, the Small Fairy was still extremely angry. It pulled on Wei Xiao Bei's hair and only calmed down a bit after pulling a few strands out.

    However, before the fairy was able to relax, Wei Xiao Bei once again stuffed it into his mouth.

    This could not be helped. When the Small Fairy appeared, the crows once again flapped forward.

    Compared to the barbecue or Wei Xiao Bei, the fairy was more attractive to them by more than 10 times, even if it was drenched from head to toe with saliva.

    After entering into close combat for a while, the crows once again retreated back.

    This time, the price Wei Xiao Bei had to pay was higher Even his face had been pecked a few times, creating small holes on it.

    These crows were targeting Wei Xiao Bei's eye. If Wei Xiao Bei had not moved his head fast enough, he would have become a cyclops.

    These small injuries were quickly healed thanks to his high health and [Finger Regrowth].

    Compared to Wei Xiao Bei who was not that hurt, the casualties among the crows was heavier.

    The crows' concentrated a.s.sault was the best chance for Wei Xiao Bei to gain evolution points.

    Moreover, Wei Xiao Bei had  gained a lot of experience in killing them, amounting to the number of casualties reaching around 60 crows.

    The crows came fast but also escaped fast.

    Wei Xiao Bei looked at the crows circling him from a hundred meters away and saw that some crows would be added into their numbers from time to time.

    Thus, after the crows received heavy attacks twice, their numbers did not decrease, but instead, they increased from around 200 to more than 500.

    Wei Xiao Bei looked at his status panel. His gains from the crows had merited him 4560 evolution points!

    It seems like I might not be far from 8000 evolution points.

    Wei Xiao Bei's eyes lit up. If he could increase his evolution points to 8000, even if a wolf came, he did not have to fear them, but he could instead fight them all head-on.

    After considering this, Wei Xiao Bei once again brought out the Small Fairy from his mouth.

    This time, the Small Fairy did not have the strength to set itself against Wei Xiao Bei anymore. It only lied down on Wei Xiao Bei's palm with a pale face.

    Seeing the fairy's appearance, Wei Xiao Bei truly felt sorry for it. He immediately made a promise to feed it with barbecue and berries until it was full.

    Compared to humans, fairies were easier to deal with.

    Hearing Wei Xiao Bei's promise, the small fairy's spirits was immediately lifted up.

    In truth, it was hard for the fairy to eat till full even if it was in the range of the World Tree.

    It might appear that there were many berries growing in the shrubs, but the reindeers, wild boars, crows and other creatures also moved from one shurb to another, making it dangerous for the fairy.

    There were even a chance that the biggest threat, the crows, would appear. Even wolves would not care about having a small snack. It was said that there were even eagles that appear from time to time.

    In short, being able to eat till full was something important to the fairy.

    Thus, its att.i.tude towards Wei Xiao Bei became a lot better. Moreover, their intimacy increased by 5 points.

    However, Wei Xiao Bei had failed to tempt the crows this time.

    When the fairy appeared, there were a lot of crows that were stirred up and flew toward his direction, but after they heard their comrades' cawing, they retreated back.

    It was as if they lost interest in the fairy.

    What a headache.

    These crows were truly smart. They could actually learn from a mistake!

    However, Wei Xiao Bei had not played all of his cards yet in dealing with the crows.

    Next, Wei Xiao Bei continued to advance towards the World Tree as the crows circled a hundred meters around him.

    In truth, a normal person would have been frightened to death in this situation.

    Soon, Wei Xiao Bei's body began to sway as if he was extremely tired or received heavy injuries.

    The crow did not react to this and still followed Wei Xiao Bei's advance. They would land on the ground a certain distance from Wei Xiao Bei and fly away before he reached them, not giving him a chance to attack them.


    Without walking for more than 200 meters, Wei Xiao Bei's rocking body seemed to be unable to support him anymore. His body limped and slid on the ground, lying on theground facing the sky.

    Wei Xiao Bei's sudden actions caused a disturbance amongst the crows.

    Although the crows were not as smart as humans, they still had memories of other creatures falling down.

    The main reason for falling down was due to the lack of food, water, and many other situations. After walking for a while, animals that had experienced this would fall down and be unable to get up again.

    This could also be called starvation.

    In short, every time the crows encountered creatures that had fallen down, they would have a scrumptious banquet. They could enjoy delicious food without worry about enemy ambushes.

    However, after suffering a few times, they had become more cautious.

    They landed on the ground and cawed at each other, as if they were warning each other to not to fall for it or to be careful.

    After one minute pa.s.sed, Wei Xiao Bei still did not move except for his undulating chest.

    The crows did not have any ideas of taking off.

    After five minutes pa.s.sed, Wei Xiao Bei still did not move. On the other hand, a lot of the crows in the group flew up and down repeatedly as if they were trying to scratch an itch that they could not reach, appearing to be impatient.

    After 10 minutes, Wei Xiao Bei still did not move.

    At this time, the more irritable crows in the group could not endure it anymore.

    They flew up and threw themselves at him.

    Naturally, they were still cautious.

    They circled 20 meters away from Wei Xiao Bei, staring at him to see if there were any movements from him.

    It could be said that as long as a single finger moved or if his eyelids blinked, then the crows would immediately escape.

    However, there was no movement at all.

    These few crows became a lot bolder. They landed on Wei Xiao Bei's legs and hatefully pecked at him a few times picking pieces of meat and swallowing them.

    Just like that, there was no movement anymore, causing the crows far away to rejoice.

The City of Terror Chapter 249

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