The City of Terror Chapter 4 - Risky Kill

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Chapter 4 - Risky Kill

At this moment, the slug suddenly thrashed even harder. It kept on striking the pavement, leaving craters on it.

Wei Xiao Bei couldn’t help but be secretly shocked. If he had not quickly retreated, he would have been hit by the slug. Whether or not the blow would have resulted in broken bones, he wouldn’t have been able to stand anymore.

While the slug struggled, Wei Xiao Bei did not just stand aside to enjoy the scene. Instead, he poured salt on his hands and waited for the slug to stop struggling. Then, he wiped the salt on its wound causing it to struggle again.

The slug could not regenerate due to being repeatedly rubbed with salt. Its juice, which had since changed from blue to blue-green, continuously bubbled out of its wound.

Before Wei Xiao Bei’s salt ran out, the giant slug finally stopped moving.

The slug’s current appearance was completely different from its original appearance, becoming incredibly shriveled similar to a dried corpse. Its bright blue color had turned into a disgusting blue-green. The blue-green juice gave off a stifling fishy stink, spreading all over the place.

A single whiff was like eating c.r.a.p that was fermented for 2-3 days.

Wei Xiao Bei however, had just been through a life and death battle so the smell did not really affect him.

The status panel in his mind showed a few changes, but he was currently not in the mood to study it. Instead, he went to find a wooden stick and carefully poked the giant slug a few times.

Seeing as he couldn’t feel any signs of life from the slug, he could safely say that the giant slug was truly dead.

Wei Xiao Bei finally relaxed his breathing. All of the exhaustion and pain that he had suppressed bubbled forth as he sat down no longer wanting to move.

However, Wei Xiao Bei knew that it was not yet the time for him to relax.

Now that one giant slug had appeared, there was a possibility that a second one, a third one, or maybe even a bigger monster could appear!

He must go back! From his point of view, the apartment was the safest option.

As he thought this, Wei Xiao Bei at once struggled to get on his feet. But while returning to  the apartment, he suddenly smelled a faint fragrance.

This fragrance was very strange. It was not the fragrance of flowers that he had seen before, nor was it an artificial fragrance. On the contrary, it smelled like cooked meat.

Wei Xiao Bei couldn’t help but swallow as the smell lured out his appet.i.te and saliva.

This fragrance was definitely a bit strange. He had previously eaten until he was full in the small store. It should be impossible for him to be this hungry in such a short amount of time no matter how fast the food digested.

Wei Xiao Bei wriggled his nose like a dog.

The stink from the rotting corpse of the giant slug enhanced the fragrance making it even easier to detect.

After circling once, he concluded that the fragrance came from inside the giant slug’s corpse.

In truth he almost vomited as he approached the corpse and gave it a whiff. The combination of the stink and fragrance was more unbearable than anything he had experienced.

However, Wei Xiao Bei could not just give up his search for the origin of the fragrance. Before, he was still better off , since his stomach just growled a few times. But now, he itched to find the origin. To be more accurate, the fragrance had stimulated his hunger.

He extended his hand and poked the dead slug. His head ached; without any knives, how was he going to open up the slug’s tough skin? Even if it had died, its skin’s properties had not changed.

After poking at the slug’s wound with a wooden stick, he luckily spotted the dagger that he let go of.

To be more accurate, it should not even be called a dagger anymore.

The dagger had already transformed a lot due to the blue juice’s corrosion. The handle had disappeared, and the original 25 centimeter blade had shrunk to around 10 centimeters.

Wei Xiao Bei wiped the blade with a soft cloth. Stunned, he examined the blade in his hand. Normally, the blade would be unusable and lighter after being corroded by the blue liquid.

Instead, what was left of the blade had become much heavier than the original. Furthermore, after wiping it, the blade became even more dazzling as if it had been painted with mercury.

It was clear that the changes to the dagger after being corroded could not be explained simply.

Wei Xiao Bei did not have time to question this occurrence, instead he found two soft pieces of wood to serve as a new handle, placed the blade in between, and bound it with a cloth, creating a simple but crude knife.

Afterwards, he frowned as he used the small knife to cut open the slug all the while enduring the smell.

Wei Xiao Bei retched upon fully cutting open the slug due to the strong stench flowing from the corpse..

After retching, he once again tried to endure the smell, using a wooden stick to poke around the dissected corpse. 


What is this?

Wei Xiao Bei pulled out a meatball the size of a fist from inside the slug’s corpse. The meatball was connected to a few strands of blue muscle. Following the blue muscle, he noticed that it was connected to the antennae. Moreover, the antennae let out a few sparks when he touched it.

Eh? This meatball must be the organ that produced electricity.

There were a few animals on Earth that could produce electricity, for instance the well-known electric eel. The two sides of an electric eel’s body was covered with tens of thousands of tiny electricity generators that were capable of generating 650 volts of electricity to kill its foes.

However, the slug’s meatball was slightly different. It was solid to the touch. A liquid could be seen flowing inside of its translucent flesh. He moved it closer to his nose to give it a whiff and smelled an enticing strong fragrance.

There was no doubt that the fragrance emitted from the meatball.

Wei Xiao Bei put away the meatball and used the stick to poke around some more. After he could not find anything more that attracted his attention, he returned to the small store and grabbed a few more hardtacks. He picked up his backpack and prepared to return.

Before returning, he walked over to the fallen man to check on his situation.

A huge scar from the lightning, could be seen on the man’s back. The body showed no signs of life as it gave off a faint meaty smell.

Wei Xiao Bei couldn’t help but feel speechless from the electricity that the giant slug was able to produce.

It was important to know that the electrical resistance of air was high. Although the air was currently moist which decreased the electrical resistance, breaking through 20 meters of air resistance would need the output voltage to be more than one hundred thousand volts.

The City of Terror Chapter 4 - Risky Kill

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