The City of Terror Chapter 7 - Changes In The Status Panel

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Chapter 7 - Changes In The Status Panel

After cleaning the toilet and was.h.i.+ng his b.u.t.t, Wei Xiao Bei once again lied down on the bed and paid attention to his status panel. 

The reason was because changes had appeared in his status panel.

Name: Wei Xiao Bei

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Creature Rank: 1 star

Status: (The average adult male’s status value is 10)

Strength: 10.5 (Muscle: 11, St.u.r.diness: 10)

Agility: 9.75 (Hand-eye Coordination: 9, Flexibility: 11, Reflex: 11, Balance: 8)

Vitality: 10 (Health: 9, Endurance: 11)

Intelligence: 7 (Learning: 6, Reasoning: 8)

Awareness: 9.25 (Willpower: 12, Judgement: 8, Perception: 7, Intuition: 10)

Charm: 7.2 (Courage: 10, Persuasiveness: 7, Character: 7, Leaders.h.i.+p: 5, Appearance: 7)

Skills: Shooting (Intermediate), Military Boxing (Intermediate), Electrical Work (Beginner)

Special Skill: Release Electricity (Maximum strength 5 volts. Maximum current 1 milliampere. This skill was formed after Wei Xiao Bei ate the Thunder Worm Electric Ball. Maintaining a constant output for a long period could allow this skill to level up. Using this while exercising would stimulate strength and slowly increase agility.)

Evolution Point: 100

Item on hand: None

The item on hand disappeared, since he had swallowed the Thunder Worm Electric Bal after all.

However, the effects of eating the Thunder Worm Electric Ball while he was muddleheaded had appeared.

He had obtained a special skill.

Release Electricity!

Wei Xiao Bei grabbed a ballpoint pen and produced a small spark between his fingers and its tip.

So weak!

This was Wei Xiao Bei’s first thought after releasing electricity. After seeing the electrical power the Thunder Worm produced, Wei Xiao Bei held contempt with the small amount of power he obtained.

The cause of the suffering that I experienced should due to the appearance of this special skill, but is this really all there is?

The electricity that he could produce was only 5 volts and 1 milliampere.

Whose idea was this?

A human body would still be safe even if it was exposed to 24 volts of electricity and the safety limit for electric current was 10 milliamperes.

The amount of electricity that Wei Xiao Bei could release was only enough to recharge his phone battery. The electric current was so worthless, it could only cause numbness in one finger.

Apart from this, it did not have any offensive power at all.

The good thing about this was that as long as he continued to release electricity, it would slowly level up. If he used it while exercising, his strength and agility would also increase.

The other thing he noticed was that the lightly wounded status had disappeared, and his status had returned to normal values.

After thinking about it, Wei Xiao Bei felt that there was no loss.

Right, there’s still the evolution points!

Wei Xiao Bei finally remembered about the evolution points.

A panel that seemed to explain about evolution points appeared as he thought about it.

Evolution Points: Obtained by killing creatures from the Dust World. Capable of increasing the sub-attributes of any status, skills and even special skills! It is difficult to obtain, so be careful in using them!

Wei Xiao Bei hesitated after seeing the explanation. He pondered for a bit. 

If these evolution points were actually the real deal, where should I put them?

Wei Xiao Bei had only obtained these points after fighting to the death with the Thunder Worm, so these points were indeed hard to obtain.

He did not want to waste a single point at all, especially after almost dying.

He inspected the status panel, causing more explanatory panels to appear. The information in them was almost enough to explain the happenings of his current situation.

The world that he entered after waking up from his hangover was called the Dust World.

the Dust World; a world that had a foot in reality, but at the same time, was its own individual world. The things and buildings that he had seen in the Dust World were most likely objects in the real world that had been projected into it. However, the Dust World had a special property of turning the things projected into it into ruins.

Naturally, the information about the Dust World only covered trivial matters, what mattered to him the most right now was his status.

Based on the status panel, the average status value of a human was 10, so Wei Xiao Bei’s status could be regarded as outstanding.

Wei Xiao Bei was slightly proud that his strength value was much more higher than the value of a normal person.

It could be seen from the status panel that strength was determined by muscle and st.u.r.diness.

Wei Xiao Bei’s muscle was 11 points, and his st.u.r.diness was 10 points. Combining them together gave 10.5 points to his strength.

This value was higher than an average man’s by 5%. It was not really that much higher than an average man, but the average of 10 points would have been found after summing up the strength of all adult men and dividing it by the amount of adult men surveyed.

In other words, a normal college freshmen would have at least 6 points in strength, while an adult man working in civil services would have at least 7 points, and an adult man doing hard labor in construction sites would have a strength exceeding 10 points. As for professional boxers, commandos and others, they would have at least 13 points.

On the other hand, a normal adult woman’s strength would be less than an adult man’s strength by 3-4 points.

Wei Xiao Bei’s strength had without a doubt exceeded the majority of adult male’s by at least 15%.

This proportion was already quite good. Having a 10% higher strength value was enough to gain an advantage in most 1 on 1 fights.

For the same reason, Wei Xiao Bei’s 9.75 points agility had also exceeded the normal adult man by quite a bit. Among the sub-attributes, his flexibility and reflexes were rather high. This signified that if Wei Xiao Bei was in a fight, the speed of his fists would be a lot faster than a normal adult man by more than 20%, hitting the enemy before they could even swing a punch. 

However, his balance was mediocre at only 8 points. This was probably the reason why he was always slow when crossing the balance beam when he was in the army.

His vitality was 10 points, and in it, he had 9 points in health. This means that his health was very normal compared to his other stats. Although he could not avoid common diseases like colds, the symptoms should not have that much effect on his body. However, if his luck was bad, he could still have a serious illness. His 11 points on endurance meant that he was better than most people in long distance running.

The City of Terror Chapter 7 - Changes In The Status Panel

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