The City of Terror Chapter 89

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Chapter 89 - Terrifying Giant Leg

    Naturally, his limited force made his fists slow down a bit.

    However, the security guards that were training around him watched on dumbfoundedly until he finished training. After, Wei Xiao Bei greeted his big senior apprentice brother and left the dojo, hailing a cab and returned to his apartment.

    In reality, those security guards looked down on the Cheng Clan Dojo.

    After all, they were the elites of a security firm, but they were still sent there to train. Most of the security guards were either trained in martial arts, retired army soldiers, former hoodlums, or even attained their own family's martial arts.

    Form their point of view, the Cheng Clan Dojo was only a place that fooled people.

    However, in these few days, they were convinced of his big senior apprentice brother's strength. Anyone who dared to challenge him were met with fierce retaliation.

    Moreover, Wei Xiao Bei had brought them great fear. Wei Xiao Bei was injured but still followed Captain Zheng to fight in an underground arena. Moreover, he defeated the one called 'Flying Demon' in one hit!

    This kind of matter was hard to keep as a secret between them. As they saw Wei Xiao Bei continuously knocking on the tree today, they considered things carefully. If they were the ones that were knocked against, what kind of result would occur?

    Shortly after considering it, these security guards went limp in their knees. If they tried to block in front of Wei Xiao Bei, their bones would break and they would immediately spit out blood as they died in an instant.

    This was not a joke. Just by looking at the tree shake, they were able to tell that Wei Xiao Bei was very strong.

    He was simply a bull!

    Wei Xiao Bei naturally, did not know that what he did had made the security guards much more sincere. After getting down the cab, Wei Xiao Bei went to the Fat Mama Store and bought two bottles of white wine. He also bought a few stewed-dishes and returned.

    As he entered the apartment building, he heard the sound of a man and a woman arguing in the corridor.

    Eh? What is happening?

    Wei Xiao Bei looked at the time. It was 3:07 in the afternoon.

    Other than the shut-in Zhou Li Jun, who else could be here at this time?

    It was not a, nor was it a Sunday. Other than the people with special circ.u.mstances, everyone should be at work.

    After pa.s.sing through half the corridor, he found that the sound came from Li Lan Xing and Huang Da Jun's room.

    "Huang Da Jun, are you worthy of me?" The door was not able to block out Li Lan Xing's sobbing voice at all.

    "What do you mean worthy of you? I have been with you for such a long time, yet I can't even be intimate with you. I am a man, not a robot!"

    Following Huang Da Jun's loud roar and a loud slap in the face, the door opened. What came out was Huang Da Jun with a handprint on his face.He raised his head and saw Wei Xiao Bei.

    "Xiao Bei, you've returned?" Perhaps he wanted to hide things, he forced a smile.

    "Ah, yes. Wanna come drink at my place?"

    Although he was not willing, he had no choice but to raise the food and wine in his hands and invite the other person after being called out.

    "I still have matters to attend to at the company. Maybe next time." How could Huang Da Jun go over to Wei XIao Bei's place to have a drink at this time. Moreover, they were not that close compared to how close Wei Xiao Bei was with Li Lan Xing.

    After throwing down some words, he ran out of the building as if he was being chased by wild dogs.

    Wei Xiao Bei sighed. When he turned around Li Lan Xing appeared by the door.

    "Sister Lan, are you okay?" Wei Xiao Bei was much more willing to comfort Li Lan Xing than Huang Da Jun.

    "N-no problem," Li Lan Xing's hair covered her tear-stained face as she spoke with a hoa.r.s.e voice. She did not talk to Wei Xiao Bei anymore, and went back in and closed the door. Her suppressed weeping voice echoing through the walls.

    What actually happened here?

    Wei Xiao Bei entered his room and closed the door with a sigh.

    Wei Xiao Bei more or less liked Li Lan Xing. He even had a wet dream of her back in The Dust World when he killed the Fiendish Man Fish. However, this did not mean that he was willing to break other people's relations.h.i.+ps.

    This was his principle. From any angle you looked at it, he treated Li Lan Xing, who took care of him many times, as his big sister, so he wished to her happiness.

    Sigh, let's put that aside for now.

    Wei Xiao Bei sat on his bed and temporarily forget about Li Lan Xing's matter. He opened the wine bottle and took a mouthful of it while eating the stewed dishes.

    So good. It's been so long since I've enjoyed this taste.

    If it was Wei Xiao Bei before, he would not be willing to spend more than a hundred yuan on buying the 250g stewed beef, stewed duck, and the 1kg of walnut stewed meat. But now, he was different. With more than 10,000 yuan in his bank card, spending this much for the time being, was a small matter.

    After all, eating stewed dishes was better than just drinking down the wine.

    Wei Xiao Bei devoured the food clean and drank down the wine to the last drop.

    With a bang, the wine bottle fell down the floor and Wei Xiao Bei fell asleep.




    The shaking ground the the loud sound had woken up Wei Xiao Bei.

    What is happening?

    Wei Xiao Bei hurriedly opened his eyes and looked around him.

    I have already entered The Dust World!


    What's going on?

    Wei Xiao Bei felt the ground shaking and heard the loud booming sound from his window.    

    Not good.

    Whether it was the shaking or the loud sound, both were, without a doubt, approaching his direction.

    After discovering this, he did not dare stay inside the room. He extended his hands to take his backpack and slung it behind him. His feet did not stop moving at all as he kicked open the door and left the building.

    When he was at the courtyard, he looked at where the sound and the shaking was coming from. His eyes became dull, and his mouth was wide open.

    Two big thick legs were coming towards the building. Moreover, he could only see two legs. Anything above the legs was hidden by the clouds.

    The length of the legs were more than 600 meters. Every step the thing took closed a distance of more than 400 meters. Just the powerful presence of the thing was enough to stop Wei Xiao Bei from taking another step.

    Danger! Extreme Danger!

    Whether it was the length of the legs, the shaking ground, or the imposing aura that came from it, all of them gave Wei Xiao Bei a sense of danger that he had never felt before.

    I cannot stop here!

    Wei Xiao Bei struggled for his life. It took him a while before he set himself free from the powerful presence and charged out of the courtyard, heading towards the food street.

    The food street was at a 90 degree angle from the trajectory of the huge legs. It was the only place he could safely escape to!

The City of Terror Chapter 89

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