The City of Terror Chapter 71

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Chapter 71 - Growing Taller?

    Even with such a short distance between them, Wei Xiao Bei had enough confidence to kill the Mutated White Mouse, meaning he could probably do the same to a Licker.

    Killing the two Mutated White Mouse had given Wei Xiao Bei 60 evolution points!

    He placed all of them in his sturdiness.

    Naturally, the benefits brought by 60 point was greater than the previous 30 points.

    The muscles in Wei Xiao Bei's entire body filled with an itching pain. He stabbed the end of the pitchfork into the ground and rested for a bit.

    It was clear that the change was not comfortable just by looking at how tight his grasp was on the pitchfork.

    Luckily, the pain was not as painful as when he placed 20 points into his muscle attribute.

    After two deep breaths, Wei Xiao Bei straightened his waist, wiped the sweat off his forehead, and searched through the rooms around him.

    Naturally, the appearance of the Mutated White Mouse had temporarily cancelled his plans of going up to the roof.

    After all, those Lickers were without a doubt stronger than him.

    He knew just by looking at a small portion from his battlelog.


Encounter with 2-Star Elite Creature, Lickers.

Battle has not begun.

    It was a 2-Star Elite Creature!

    This was the second time he had met a 2-Star Creature, the other one was the dead Thunder Worm.

    If the Thunder Worm's weakness had not been utilized by Wei Xiao Bei, even ten of him would be burned to the ground.

    However, it was easy to see the clear difference between a 2-Star Creature from a 1-Star Creature just by basing it on the Thunder Worm.

    From any perspective, a 2-Star Creature was a lot stronger than a 1-Star Creature. The Thunder Worm's lightning, the Licker's speed and tongue, these were already enough to be a match against modern firearms.

    Therefore, Wei Xiao Bei did not hesitate to increase his power a little more before meeting a Licker head on.

    When he noticed that it was possible for more Mutated White Mouse to exist, he paid even more attention to them.


    He kicked down the rotten door in one move and immediately used his pitchfork to pierce inside.

    However, the room did not have a Mutated White Mouse.

    The rooms in the third floor were filled with rows of medicinal compound, glass instruments, and even iron cages. Each room was quite wide so it was easy to tell if there was a Mutated White Mouse.


    Wei Xiao Bei kicked down another room and thrust his pitchfork within.

    Puff, a Mutated White Mouse that had leapt as soon as the door opened was instantly pierced by the pitchfork.

    The pitchfork had pierced through the Mutated White Mouse's mouth and through its brain, causing blood and brain juice to spill out.

    The Mutated White Mouse struggled a bit before it completely stopped moving.

    30 more evolution points.

    Wei Xiao Bei kicked off the mouse from his pitchfork and continued to search for his next target.

    In the third floor where living creatures, chemical compounds, and lab tools were found, the amount of white mouse should not be too few.

    However, he was now in The Dust World; The Dust World that was very different from reality.

    After searching the entire third floor, he had only killed 4 Mutated White Mice.

    All the evolution points he had gained were placed into his sturdiness.

    This time Wei Xiao Bei chose a room that was farthest from the corridor, hid inside, and placed his points.

    Luckily, he had foresight to consider this.

    As soon as he placed 120 evolution points into his sturdiness, the pain and change that he began going through was unimaginable fierce.


    Wei Xiao Bei's muscle began to expand as he placed in the evolution points.

    At this time, he could not control his body anymore and ended up, lying down on the floor.

    In truth, at that point of time, the pain from the muscle swelling was still a lot more lighter compared to that of the muscle reconstruction.

    However, as he thought this, the most horrific thing happened.

    Wei Xiao Bei immediately felt his back bone being pulled apart while his joints were stretched further. He could even hear the cracking sound of all his bones, as if he was being pulled apart from both ends of his body by a machine.

    The pain was not at all inferior to the muscle reconstruction.

    Every time his joints were pulled, his muscles, ligaments, skin, and other parts of his body reorganized themselves, making him feel as if his body was being cut by a sword over and over again.

    If he had not experienced this kind of pain before, he would have probably fainted from the excruciating pain.

    The pain continued for 20 seconds and then abruptly disappeared.

    Afterwards, Wei Xiao Bei felt weak in his body. He struggled to even get a bottle of water from his backpack and chugged it all at once.

    After sweating so much twice, he felt that he was at his limits. He had no choice but to decrease his water reserves a bit.

    He felt the water flow down into his stomach, making him feel strangely happy.

    It was like his cells were happy after feeling his body reorganize.

    He felt pleasant and comfortable.

    At this time, he wanted to lie down on the floor and sleep for a few hours, using the feeling of comfort after being tired as a pretext.

    However, he knew that this place was not safe.

    Just the possibility that those Lickers could appear in front of him did not allow him to let his guard down.

    Wei Xiao Bei climbed back up, tightly grasped his pitchfork, and walked back to the corridor.

    His expanded muscles had increased his weight by a bit, causing his footsteps to become a little heavier than before.

    After walking for a while, Wei Xiao Bei suddenly felt that there was something wrong. He immediately walked towards a wall and made a marker of his height on it using his fingers.

    So it was like that. I had actually grown taller!

    Wei Xiao Bei's fully grown height was 171 cm, but now, he could visually gauge that he had grown close to 180cm.

    In such a short amount of time, I had actually grown by almost 10 centimeters!

    It was no wonder that I felt such severe pain.

    If it was another person that had grown 10 centimeters in such a short amount of time, they would have probably died from the pain.

    Hehe. I have grown ten centimeters. Hehe.

    Just like a regular person, Wei Xiao Bei did not oppose having an increase in height, on the contrary he even felt happy about it.

    After all, society was too materialistic. Their demand on a man's height was too much.

    Men must have money, talent, appearance, and the something that was most essential was height.

The City of Terror Chapter 71

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