The Cold Regent Keeps A Fox As A Consort Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 — Bumping into Nanling's Highness

"Burn this damn beast to death. If it manages to escape, all your heads will fall!" The youth's expression warped as he stared at the firefox, his wounded leg still aching painfully.

The firefox instinctively jumped from the fire in pain, wanting to escape. But eunuchs barricaded all sides of the firepit, everytime the firefox tried to leave, they would ruthlessly hit it with a long wooden stick to keep it inside.

They didn't want to lose their life over a beast.

Xiao Xi's was anxious, how could she rescue the firefox?

The youth suddenly noticed the little fox -that had fled, was actually not very far from them, seemingly concerned for firefox in the bonfire. The corners of his mouth pulled up into a mocking sneer, it was because of that little beast that his leg was bitten. He wasn't going to let that beast get away.

The young man dashed towards the little fox. At the same time, the young girl saw what he was doing and also followed after him.

"Imperial Brother, Let's catch the little beast together."

Xiao Xi spotted the two siblings rushing over, and her expression quickly changed to fear, she instantly moved her legs.

"Damn little beast, I don't believe that this prince can't catch you tonight!"

The youth gritted his teeth from the pain in his leg, and continued to chase after the little fox with resentment.

"Stop running, once this Princess caught you, you'll be sorry!"

She will avenge her wounded Imperial Brother, by catching the beast, skinning it and then hacking it into pieces.

Xiao Xi ran for her life, while internally worrying about the firefox, but right now, even surviving was hard for her, so how can she afford to save the firefox?

The two young siblings persistently chased Xiao Xi. Their distance gradually became shorter, only two more steps and they could finally catch the wretched beast.

Xiao Xi was scared to death, she knew that if she was in the cruel sibling's hands again, she would suffer a fate worse than death.

Suddenly, a "white wall" appeared before Xiao Xi's eyes. Even if she wanted to stop, she couldn't, so she crashed right into it.

She really had bad luck!

Xiao Xi mourned for herself, her white body fell to the ground, and like a ball, rolled a few times. She crawled up dizzily, to keep running, but in front of her was a foot cladded in white leather boots and shiny gems embedded on top of it…

Who was this tycoon?

Xiao Xi instinctively raised her fluffy head. But in front… Was a pure white silk underwear…

Xiao Xi's brain short circuited, she actually made her way into someone's robe and saw their crotch……

Xiao Xi was extremely embarrassed, with trembling paws, she moved backwards. A pair of eyes watched her every move, Xiao Xi's cheeks immediately warmed and she raised her head again.

A frosted jade mask, and splendid crescent like ebony eyes that bewitches one's soul.

This was… His Highness of Nanling country?

No wonder the siblings didn't try to get her, even if they had the guts to, they wouldn't dare to grab the little fox from underneath His Highness of Nanling country's robe.

"Your Majesty of Nanling, that little beast is my Imperial Sister and I's foolish pet. I apologize deeply for disturbing Your Majesty, and ask Your Majesty to not blame us."

The youth quickly improvised. Gasping for a moment, then without hurry, he said to the Prince.

The young girl also arrived beside the youth, seeing such a beautiful figure, she looked up only to see a mask of white jade. Her heart was filled with curiosity, this was the Highness of Nanling Country? Truly, it was unfortunate that the jade mask was covering his face.

The little fox heard what was said, and frantically shook her head at Nan Gongyin, it was not their pet, those kids were lying.

Nan Gongyin watched as the little fox shook it's head and paws, those pair of intelligent fox eyes revealed fear, and surprise flashed in his obscurely indifferent moon like eyes.

Sellychi: First meeting of:  

     Hottie 1: Sees him naked
     Hottie 2: Sees his underwear
*blushblush* Oh my Xiao Xi how lewd~

Sitrus: wuwuwuwuw >///

Nubilus: Very noic3.

The Cold Regent Keeps A Fox As A Consort Chapter 28

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