The Cold Regent Keeps A Fox As A Consort Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 — Imperial Uncle

The siblings also saw the little fox shaking its head. Their eyes flashed with surprise, this beast was actually spiritual?

Regarding the rumours concerning spirits, the Eastern Jin Dynasty's "Shan Hai Jing"1 written records stated that -though very mysteriously, no one has ever seen a genuine spiritual beast. It was probably due to the current situation that the little fox was forced to reveal itself.

The youth's eyes slightly flickered, this spiritual little beast can not be given to Nan Gongyin.

He stepped forward, reaching out to catch the little fox.

Xiao Xi was frightened, she angrily glared at Nan Gongyin, this man and the youth were both a bunch of heartless monsters, they didn't even have any sympathy towards a little fox.

When the little fox was about to be caught by the youth, it dodged and once again and made it's way under Nan Gongyin's robe.

This time, Nan Gongyin can't do anything to the little fox considering it wasn't an ordinary animal, since it understood human words, and used it's eyes to stare and convey it's anger. It meant that, if people understood something, it can understand too.

The youth failed to catch the little fox, and seeing it hide under Nan Gongyin….under his crotch, his face turned unsightly.

"Damn little beast, Your Majesty of Nanling, please move your feet, allow me to catch the little beast and make it properly apologize to you."

Make the beast apologize to that man? It was amazing how the youth thought of that as an excuse.

Under the white jade mask, Nan Gongyin's expression changed slightly, he moved his feet away, but the little fox was nowhere to be found….

The youth saw the empty ground, and his heart turned upset, damn little beast, where did it go?

Suddenly, the youth saw a familiar figure under the moonlit path, full of indifference.

"Imperial Uncle."

The youth respectfully greeted Feng Lingran.

"Imperial Uncle."

The young girl also bowed her head, her eyes flashed with nervousness. She also gave him a respectful greeting.

Nan Gongyin wasn't surprised at Feng Lingran's appearance, his mysterious  moon like eyes glanced at a lump in Feng Lingran's royal robe, the lapel of his robe was also messed up. His eyes flashed with understanding.

At that moment.

Xiao Xi was hiding in Feng Lingran's robes. Her fluffy body was curled up and trembling. Tonight, she encountered too many frights. If her good eyesight hadn't spot Feng Lingran just a moment ago, perhaps… she would have ended up in the youth's hands.

His Highness of Nanling country…never had the intentions to save it, he stood watching from the sidelines…observing with an equally indifferent expression.

Feng Lingran didn't immediately pull out the little fox. His handsome deity like face was cold, he seemingly moved like nothing was wrong and swept his eyes over the youth's leg.

"How did your leg get injured?"

"To answer Imperial Uncle, it was bitten by a cunning little fox, this Imperial Nephew is currently trying to find that vile beast."

While mentioning, anger burst in Feng Tiancheng's heart, wishing that he could immediately find the little fox, pull off it's skin, eat it's meat and drink it's blood.

So what if little beast was spiritual? Whoever dares hurt his leg will have to pay a painful price.

Xiao Xi's fluffy face was held against Feng Lingran's bare chest. There was no barrier stopping her from smelling his body's top quality scent, but now wasn't the time to fantasize about handsome men. She spread her four paws and clung tightly to Feng Lingran, afraid that he would sell her out.

They had a uncle and nephew bond, yet she was just a mere little fox.

Xiao Xi's heart was filled with grief, she blinked and two tears were shed.

Handsome man, by all means please don't give this fox away, otherwise this fox might get killed….

When Feng Lingran felt the little fox hug tighter, he became still, and when a cool liquid fell on his chest, his charcoal eyes turned darker.


1 An encyclopedia of geography, mythology, folklore, history of science, religion, ethnology, medicine, combined all into one book. You can read more about it here

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The Cold Regent Keeps A Fox As A Consort Chapter 29

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