The Corpse Ruler Confuses the World, All Seven Husbands Are Devils Chapter 36

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“Beauty, beauty…”

Seeing that Mo Qinghan had neared Leng Hanling to a distance of only two steps, about to throw herself onto him, Leng Hanling could only push his leg against her stomach, preventing her from advancing any closer to him.

Mo Qinghan staggered forwards, only to realize that there was some kind of force stopping her from embracing the man in front of her. Lowering her head, her intoxicated vision could only hazily see a white and slender leg pressing against her stomach, faintly emitting the vigorous scent of men. Discarding her wine cup, she lowered her head to grab at that leg, rubbing her face against it.

Ah~ It really smelled just like a man.

A drop of saliva trailed out of her mouth. Mo Qinghan wiped it away, feeling her eyes burn red with pa.s.sion. Reaching outwards, she tugged away at Leng Hanling’s shoes, revealing an expanse of tender skin. Afterwards she turned her attention above the feet.

Leng Hanling felt himself become even more shocked. He hadn’t thought that after Mo Qinghan removed his shoes, she would still have the face to try and fondle his legs. As she prepared to embrace him fully, he became even more embittered, raising his leg and sending it towards Mo Qinghan with as much force as he could muster.

As she had already been unsteady, Leng Hanling’s kick sent her flying to the floor. Her forehead collided against on of the sandalwood corners of the couch, small droplets of blood trickling down the skin and gradually turning into steady streams of red.

The blood dropped onto the floor, staining the floor with crimson splotches.

At hearing the crash inside of the room, the princess’s bodyguards immediately rushed inside. They were greeted with the sight of the Fourth Princess slumped against the couch, covered with blood, and an extremely beautiful young man sitting on a chair and calmly sipping at tea beside her. The initial sight of the beautiful young man was enough to daze the bodyguards for a few moments and give them pause, until they regained their bearings and promptly surrounded him. The leader of the bodyguards rushed to the Mo Qinghan’s side, checking on her situation. If there were any serious injuries to her person, then they had already captured the culprit, sparing themselves from death.

“Prin… Princess…” the leader of the bodyguards calmly said.

Seeing that Mo Qinghan gave no reaction, the leader of the bodyguards felt her heart sink. They were finished, only disaster was left for them!

Helpless for something to do, she paced around Mo Qinghan’s body. Crouching down into a squat, she reached down to press down on Mo Qinghan’s nose, hoping to feel a breath.

Mo Qinghan suddenly opened her eyes. Immediately she reached for the bodyguard’s sword, in the s.p.a.ce of a breath piercing the bodyguard’s heart with it. The lead bodyguard stared wide-eyed in shock towards Mo Qinghan; her last dying thought was why this princess had suddenly woke up, and furthermore stabbed her immediately afterwards.

Mo Qinghan pulled the sword out of the bodyguard’s body, then kicked it. She spit a mouthful of what was either blood or saliva towards the corpse. “Idiot, trying to obstruct my breathing, are you trying to kill me?”

The bodyguards that had been surrounding Leng Hanling stared at Mo Qinghan with shock, their bodies breaking out into cold tremors. Although they had always known that the princess was cruel and heartless, that women had previously been the princess’s most trusted aide. The princess had always relied on her; who would have thought that just because of this small matter, she would have been killed so mercilessly.

The blood on Mo Qinghan’s forehead trailed down. As she wiped away the blood that dripped in front of her eyes, it smeared onto the rest of her skin. Mo Qinghan grabbed the sword, slowly advancing towards Leng Hanling’s direction.

Her current appearance was reminiscent of a b.l.o.o.d.y reaper coming to demand a life. All of the bodyguards felt their hearts shake in extreme fear, unable to stop themselves from backing away.

The Corpse Ruler Confuses the World, All Seven Husbands Are Devils Chapter 36

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