The Corpse Ruler Confuses the World, All Seven Husbands Are Devils Chapter 37

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Seeing that Leng Hanling was still staring at her with an expression of disdain, Mo Qinghan became extremely furious.

This was the first time that a man had ever refused her advances, as well as the first time a man had injured her. This was something that the extremely proud and arrogant Mo Qinghan could not tolerate.

“Someone, quickly go and restrain him!” Mo Qinghan’s voice was extremely hoarse. Her eyes glared angrily at Leng Hanling, as if she wanted to crush him right then and there.

The bodyguards stared at each other in equal dismay, extremely frightened by Mo Qinghan’s appearance. After a moment, they jolted back into action, surrounding him.

‘”Have you even heard what this Princess said? I told you to go and restrain him!” Mo Qinghan became even more angry, loudly bellowing at the bodyguards.

The bodyguards seemed to snap out of their dazes. Immediately they grabbed Leng Hanling, restraining his body. Leng Hanling, being surrounded by so many people and having no magic power, could only let them grab onto him, unable to move a muscle/

While he was being restrained, Leng Hanling could only mentally curse Mu Tianlang: that damned wolf demon, sealing all my magic so that even this crowd of weak mortals can defeat me. See how I get my revenge!

The previous scene had sobered Mo Qinghan a great deal. She walked in front of Leng Hanling, staring down at his face while tracing the edge of her sword against his neck. Giving a cold chuckle, she slowly said, “You lowly mute, daring to try and injure my head, are you really that tired of living?”

Seeing that Leng Hanling still stared at her with a disdainful look, as if he didn’t feel any guilt for injuring her, Mo Qinghan became extremely enraged. “Good, then this princess will let you know the true consequences of offending me!”

“I want you to pin him to the bed and tie his limbs to all four corners. When this princess is done with him, then I’ll leave him in your hands, you can do whatever you want to him afterwards.” Saying this, her beautiful face twisted into a grotesque smile, appearing extremely malevolent. “This princess wants to see if this arrogant trash is worth eating.”

Hearing this, the bodyguards forgot their fear. Instead they laughed mockingly, mimicking the princess. “Hahaha… our princess is indeed wise…!”

“That’s right, let’s see if this trash will still dare to be arrogant after this. Hahaha…”

A stream of extremely filthy and obscene phrases were spit out by the Fourth Princess and her bodyguards.

Leng Hanling’s red pupils dilated with a trace of fear. These women were capable of insane antics he knew all too well. Right now he was only equivalent to an ordinary mortal, incapable of resisting them. Could it really be that he had blindly cultivated for thousands of years and all for nothing? In the end he was restrained and humiliated by a group of mortal women. Suddenly in his mind that thin, apathetic face appeared again. Leng Hanling’s vision momentarily turned soft. She, just like that previous time, would she save him again?

Mo Qingli and Feng Chenling walked to the entrance of her residence. Suddenly her heart jolted slightly, a bad premonition pressing against her mind. “Why don’t you two return to the residence first, I have something to attend to.”

Barely after she had finished speaking, Mo Qingli had already vanished, leaving behind a shocked Feng Chenling and Feng Qingjue.

Bang! The door to Mo Qinghan’s residence was suddenly kicked open. The bodyguards paused their assault on Leng Hanling’s clothes, following the source of the sound.

In front of the door stood a single silhouette.

Leng Hanling fought with even more strength, resisting the hands that were pressing down on him as he stared outside the door. Inside his heart was beginning to beat in hope. Was it her, was she here to save him?

The Corpse Ruler Confuses the World, All Seven Husbands Are Devils Chapter 37

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