The Corpse Ruler Confuses the World, All Seven Husbands Are Devils Chapter 38

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Mo Qingli had originally been calm, merely feeling that something not quite right had happened, as jiangs.h.i.+s possessed extremely keen intuitions. Only, only what happened, why was she feeling so anxious now?

After leaving Feng Chenling and the others behind in the residence, she simply leaped from rooftop to rooftop aimlessly. However, that nagging feeling in her mind had only grown stronger and stronger. Finally she stopped on top of one of the eaves, facing the moonlight and lowly chanting something under her breath. After a while, her forehead became slick and s.h.i.+ny with sweat.

Suddenly her eyes emitted a golden-red light, reflecting the pale silver glow of the moonlight. Her entire body was aglow with gold, red and silver light; if anyone had witnessed the scene, they would have dismissed it as a dream or fantasy.

Within Mo Qingli’s mind appeared the inside of the Fourth Princess’s residence. Leng Hanling was being restrained by a crowd of bodyguards on the ground while they pulled at his clothing, his eyes filled with helplessness and even a tinge of fear.

f.u.c.k, Leng Hanling was in danger. How did she forget about him!

Since he had been able to transform into a human, that proved his cultivation was indeed very deep. However, to be restrained and humiliated by a crowd of human women to this degree, that must have been extremely damaging to his psyche!

Mo Qingli blinked and the light receded, as if it had never been there in the first place. Her face was pale from exertion. Wiping away the sweat that had gathered on her forehead, her gaze turned towards the direction of the Fourth Princess’s residence. With a quiet leap, her silhouette gradually disappeared into the darkness.

When she arrived to the gates of the Fourth Princess’s residence, all of the bodyguards were unconscious at the floor. Mo Qingli felt some degree of astonishment but didn’t dare to dwell on it as she tried to remember desperately where Mo Qinghan’s bedroom was, racing towards it.

As she arrived to Mo Qinghan’s bedroom, she realized that there were more unconscious bodyguards littering the floor in a ma.s.s of limbs. Reaching a hand out to grab a bodyguard’s nose and check for a breath, she felt slightly relieved as she confirmed that the woman was not dead.

Mo Qingli cautiously continued into the room. Seeing the scene inside, she couldn’t help but feel extremely shocked, before breaking into unreserved, violent laughter.

Mo Qinghan heard the sound of laughter echoing in her ears, wrinkling her eyebrows. Every part of her body felt like it had been snapped apart; even moving the slightest inch would result in an extremely agonizing pain throughout her entire body. By the time Mo Qinghan finally managed to crack open her eyelids, she only caught a glimpse of a golden robe before the pain overwhelmed her and she returned to unconsciousness.

Mo Qingli laughed until her stomach was starting to feel painful, walking to Mo Qinghan’s side. Who would have thought that this tyrannical Mo Qinghan would also have a day where she would fall from grace. Her clothes were ripped to shreds, and her skin was marked with deep, b.l.o.o.d.y claw wounds. However, her face had fared the worst, now resembling one of a toad. Black b.u.mps dotted all over her face, the skin there black and blue, not a single spot unblemished.

But what made Mo Qingli laugh the most was that the Princess was tied spread-eagled to the bedposts, her body forming a 大 shape on the bed. The areas where her clothes had been ripped spelled out “lewd”.

This, was this something that the little fox had done?

Hehe… he really was too cute!

The nagging feeling in Mo Qingli’s mind disappeared. Her pupils looked around the surroundings, scrutinizing. Although that fox seemed to be alright, there was no reason to have come pointlessly. At the very least, she could take something to reimburse her time.

It was just that the Purifying Fantasy Fruit was nowhere in the room.

Enraged, Mo Qingli stomped against the ground, returning to Mo Qinghan’s room. Seeing the unconscious Mo Qinghan, she angrily kicked the already injured body, her face twisted with anger. “Where’s that Purifying Eternal Fruit? I searched your entire residence but it’s gone. It really serves you right for being beat up by that devil to this state!”

The Corpse Ruler Confuses the World, All Seven Husbands Are Devils Chapter 38

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