The Corpse Ruler Confuses the World, All Seven Husbands Are Devils Chapter 65

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To bystanders, Mo Qinghan’s actions appeared to be compassionate towards Mo Qingli. It wasn’t until a while after, when Mo Qingli’s face was rubbed a blood red, that she finally released her hands.

Combined with the now dirtied clothing on Mo Qingli, Mo Qinghan felt extremely satisfied.

“Sixth Sister, don’t worry. Your Fourth Sister believes that definitely didn’t do anything like this. I’ll be sure to try and convince Mother.”

Mo Qingli ignored the fiery hot pain burning on her cheeks. Instead, she parted her cherry-red lips slightly. “Scram!”

There was not a single bit of warmness in her tone.


Mo Qingqin slapped Mo Qingli’s face, adding on another flare of redness to the already injured cheek. “Do you think that you’re something right now?  Aren’t you just the worthless daughter of a servant? If it weren’t for Mother taking pity on you and raising your status to one of a princess’s, do you think that you could have become what you are now? Who would have thought that you didn’t have any sense of gratitude, to even dare to lay hands your own mother’s consort!”

She slapped Mo Qingli’s face again. Now, the redness was symmetrical on both sides.


Mo Qingli struggled to restrain her teeth while she spat out this word. If they kept up this treatment of her any further, she couldn’t guarantee that she wouldn’t explode in fury and bite them.

Mo Qingqin thought back to how Mo Qingli had told the Empress to deliver her to the Xiaoyao Dynasty, and fury overtake her. Raising a hand, she prepared to deliver another slap. However, at meeting Mo Qingli’s stare, which was full of killing intent, she withdrew her hand, not daring to land the blow.

She noticed that Mo Qingli’s eyes seemed to fill with a golden light. However, it passed by too quickly, returning to normal in the flash of a second, leaving Mo Qingqin wondering if she had imagined it.

“Second Princess, Fourth Princess, the Empress requests your presence.”

Hearing the voice, Mo Qingqin quickly withdrew her hand. However, she still made sure to hatefully look at Mo Qingli. “I won’t bother with you right now, but you better be careful.”

After issuing the threat, she angrily left the scene.

Mo Qinghan watched Mo Qingqin leave first, and then turned her attention to Mo Qingli. Gleefully, she whispered, “Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to properly take care of Feng Chenling.”

Without looking back, she, too, entered the Dream Pavilion.

“Mother Empress!”

Two people spoke simultaneously.

“You have arrived.” The Empress watched the two of them haggardly.

It looked as Ouyang Haoxuan held a deep importance in the Empress’s heart. In the Imperial Harem of over three thousand beauties, only Ouyang Haoxuan alone was pampered by the Empress.

“Is Consort Xuan alright?” Mo Qinghan inquired softly.

The Empress waved her hand. “Why don’t we leave first, and let him have a proper rest.”

They walked out of the Empress’s chambers and into the main hall. The Empress sat slowly onto her throne before beckoning a pair of maidservants beside her. “Go outside, and bring back that Sixth Princess.”

Mo Qingli entered the Imperial Hall and was met with the Empress’s sallow and furious stare. From the side she could see Mo Qingqin and Mo Qinghan as well, both looking at her with derision and glee.

“Shameful! When you meet your Empress you dare not to kneel!” The Empress stood up, throwing the teacup on her table forcefully at Mo Qingli. The cup broke on impact, leaving two or three deep cuts against the already reddened face. A drop of blood slowly trailed down her cheek; Mo Qingli extended her tongue, lightly licking away the blood by her mouth.

This was the second time she was tasting her own blood.

The first time was because of Mo Qingyu. The second time was due to the Empress.

Although, she had to say, the taste of her own blood really wasn’t anything!

The Corpse Ruler Confuses the World, All Seven Husbands Are Devils Chapter 65

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