The Corpse Ruler Confuses the World, All Seven Husbands Are Devils Chapter 66

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Hehe… it looked like she really was becoming more useless as time went on. She had only wanted to focus on cultivating, blindly dreaming of flying to a higher plane. But as she had been unwilling to wait for the heavenly calamity, helpless for another solution, she had exploited her friends’ strengths to sneak into the Heavenly Realm. Not only had her transgression been noticed, but she had been forced into the mortal world as well!

And now, it seemed like she was being humiliated by three mortals, of all things.

“What are you laughing at?”

The Empress’s voice began to become more and more shrill. Those that understood her knew that the Empress was entering a state of rage.

Mo Qingli easily shrugged off the ropes binding her body. She turned to look at the Empress, her voice cold. “I am laughing at the fact that someone like you became an Empress, yet you can’t even see the facts laid out in front of you! I am innocent of everything you’ve accused me of. It was that man who threw himself at me, and then purposefully fell into the river, yet you accuse me of harassing him! Hehe… this is really too laughable.”

“Why would Consort Xuan do something like that? He doesn’t gain anything by doing this.” Mo Qinqin, seeing Mo Qingli’s arrogant attitude, became angered to the point of exploding.

“Hehe… the reason? Of course it’s because of his precious nephew.” Saying up to this point, Mo Qingli didn’t bother to elaborate any further. The evidence had already been laid out clearly.

After hearing Mo Qingli’s words, the Empress furrowed her eyebrows, considering Mo Qingli’s words.

Mo Qingqin noticed the Empress’s doubts. She had no wish to see Mo Qingli excused by even a hair’s breadth. “Mother Empress, don’t listen to her mixing up truth and fiction. Who doesn’t know that before Consort Xuan was married off, she would run into the Prime Minister’s house every day!”

Mixing up truth and fiction? Mo Qingli wanted to slap that stupid woman to death. Who was the one really mixing up truth and fiction? At the time when Mo Qingli visited the Prime Minister’s house every day, wasn’t it obviously because she wanted to see Ouyang Yunbo?

“There was something like that?” The Empress turned her head to look at Mo Qingqin.

“Of course,” Mo Qingqin said, hurriedly nodding her head, her face solemn. “If Mother Empress doesn’t believe me, she can ask anyone. This kind of happening is something everyone knows about.”

As the Empress spent some more time considering, a servant suddenly rushed from the inner chambers. “Reporting to the Empress, Consort Xuan has awakened.”

Hearing this news, the Empress did not spend any more time on Mo Qingli, instead rushing inside to the inner chambers.

Seeing the Empress leave, the previously silent Mo Qinghan decided to speak. “Who would have thought the so-called stupid Sixth Princess was really this sly?”

Seeing the ropes scattered around Mo Qingli, her laughter became more shallow. “Sixth Sister’s martial arts must be really amazing. With this kind of thick rope, you managed to escape from it without expending any effort at all.”

“Why are speaking nonsense with her right now? Why don’t you hurriedly imprison her in the dungeon!” Mo Qingqin shouted.

Mo Qingli didn’t bother to acknowledge her. She walked to the side and sat down, picking up a cup of tea and drinking the contents. She had already said too many words today—if she didn’t drink water now, she would have died of thirst!

Seeing Mo Qingli’s uncaring attitude, Mo Qingqin became more and more furious the more she stared. She walked over to Mo Qingli, ready to slap her sister, when suddenly Mo Qingli grabbed her hand before she could move.

“Let go!” Mo Qingqin’s face was extremely red.

Pa! Mo Qingli used her other hand to slap against Mo Qingqin’s left cheek. “Do you really think that you’re something, that I’m too scared to move against you?”

The Corpse Ruler Confuses the World, All Seven Husbands Are Devils Chapter 66

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