The Corpse Ruler Confuses the World, All Seven Husbands Are Devils Chapter 67

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Afterwards, Mo Qingli did not pay any more attention to Mo Qinqin. The hand that had grabbed Mo Qingqin’s arm released, and then grabbed the teacup again, returning it to her mouth.

“Mo Qinghan.” This was the first time Mo Qingli had said Mo Qinghan’s name. Before, when she had first transmigrated into this body, she had thought of using the customs and honorifics of this body to blend in. She hadn’t expected that the more she spoke like this, the more people thought it would be easy to bully her.

“If you dare to touch a single hair on Feng Chenling’s head, I promise that I will find a way to make you wish you were dead.” Mo Qingli apathetically said these words, as if the person she was threatening wasn’t Mo Qinghan, but someone else.

Yet just like that was enough to make Mo Qinghan’s body fill with cold sweat. Mo Qingli’s methods were not something completely unknown to her; she had heard before that it was Mo Qingli who had blinded Mo Qingyu.

But, could she really renounce Feng Chenling?

At that time, when she had first seen Feng Chenling, Mo Qingli had felt her heart tremble fiercely with some unknown emotion. From her very root of her bones she felt as if the only reason she was born in this world was to look for him.

What a pity, he unexpectedly was Mo Qingli’s concubine.

This made Mo Qinghan extremely unreconciled.


Mo Qingli only saw that the world in front of her seemed to be covered with red, as if the enter world had turned red. She raised a hand to rub her eyes, only to realize that it was still red.

Lowering her head, she saw her hands, which were covered entirely with blood. She finally realized that all the blood she saw was hers.

All she could feel was pain.

Mo Qingli thought back to Feng Chenling, that clean and spotless man. When she had sucked his blood, did it feel this painful too?

“Go die! Hahaha…!” Mo Qingqin raised the porcelain glass again, crazily laughing.

Mo Qinghan also began to laugh. She had always wished for this woman to die; that way, Feng Chenling would naturally be hers!

Just as the two of them were merrily celebrating, Mo Qingqin suddenly felt her lower jaw being struck by something with immense force. She could hear even the sounds of the bones in her jaws breaking.

“You, seek, death!” Mo Qingli kicked Mo Qingqin’s stomach, forcing her into the air. Before she could fall, however, Mo Qingli gripped her neck and pushed her to a wall.

As Mo Qingqin’s feet left the floor further and further upwards, she could feel her face becoming more and more pale. Her breaths were also becoming more and more shallow. This was the closest to death she had ever been.

“Let go!” Mo Qinghan forcefully hit Mo Qingli on the lower back. Mo Qingli could only feel something extremely sweet propelling up her mouth. She knew, naturally, what the thing was, and told herself to endure as she swallowed it back down. Turning around, her eyes began to glow with a bloodthirsty golden color. With her other hand she gripped Mo Qinghan’s neck as well, lifting her to the same elevation as Mo Qingqin.

Mo Qinghan’s martial arts were better than Mo Qingqin’s. As Mo Qingli gripped her neck, her hands and feet fought viciously, struggling to hit Mo Qingli and escape the hold.

But Mo Qingli could hardly care about this. As time went on, her grip on their necks became more and more tight. Gradually, both Mo Qinghan and Mo Qingqin wore warped expressions of extreme pain, their faces a ghost-white shade. The two hands that were struggling against Mo Qingli slumped to the side, no longer resisting. It could be said that at this point none of them had the ability to retaliate. Their consciousness became more and more fuzzy, their expressions slackening. It was as if in another moment, both of them would be leaving this world!

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The Corpse Ruler Confuses the World, All Seven Husbands Are Devils Chapter 67

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