The Crimson Dragon Chapter 73

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Translator: Kuhaku Chisaac

Chapter 73

Appearing in front of Claudius was a mushroom man with grapefruit-colored fungus, and it was clear that the mushroom man had become the leader of the mushroom people. The leader of the mushroom people didn’t do any work. Through various languages and body movements, the leader ordered the mushroom people to do multiple tasks. This mushroom man had a glowing halo on the bottom of his feet. Claudius decided to grab the mushroom man to look at his stats. “Well, this mushroom man is a heroic unit. I will just call you Grapefruit.” The Red Dragon glanced at it and gave the mushroom a name.

There was no surprise in the mushroom man’s stats.  On the line, there were only question marks. There was a sentence after the question marks. The sentence was written in small letters saying, “I wiped the mushroom.” The mushroom man still had the halo under his feet. This halo is called “G.o.d-foot”. The effect of the G.o.d-foot is still unknown. “I feel like I’ve heard this name somewhere.” While reading the text, Claudius slowly lets go of the small mushroom man.”

The goblins’ building skills were very good. After they finished building their houses, new baby goblins started to pop out … “I wonder. What is the pregnancy rate of the goblins?” Claudius said. “It won’t be long before the goblins start to follow me around.”

Fortunately, the goblins did not know how to grow food. They rely on the industrious mushroom farmers to provide food, so their growth rate is controlled by the mushroom leader and the Dragon Soldier leader. Also, the mushroom people’s population started to grow ever since the mushroom leader emerged. Almost every day, there were several mushrooms in the mushroom plant. Soon, the number of people on the island became four digits. The growth of the dragon teeth soldiers became slower. Besides the new half dragon teeth soldier, the original dragon teeth soldiers didn’t have any growth at all.

This morning, Minerva gave Claudius a large pile of parchments. Frankly, Claudius didn’t understand anything that was written on it. But he did know that it was a floor plan. “Are you saying you want to build a shrine?” This is not a problem. But there are not many stones here that can be used to make a shrine. But which G.o.d do you want to wors.h.i.+p? Jupiter? Or do you want a shrine for yourself? Claudius thought it was quite interesting and immediately agreed.

The mushroom people began to mine for stones. These guys are really born to be farmers, masons, blacksmiths, builders and so on. Goblins have joined in on the project, and they were speeding up the progress. At the same time, they caused a number of explosion accidents. The explosions killed many of the goblins. But the goblins’engineering has made considerable progress. In any case, the goblins’ population is growing quite fast. It is fine if a few of them die.

This time, Claudius received a letter from Brittany.”You guys in trouble?” The red dragon spread its wings and flew towards the battlefield. Indeed, there was trouble. The friends of justice had a.s.sembled, and had repeatedly attacked the logistic positions of the Orc army and carried out decapitation tactics. Sylvia, Brittany and hundreds and thousands of people fought on a small battlefield.

Right now, the good guys are not fighting badly. Thanks to Claudius, he attracted the attention of the more powerful guys. The beautiful and n.o.ble Silver dragon now became a capable businesswoman and adventurer. She joined the war in the name of the G.o.d of Justice. She had used her influence as a n.o.bleman and her financial resources to support the elves.

Silver Dragon is also a spell master. She has a.s.sembled the bronze dragon Achilles and other powerful paladins and druids, which have been a great blow to the Orc army in several battles. They burned the food of the orcs. Sylvia and Brittany were taken by surprise. Now, as a result of the Silver Dragon’s attack, the front-line of orcs has lost their courage and morale. This caused Sylvia and Brittany to put more effort into helping the army and stopping the attack on the elves. So they called Claudius.

The Red Dragon went in alone. He did not want to put his men into the battlefield. The mighty Red Dragon is about to enter the mainland. At this time, a magic spell was activated. Many chain-like lights started to wound Claudius’s body.

Ambush. These guys were able to detect my whereabouts and set up a trap beforehand. So, magic like this can always give you an unexpected surprise! The Red Dragon growled and landed straight on the ground to avoid being a fully exposed target in the air.

There are several people on the ground waiting for him. There was the druid in fur, the priest in the robes, the Mage, and the Paladin as s.h.i.+ny as the light bulb. Finally, there were some guys who were dressed in not adventure like clothes. But, they were the most dangerous ones.

The leader is a tall, beautiful lady. Her hand holding a knife and she also had a s.h.i.+ning dazzling magic sword. They were all tiny compared to the giant red dragon. The body and appearance of Claudius, whether it is the human or the Dragon form, had a majestic and charming feel. The tall, beautiful lady, had a Knight outfit. The woman said, “it’s been a long time.” Crimson Disaster! You should have stayed on your island. Why did you come to die? “Ah ha ha, this lady. Ah no, this Dragon Lady. I didn’t get your name. How do you have so much confidence in knowing that you will kill me? Oh, yes, and you… The red dragon, wrapped in flames, grunted and answered the words of the silver dragon in a frivolous tone.

The Crimson Dragon Chapter 73

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