The Crimson Dragon Chapter 74

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Translator: Kuhaku Chisaac

Chapter 74

The Red Dragon’s huge body stood on the ground. The huge, metal-like jaws were open. The Red Dragon roared with laughter, “Stop with this nonsense. Let’s fight."

Such a roar made all attempts to speak a little tactful. The druids tried to persuade the red dragon to stop fighting. The priest gave up on that idea. Many of these soldiers have seen the destructive power of the Red Dragon. So the last thing they want to do is fight. But looking at the huge red Dragon’s body–from the chin to the tip of the tail, he is almost just over 40 meters in length. In the land of FeiLun, you can not find a 40 meters long true dragon. You would have to go into a dragon’s nest to find one. For example, in the silver dragon’s memory, there is one silver dragon who had the same length as Claudius, but his power is far inferior to Claudius.

His jaws, claws, hind legs, wings, and tails were not his only weapons. He also has his serrated teeth from the back of his head to his tail. The Red Dragon was basically a weapon armed from top to bottom. The guy was more ruthless than the tooth dragon. What’s more, the reason why Claudius is called the “Red disaster” was because of his famous Flames. His Flames seems to burn at a high temperature and shoot out like a laser beam. No one knows how powerful his Flames are, but it is on the same level as the old dragon’s flames.

The magical chains, summoned by the magic circle on the ground, wrapped around the red dragon. The chains locked his wings and body. The red dragon cannot move at will. The chains even locked his head. The creator of this magic circle knows that this spell costs a lot of mana. The magician is running out of mana and the Red Dragon will soon be out of the chains. When the red Dragon flies into the sky, most of the people here will lose their ability to fight the Red Dragon. The Mage and most of the priests know that Illaraza is a silver dragon, but no one mentioned talked about it.

The attack almost immediately fell on the Claudius. The spells. .h.i.t Claudius very hard. But most of the spell was repelled. The Silver Dragon began to chant a spell. The Silver Dragon is ready to use an ice storm spell to open the way and beat the red dragon to h.e.l.l.

The spells were not able to penetrate Claudius’s dragon scales. This guy was born with spell resistance, and the soul of the earth gives him extra spell resistance. But the spell that the Silver Dragon was using was able to give Claudius pain. But it’s a pity these weapons don’t look much bigger than toothpicks in Claudius. Although these weapons can break the hard dragon scales in the hands of these high-cla.s.s warriors, these weapons did not cause much damage to Claudius.

Claudius roared and began to twist his body, struggling to open his wings. The invisible chain on his body broke down. To stop Claudius from flying into the sky, those people focused on attacking Claudius’s foot. Some of the more agile people tried to jump to the dragon’s back, and some tried to shoot arrows at his eyes. Claudius had to close his eyes and shake his head.

The next moment, the Red Dragon suddenly opened his mouth, and flames rushed out of his mouth.
The flames started to wrap his body. The flames were mixed with the dragon’s blood. Even though the Warriors were all covered with fire protected spells, the combination of the dragon fire and dragon blood caused them to retreat and avoid the blow. But this time, the ice storm has been sung.

The Silver Dragon, with a black robe and cloak behind her, started to conjure a spell. In her two hands, two ice storms were suddenly created

The Crimson Dragon Chapter 74

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The Crimson Dragon Chapter 74 summary

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