The Daily Life Of Being The Campus Idol's Fake Boyfriend Chapter 15

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Life becomes sweet when there’s Wi-Fi in the hostel.

The three of them quickly tidied up the room before taking out their own laptops.

Gao Jun Fei’s eyes widened when he saw the brand of the laptop Qi Feng took out. “Damn! Isn’t that ‘Alienware’?”

Among those who were interested in electronic devices, there were few who had never heard of the brand Alienware before. The sensitivity and texture of their keyboards were well-developed and they had a reputation of being one of the best brand for gaming. However, they were also known for their exorbitant prices. One Alienware brand laptop was at least five to six times more expensive than a normal laptop.

Qi Feng generously let Gao Jun Fei try out his laptop. He even opened up a game that he usually played to let him experience the feeling of gaming on his laptop.

“This is really first-rate!” Gao Jun Fei was reluctant to leave the laptop. “Which version is this? How much does it costs?”

“Alienware 18. Probably not more than forty thousand yuan I think.” Qi Feng said with a shrug in his shoulders.

Isn’t this showing off? This is definitely called showing off!

It was not Qi Feng’s intention to brag about his affluence. After all, most of the people around him were from similar backgrounds. However, for someone who needs to earn his own keep, Qi Feng’s casual reply that it was “not more than forty thousand yuan” was almost equivalent to stabbing a knife in his back.

Gao Jun Fei clutched his heart. He had known that Qi Feng’s background was not an ordinary one but now he could really feel the gap between them.

He shot Qi Feng an envious glance as he lamented, “Damn you rich second generation!”

Qi Feng only laughed in reply. He was not angry.

He felt that Gao Jun Fei’s straightforward personality was the type that was the easiest to get along with.

However, Ling Ke was different. A mere laptop had evoked such a large reaction from Gao Jun Fei. But Ling Ke had only glanced indifferently at the laptop before continuing to mind his own business.

If he did not express his emotions, it was almost impossible for anyone to guess what he was thinking.

It was precisely this quality that had attracted Qi Feng. Thoughts that Qi Feng had trouble figuring out. He really wanted to open up Ling Ke’s mind and investigate his fill.

“A round of DoTa later?” Qi Feng asked Ling Ke as he sat down.

Their desks were joined together. This meant that their shoulders would easily touch when one of them lean slightly towards the side. Not to forget that one could easily look at each other’s screen from the peripheral of his vision…there was simply no privacy.

Ling Ke felt nervous as he met Qi Feng’s gaze. “Yeah…maybe after dinner.”

Contrary to Ling Ke’s inner turmoil, Qi Feng was satisfied by the intimate, almost non-existent distance between their seats.

……The room was now equipped with an air-conditioner and Wi-Fi. He simply could not fathom why Ling Ke would want to go to the Mandarin Duck Lake to look at some scenery.

Qi Feng turned around to invite Gao Jun Fei to join them but Gao Jun Fei shook his head. “Never mind, I play LoL.”

Somehow, most people either choose to play LoL or DoTa, rarely both, so Qi Feng did not bother to continue asking. Instead, he opened his WeChat to invite his usual gaming buddies. “Anyone online? Tonight, my roommate will be joining me for a game of DoTa. We need three more people.”

Zhen Yue Ze was the first to reply. “Roommate? That cool guy from that time?”

Qi Feng: “Yup.”

Zhen Yue Ze. “Wow, that was fast! You guys are already friends?”

Another person jumped out. “Which cool guy? Who?”

This person was called Chao Si. He was classmates with Qi Feng for many years in De Yin International School and like Zhen Yu Ze had applied to a university in England. However, their university started later than Qi Feng’s and thus both of them were still in the country.

Zhen Yue Ze explained, “Feng Zi’s new roommate from F Univeristy.” (T/N: Feng Zi is Qi Feng’s nickname)

A few comments had induced plenty more. Soon, it turned into a discussion about Qi Feng’s life in F University.”

Since most of them were his old classmates, Qi Feng took the opportunity to complain, “To be honest, the room’s quality is the worst. There is really no difference between the bed and a cage. Just by stretching my legs, I will touch my roommate’s feet!”

Zhen Yue Ze: “Hahaha, I have seen the bed. I can guarantee that Feng Zi is not lying!”

Qi Feng used his handphone to take a photo of the bed before uploading it onto his feed  as he complained about his rashes from yesterday night.

Some of his friends had commented a laughing emoji, obviously unsympathetic to Qi Feng’s plight.

Chao Si: “Being able to stay in such a room! I really respect you!”

Another comment: “To be honest, I also really respect you. To think that you would suddenly decide to go for the examination for a local university. But I say, your mum has such a strong background. You should have just enlisted her help to get into F University. Why would you bother trying to study everything in one year?”

Zhen Yue Ze, “This is called, “One can only better himself through hardships! Our crazy friend here is destined for big things in the future.”

Chao Si: “Haha, I think it might not be it. I felt like he was just trying to avoid “Qun Zhu’. Wouldn’t she be furious when she found that he had stayed in the country.

Li Qi Xing: “Ah? I thought that Qi Feng did not want to go to America with “Princess Shuang Shuang’. Didn’t she boast that she and Qi Feng were going to study in the same school? In the end, it wasn’t even a few days after that when Qi Feng announced that he was going to prepare for the examinations to study in a local university.”

Zhen Yue Ze: “Hahahahaha!”

The group was starting to reminisce the past. In the process, they had dug out many rumors and gossips surround Qi Feng; even a fake rumor could sound like like a real one.

Qi Feng had a wide social circle. In the past, he would not mind if his friends wanted to discuss such stuff. After all, he did not have anyone he liked and thus he was not afraid of anyone misunderstanding.

However, this time, Qi Feng inevitably thought about Ling Ke.

Even though he hadn’t done anything to be ashamed of, he still turned his body slighly such that Ling Ke would not be able to see his phone screen. He then joined in the conversation. “Hey, stop with these nonsense. There’s nothing going on with me and Xu Qun Lan or Cu Shuang Shuang.”

Li Qi Xing: “So you mean that there’s something going on with Yang Xue Jun?”

……What, there’s still a Yang Xue Jun? Qi Feng did not notice them talking about her.

Chao Si: “Don’t try to explain it. Someone as popular as you probably have something going on with everyone hahaha!”

Qi Feng: “……”

Damn! Why did no one believe him? Qi Feng frowned. Did he have to come out for them to believe him?

……No, he doubt they will!

Those crazy bastards would probably start gossiping about which guy he had an eye for…

And the most suspicious one would probably be Zhen Yue Ze whom had he had known since young.

But Zhen Yue Ze’s appearance and horrible personality……

Qi Feng’s lips twitched. Never mind, it was better for them to misunderstand that he had something going on with those girls.

At that moment, Gao Jun Fei suddenly shouted, “Damn! What did you both go to Wild Duck Lake for?”

His outburst had caused Ling Ke and Qi Feng to turn around in surprise. Both of them were puzzled —How did Gao Jun Fei know that they went to Wild Duck, no, Mandarin Duck Lake!?

Gao Jun Fei shifted his body to let them see the screen. “Someone took a photo of you guys and posted it on Amethyst!”

He sounded agitated and it was unclear whether it was out of excitement at having something interesting happen or worry for the two of them.

Both Ling Ke and Qi Feng stiffened upon hearing his words.

Photo? Amethyst? What’s happening?

Gao Jun Fei gave them a brief explanation. Apparently, “Amethyst” was F University’s online forum that also served as a platform for people to share photographs of the beauties and hunks in F University, It also included background information, as well as rumors and gossips surrounding these people. Every year, they would even organize an online competition to choose the school’s number one beauty and hunk.

The new year always marked the period where Amethyst was the most active. Any student of F University could share a picture of a pretty girl or a handsome guy in Amethyst as well as information about them.

Gao Jun Fei saw the title of the post. It was called >

In one hour, it was already the number one trending post.

Gao Jun Fei had clicked on the post only to find photographs of his two handsome roommates at Mandarin Duck Lake.

In the photograph, Qi Feng and Ling Ke were sitting on a bench in front of the lake. Qi Feng’s head was slightly inclined towards Ling Ke and he appeared to be talking  animatedly to Qi Feng.

Ling Ke, on the other hand, was looking down. His lips were slightly apart. Although his face was expressionless (not sure whether to owe it to the photographer’s skills), the photograph had actually manged to capture a hint of shyness in Ling Ke’s expression.

To make it worse, Qi Feng arm was resting on the back of the bench. His position made it seemed like he had his arms around Ling Ke and was whispering something to him.

There were a few lines below the photographs: “Discovered some hunks when I was at Mandarin Duck Lake in the afternoon! Have never seen them before. Someone please enlighten me which faculty they are from and whether they are new here! [starstruck] [starstruck] [starstruck]”

Both Qi Feng and Ling Ke were astonished. They quickly went to the website that Gao Jun Fei had given them.

Apparently, that post already had thousands of clicks.  Besides that photograph, the photographer had also shared a few more photographs but from different angles, though they were all much less clear than the first one.

Ling Ke suspected that the one whom had taken their photographs was someone from the group of students who were listening to the senior’s introduction of the lake.

There were many comments below the post—-

“Omg, who’s that handsome guy that’s laughing in the photograph. His face is simply too perfect!”

“Oh my, if the person is someone from my faculty, Liang Rui Xi probably won’r remain the faculty number one this year.”

“Liang Rui Xi is in his fourth year, right? He has already been the faculty number one for three straight years. He will probably have to give up his position soon. Even I am starting to get tired of his looks.”

“The guy in the white T-Shirt is also not bad! He looks really young and handsome! Totally my type!”

“When are we going to pick the school Number 1 again? I am so anxious for it!”

The discussion was still pretty lively and ordinary until someone asked, “Not sure if those two hunks have a girl friend~ [Obssessed fan]”

Suddenly, another comment interrupted–

“What? Can’t you tell those two are a couple?”

(Ling Ke: ?????)

“I can’t! How can you tell?”

“From their eyes! Their posture! There’s evidence everywhere. If there weren’t people around them, I bet they would be kissing in two minutes!”

“All these degenerated fujoshis! Please stop pairing every cute guy together! They are obviously just sitting down to chat to each other.”

The photographer came to clarify, “I heard something when I was taking this photograph. The guy in the blue T-shirt asked the guy in the white T-shirt whether their meeting was fate.””

Wts? Ling Ke had clarify himself after that. Why did they not talk about that???

“Ahhhhhh I don’t care! They are a pair! I believe in it.”

“Me too! As an expert fujoshi, I dare to say that the relationship between the two of them is not that simple!”


Now, the whole hostel seemed to be aware about this episode. People were discussing who those two people on Amethyst were.

After reading all those rumors and gossips, Ling Ke could not help feeling remorseful. If he had known something like this was going to happen, he would not have left the room. Even though it was awkward being alone with Qi Feng in the room, it was still much better than having your photograph secretly taken and uploaded on some school forum.

However, this was not what Ling Ke was worried about the most. Instead, what he was worried about the most was whether a straight guy like Qi Feng would feel disgusted at such rumors.

Their interaction in these past two days was enough for Ling Ke to understand and experience Qi Feng’s benevolence and generosity. He knew for a fact that Qi Feng was the type that would be able to take a joke. However, no matter how generous you were, everyone had a limit to the joke that they can accept. Not everyone was fine being rumored to be gay.

Ling Ke coughed drily and said awkwardly, “I will go sign up an account and clarify this matter.”

Qi Feng turned to him. “……what?”

Ling Ke was serious. “Clarify that we are not that type of relationship.”

Qi Feng’s expression was ugly. He remained silent before asking, “Are you very disturbed by this?”



Gao Jun Fei was having a mental breakdown as he saw the photograph.

—My God, couldn’t they just talk to each other in the room? They even had to go all the way to Mandarin Duck Lake to have a date. Am I too much of an eyesore or are you guys too afraid that no one will know about the relationship between you two?


Ling Ke: “I will go sign up an account and clarify this matter.”

Qi Feng: “……” Nooo! Don’t do it! I think its pretty nice!

Gao Jun Fei rolled his eyes. What’s the point of clarifying? The room is already full of evidence of your relationship. Even if no one knows, I, Gao Jun Fei knows – both of you are definitely not straight!

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The Daily Life Of Being The Campus Idol's Fake Boyfriend Chapter 15

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